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Corsair, i mean, Covarr(Please get swarmed my soccer moms VGR), has begun creating looping .oggs of the custom OST
Once they are complete, ff7 music will no longer be required or distributed with this mod and it will simply use Aalis latest driver to make use of the .ogg music

Updated scene.bin that fixes a lot of exploits
link on first page
Updated flevel.lgp too, link on my twitter

The difficulty is, at best, like 10% higher than the hardcore mod. What makes it "seem" harder is that you don't know any of the gameplay mechanics anymore. I believe it makes for a fairly nice LP but you'll have to do a decent amount of grinding off-screen and obviously tell people you did that.

I don't have that big of an opinion of the visual mods but I generally don't like the chibi field models

If you plan to ever showcase N7 you should make sure you know what you're getting into.

General Discussion / Re: PS1 FF7 questions
« on: 2014-07-15 20:50:38 »
Oh yeah "PS1 questions"

Great job missing that part, me.

Q: Has anyone figured out how to edit the stats of the chocobos you race against in the minigame?

Q: Has anyone figured out how to change the stats (most importantly the speed and number of enemies per "battle") of enemies in the fort condor minigame?

Q: Has anyone figured out how to change the caps on anything else in the game (HP, MP, damage, max bonus granted by the various independent materia, and anything else you can think of)?

1) Not that I know of and I think I would know. It's either handled in the .exe where the item prize names and chocobo names are stored OR in the actual minigame files but that's not very likely.

2) I changed the stats for my N7 mod but speed and number of enemies was beyond me (and whoever told me how to change the stats and cost). From what I remember, the enemies are directly tied to when they appear and where, which means you'd need to edit the entire apperance script, which might be problematic because there might not be empty space to do that.

3) HP and MP limit as well as damage limit is handled by the Menu Overhaul mod. My N7 mod changes all materia stats if you want a look at them, this is handled in the .exe (seems I missread. I don't think anyone knows this but NFITC1 might know or be able to find it) - Not sure what else you could be thinking off.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-14 19:59:32 »
if you have twitter you should follow me so I don't have to fill your (new)thread(t)(DOHOHOHO kill me now) with offtopic

FF7 Tools / Re: 7thHeaven
« on: 2014-07-14 11:41:39 »
Pretty sure MR can cause some garbage data to be present in field or specifically groups within a field. I had a CTD in a field that was tied to a dummy group. Once I cut that dummy group (trying to edit it causes MR to crash) out, the field worked fine.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-14 07:57:43 »
Bit strange; I think I might know who it was though but no harm done. I maybe should have adopted the Poverty Mod as the new name, anything's better than New Threat (ugh).

It sounds like you need someone who can a) beat stuff up, and b) troubleshoot on the fly when something goes wrong. What are the install requirements for getting the complete N7 mod? I'll have a bash at it.

Hahahahahahha poverty mod, hahahacoughcoughcoughgackugh... sorry, but this was just too funny because I read it in Kynos voice.

I am nearly always online for contact so I could even do the troubleshooting. I updated the core files and flevel to where I am at now (special grind zones - kills, AP, gil, limits. Yes, there is a special zone for each category to train if you chose to - New story extends to the end of Kalm but haven't updated the hