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long story short: sometimes the insults are deserved and so the one who deserve a waring are those who asked for them, not the one who insulted, i can imagine that he was crying to the administrators saying that i insulted him for no reason , truth is that he deliberately missed the part where he provoked me , what a strange coincidence , they never explain why people insult them , and this happen even in the other forums

Lol... Imagine being this angry over someone informing you that you posted in the wrong forum.
No one "provoked" you.

WIP / Re: Before Crisis Remake
« on: 2020-06-22 14:41:06 »
This looks awesome. I never played Before Crisis and I'm sure there's a lot more people here that haven't. Looking forward to giving it a go.  ;D

Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2020-06-16 21:14:47 »
If you manage to acquire the access you need to modernize the look, I'd vote for a dark theme!

Completely Unrelated / Re: The New State of CHAZ...
« on: 2020-06-13 17:59:18 »
that is deceit at the highest level

Oh, it absolutely is. But then again, is it something new? It's the same shit that all politicians have been pulling for decades. On both sides.

Completely Unrelated / Re: The New State of CHAZ...
« on: 2020-06-13 17:34:28 »
The US has become a shitshow.

Political Correctness > Law Enforcement. And that is not good.

2 Political factions that go beyond simply disagreeing, they have reached the point of actually despising each other. There's very little constructive debate happening, if any at all.

The news media are all a bunch of arsonists. There are no unbiased media sources left. It's either right news media or left news media. Both contributing MASSIVELY to the hostile environment.

As for Donald Trump, he's not the cause of all evil, he's not even a symptom of it. He is the same as pretty much everyone in politics. A powerful person seeking more power. His big mouth simply exposed what's been happening for decades. You always had racists, you always had crazy socialists, you always had bad police, you always had shady corporations, and you always had politically aligned media. He just shed a massive light on it all.

And the people who claim to be hell-bent on defeating him, are the same people who chose a senile, barely functional man as his opponent. Let that sink in.

Come November, regardless of who wins, the situation will escalate.


Kitase: I personally envisioned quite a dramatic change overall, but our director; Tetsuya Nomura and co-director; Naoki Hamaguchi, wanted to keep the beloved aspects in the original as much as possible. Eventually the development team decided to focus on respecting the original while adding in new elements, ensuring a delicate balance between the two.

Lol @ Nomura's haters. May your heads not explode.

I'm just kidding, don't get offended people.

By the way, the Platinum trophy felt "meh". While not as easy as the OG FF7 Platinum... it was lame. The lack of a any real superboss is a pity and something that I hope is added in part two.

i dont even know what to think about this

its mostly good for the mom i guess... if she got closure from it

but at the same time this is kinda weird as hell

if one of my boys died i would not want to do this, it would be way too crushing for it to seem so real and not be

I agree with this. If she got some closure, that's wonderful. But I definitely see the potential for this to cause a lot of emotional trauma and prevent people from moving on with their lives.

There is no cheating death. It's the one certainty we have in life.

Well here's something that might make me put aside the PS4 and Switch versions and actually have interest in the steam version again.

Thanks for all the work!

FF4 on the DS was a mostly faithful remake story-wise, but it was a trainwreck gameplay-wise.  A much more faithful remake of FF4 is the PSP version.

The PSP version is definitely more faithful (and gorgeous in my opinion) but the difficulty of the DS version is extremely fun. Also, wasn't the PSP version broken? Something with battles being far more easy than they actually should?

I still remember an article in a magazine attacking FF8 for its "overwhelmingly complex junction system you cannot possibly grasp on your first playthrough"

That's actually hilarious.

I have no idea what this is about but hey, take my +1 karma lol.

It has nothing to do with following a discussion. You keep contradicting yourself, putting words in my mouth and coming back with fallacious arguments and examples that are just plain silly.

Surely this will serve you well when you'll be discussing more serious issues. "My opinion is, beating my wife and kids is just fine. I'm not forcing you into my opinion am I? My opinion is as valid as yours".

What a stupid, disingenuous example. But I'll entertain it. Yes, it's actually OKAY to have that opinion.

I personally do not care if you do. Wanna know what I care about? The fact that at least in most civilized places, there are laws in place to deal with people  that act on such opinions. I give no shits if you think it's ok to beat someone up, rob a bank or commit mass murder, as long as you're unable to do any of it or get promptly punished if you somehow manage to.

Your point: Purist! You dislike it because you wanted it to be all the same!
My point: no, there are a lot of things  that where different which I loved; but not the ending
*disregard all the things I loved*
Your point: Purist! The ending sounds bad to you just because it's different
My point: no, I can go in detail about why it was bad, and it isn't because it's different
*disregards all my points*
Your point: Purist! if ya hadn't played the original game, ya'd be loving this one and waiting for the next
My point: on the contrary, I wait for the next exactly because I know the original source and I can discern that to some extend it will follow it, because chap18 in itself is lackluster
Your point: ....dude

Yeah, huh, sure... "dude". Good point there. Hard hitting.

Again you misinterpret what I said. I've given you the benefit of the doubt but at this point, it's obvious that it's on purpose.
Let's break it down:

Your point: Purist! You dislike it because you wanted it to be all the same! <- Never said that.
Your point: Purist! The ending sounds bad to you just because it's different <- Never said that
Your point: Purist! if ya hadn't played the original game, ya'd be loving this one and waiting for the next <- Completely misinterpreted. I never flat out said you'd be loving the ending. I don't know if you would or not nor do I care. I said, and I quote:

If you had never played the original and didn't know how the Midgar section of the original game ended, or the game's story in general, you'd most likely be excited for part 2 and to know what that ending meant and what's next, considering you loved a lot of other things about the remake. Don't claim it has nothing to do with "purism" because it absolutely does.

Read it again. If you had never played the original, that you would MOST LIKELY be excited for part 2 and to know what the ending of part one was all about. Then proceeded to point out that my reason for believing that you would MOST LIKELY be excited for it is the fact you've claimed to have loved many other things about the remake.
Then told you to stop claiming that your comments have NOTHING TO DO WITH PURISM since you keep referring back to the original game for comparisons.

To which you gloriously replied, and I quote

You're completely wrong. If I hadn't played the original I would not have high hopes for the plot, albeit graphics, gameplay and soundtracks are still good. I do look forward to it just because I know and trust the original material.

Right there you admit that having played the original IS a factor in both your current experience and future release expectations.

And we don't even HATE them, or even the game. We're merely saying that SOME changes were in bad taste. Which is more than you could handle or accept. It's hard to spend money on something and accept that it had a flaw, I know, you think it makes you look like a fool.

Again, another complete misinterpretation of what I said. I will again quote myself directly.

Which is all your opinion, and it's perfectly fine for you to have it. Stop trying to state it as a fact though.

Nowhere did I "fail" to handle your or accept anything you said. I straight up told you that I'm absolutely fine with your opinion. But that it is all that it is. An opinion.

Thus far it makes two of you who are dramatically unable to follow a discussion. Makes me wonder.

I know it does make you wonder. Which is why I'm out. I won't entertain your misinterpretations, dumb examples, and fallacious arguments any further. I will end it the way I started. Your opinion is just that, an opinion.

Do you agree the plot was changed? Yes. Do you think the story was better for it? No, you think it "could" become "good" (not even better).

When did I say that I do not agree that it's better? I do believe that the part one of the remake is way better than the original game's Midgar section. I just said above, I don't want the same plot. I don't need the same plot. I know the original plot and I have it available to me, whenever I want, on pretty much every device I own. I wanted something with changes, something with differences, something NEW to look forward to and I got all that. Hell, I would even prefer a certain level of disappointment with some scenes than just being "eh it's all the same".

And this is MY opinion. It's not a fact and it's 100% subjective.

Then you disagree on the premise that FF7 didn't need more contrivance?

Your question is irrelevant. My opinion would be just as subjective as yours. That's my point entirely.

That IS discussion. "I like it" "I dislike it" is stating TASTES. Tastes cannot be disputed. Opinions can.

And again you missed the point. You can like or dislike whatever you want... Your taste can be whatever it is, your opinion can be whatever you want it to. Simply stop stating it as a fact.

You're completely wrong. If I hadn't played the original I would not have high hopes for the plot, albeit graphics, gameplay and soundtracks are still good. I do look forward to it just because I know and trust the original material.

You start that paragraph by saying I'm wrong about your opinion being based on the original game, and then proceed to write that if you had not played the original, you would not have high hopes for the plot, followed by that you look forward to it because you know and trust the original material.


By this reasoning I can put disgusting food on my menu, it's your fault for ordering. Try running a restaurant like that, see for yourself. If I decide to innovate and risk it, I have to make it worth the while.

You can put whatever you want on any menu you want. It's the beauty of capitalism. Again you missed the entire point and came up with a dumb example.
If your restaurant's menu consisted of food I considered disgusting, we would never even get to that dessert stage. However, every transaction I make IS a conscious one. I will not blame a restaurant for selling me a product that contains an ingredient I don't like, when I knew it contained said ingredient and still chose to purchase it. It would be 100% my problem. I have no idea why the food topic is even still a thing.

See, that's the problem. You cannot tell the difference between tastes and opinions.

...Nah. I'm out.

Amazing, or just good, doesn't really matter. It was good? Yes. Did you change it? Yes. Is it better? No.

Completely subjective.

Did the plot need more contrivance? No. Therefore - it's worse

Again, completely subjective.

You know, I've written a whole lot about changes I loved, and something like a long page of reasoning about why some changes were dreadful.

Which is all your opinion, and it's perfectly fine for you to have it. Stop trying to state it as a fact though.

This is getting robotic. All those who defend this craptacular chapter 18 can only repeat obsessively that changes isn't inherently bad, when absolutely no one is saying that changes are inherently bad but that THIS SPECIFIC change is.

Again, subjective... Get it in your head, bad to you doesn't mean bad to everyone else.

not complication with the promise of a possible uncertain future improvement.

There's at least one, very likely 2 unreleased games. Of course there is uncertainty about what's to come. lol. You, me or anyone else have no idea where the plot is heading. You're referring to the ending as "craptacular" when you have no idea what the goal of it is or where it leads to. It's incomplete. You know what, you might even be right. Part 2 might prove you absolutely right, might prove that the ending and direction they took is stupid. And if it is, I will agree with you. What I'm saying is, right now, May 13th, you have absolutely no idea if it was a good decision or not, if it's going to turn out to be good or not. You will find out when the rest of us do.

The game if packed full of changes, most of whom were straight-up awesome, so this "purist" allegation that you use as a get-out-of-jail card is becoming trite.

You are judging it entirely based on the fact that it's different than the original, yet you claim that it has nothing to do with purism. If you had never played the original and didn't know how the Midgar section of the original game ended, or the game's story in general, you'd most likely be excited for part 2 and to know what that ending meant and what's next, considering you loved a lot of other things about the remake. Don't claim it has nothing to do with "purism" because it absolutely does.

If I put tomato in a dessert (and I did) and serve it to you, and it ends up dissatisfactory, and you call me, my answer won't be: "Well yes could be crap, but there was a chance you'd like it". I have to change for the better, I'm paid for it.

If I didn't like the thought of tomato in a dessert, I would never order it to begin with. If I was aware tomato was an ingredient, still chose to order it and disliked it, I would not call you. I chose to order a tomato dessert, if I don't like it, my problem. I would simply never order it again. Your examples are quite ridiculous to be perfectly honest.

What this guy tried to say is absolutely correct.

People who act like their opinions are more than just opinions, I can't deal with.

There's absolutely no objectivity in anything you've said. You've started your opinion. Which surely a lot of people will agree with and surely a lot of people will disagree with. Since you like your food examples so much, entertainment media is similar to food in the sense that not everything is for everyone. Do you like strawberries? Cause I absolutely ferning hate them. Does that mean they're objectively bad?

Let's say I agree. Now, sidenote, my profession is head chef. If I have a recipe everyone loves, and I change it with a recipe that it could be as good as the original or utter crap, would you call in improvement? Would you order it at my restaurant, knowing that AT BEST it will be good as the original, at worst it will be crap? Wouldn't you ask yourself why I took such a risk, if I'm not even aiming to do better than the original?

Let's never try to be innovative and try to do new and better because what we got already is good? I surely hope that's not what you're trying to say. Open a restaurant and keep the exact same menu and decor for a few years, without ever trying to create something new or change things around, and let us know how that goes for you.

Also, the plot of FF7 isn't amazing. It's a great game, but it's not even the best Final Fantasy game that is out. There's a lot about the plot that is complete nonsense. This is not towards you directly, or anyone in particular, just in general, but please stop acting as if the original game was perfect and any change to it is automatically negative.

I, for one, am happy that I'm actually not sure what part 2 will bring. It's actually exciting. Also, all criticisms of the ending of part 1, in my opinion, are unwarranted UNTIL we see where the ending leads. If your only reason to dislike the ending is because it's different from the original, that's totally ok. Just remember, different doesn't automatically make it bad, nor good. As of right now, it's a mystery. As I've said before, part 2 will either make the remake great or absolutely kill it.

We will see.

I prefer they take the risk and actually deliver something fresh, exciting and surprising to me than having made the exact same game with no plot changes. I don't need the same game, I already have it, I've already been playing it for over 20 years. Ps1, PC, Steam, Ps4, Nintendo Switch and even the shit Android version. I got them all and I've played them all, multiple times. The exact same plot with new graphics would mean fern all to me. Whenever I want to experience the original plot again, I'll just pick one of the many versions I own and done.

Again, I just view the "timeline/Zack" stuff as a bonus, not a requirement. Newcomers will still be able to understand 95% of the overall story which is why I don't have issues.

I view it as an opportunity for a Crisis Core sequel that would take place in an alternative timeline and could be an entirely new story, instead of following FF7/FF7 Remake.

Selfish, absolutely. Stupid too obviously due to the outcome it had but not "dumb". She knew what would happen. She simply chose to sacrifice herself to save everyone.

There is a scene of Barret threatening Shinra employees in the remake which I don't remember in the original. Also, in the remake, Barret throws an angry fit because Cloud scared Marlene, which I thought was extreme.

If you mean the train scene, the same scene exists in the original. He nearly shoots the poor employee. In the original elevator scene, Cloud mostly just doesn't care about the speech. In the remake, he actually makes fun of Barret and tells him to get help (for hearing the planet talk, implying he needs mental help). So yeah, "say that again!" is not too unexpected of a reaction when you tell someone they need help with their mental state lol. And it's that same distrust and anger he has towards Cloud that makes their relationship great in the remake. You see it slowly changing and turning into respect, trust and even a bit of friendship.

I would argue Aerith is even more unintelligent than Barret.

When Avalanche bombs the sector, you find her strolling along, unphased while everyone else is panicking trying to get to safety. Her survival instincts aren't great.

Aerith goes on her own to find the city of the ancients, despite that Sephiroth is roaming the planet trying to oppose them, instead of staying with the group for safety which could've affected her survival.

Aerith writes 89 letters to Zack, and concludes he must've ditched her for another woman, despite how intimate they were. Give him the benefit of the doubt, jeez. You think she would've figured out after the 30th letter that something's wrong.

In the remake, she takes her sweet time trying to rescue Marlene during the plate fall. Grab the kid and go, don't spend 3 minutes talking to her.

She has successfully avoided Shinra's attempts to take her for years. Granted that they did not want to harm her, or else they could've easily forced her to go along from the start but still, it's a decent feat. She also gets around the slums on her own, despite all the dangers. She's not physically strong or "tough" and she's definitely no genius but she's not Barret-dumb either.

She also doesn't go to the City of the Ancients on her own out of stupidity, she knew exactly what could/would happen. She chose to go alone and attempt to cast Holy.

In the remake, she doesn't spend THAT long talking with Marlene either. Just enough to calm her down, gain her trust and take her to safety.

Calling Barret a complete moron isn't honest though.

Hm it kinda is though. He is by far the least intelligent person in the group. Yes, including Cait Sith. Since he's controlled by Reeve and it's pretty clear that Reeve is far more intelligent than Barret, and including Yuffie, whom despite being a kid, actually manages to trick the entire party and steal everyone's Materia. Crap, even the Materia tutorial at the start of the game makes him sound like a complete buffoon. Same thing happens when Cloud is telling the story of his mission with Sephiroth in Nibelheim. It's actually sad that the leader of Avalanche is portrayed as complete donkey. Granted they were never meant to look like a well organized and capable terrorist gang but come on.

I don't know about translation mods and I don't care either. I'd rather stick with the official material even if it is flawed. I haven't even bothered with the PC version of the game in years as it takes longer to properly get all mods to work great together and bug-free than it does to Platinum the game on the PS4 lol. If they ever make it to an official release, hit me up and let me know. Until then, they mean crap to me. And they never will make it to an official release so that's that.

When I compare the Barret of the original game, from start to the end of Midgar ONLY, it's clear that the Barret in the remake is far more intelligent, far more calculated, far more funny, cares for Marlene far more and the development of his relationship with Cloud throughout the game is just so much more enjoyable to watch.

This is, of course, just my opinion. I totally understand if you don't agree.

And that's fine. However, the character is different in the remake. And in this case,  different=better. You'll probably disagree though, which is fine. We already know the remake is the worst thing to ever happen in your opinion. But I personally find the character way more relatable to in the remake and way more interesting. It's a joy to have Barret in the group. It's the character that was done the best in my opinion.

They did fail. Not as terribly as your attempt at a joke but hey, at least you tried.

Barret's character in the original is a complete moron, that throws random tantrums, has 0 leadership qualities and has no idea what's going on 90% of the time. He's basically retarded.

Barret's character in the remake is actually intelligent, shown to have real leadership skills. While he still has temperament issues, he's way more calculated about it. The way his relationship develops with Cloud throughout the game is way deeper and more enjoyable than in the original. You get to see distrust and bad taste jokes slowly turning into respect, co-operation and even friendship. All scenes with Marlene are also way deeper than they were in the original. You get to see Avalanche's leader, the hardheaded and the soft, caring father. And all sides are displayed beautifully.

So yeah, make all the dumb jokes you want, Barret is a far better character in the remake than he ever was in the original.

Barret's character is already 1000 times better in the remake than in the original. I'm not worried one bit.

General Discussion / Re: Remake part 2 theories...
« on: 2020-05-04 04:55:27 »
I'm going to say theory 2 is the most likely but without more than 1 story scenario. I think it's gonna be mostly faithful to the original's path, chasing Sephiroth around the world. We saw Zack live but on what appeared to be a "different" reality/timeline. I think it would be too troublesome/time consuming to explore the future of both timelines. I would be surprised if we see anything related to him again at all tbh (other than Cloud's flashbacks). It does open the gates for a potential Crisis Core/Dirge of Cerberus sequel I guess.

I absolutely hope there is an option to import at least mastered materia from episode one. I don't care too much if we have to re-level and get the weapons upgrades and so on but it would be nice to get to keep something. AI Gambit would be great too though I do kinda enjoy controlling all 3 characters. It would be a quality of life addition.

I also hope it doesn't take more than a year or two for it to come out. Waiting more than that would crappy.

Either way, I can't wait to be surprised. It's actually refreshing NOT knowing exactly what will happen. Part 1 was enjoyable and I believe part 2 is going to be even better.

Like seriously don't get me wrong ff7 is a masterpiece.

I wouldn't call it a masterpiece. It's a great game. VI is a masterpiece in my opinion.

Billionaire evil son of billionaire dead father, therefor owner of all of said father's company and assets trying to "borrow" the most ghetto-looking propeller airplane in the entire world, while being in possession of helicopters, boats, submarines, and even airships.

10/10. Perfect writing.

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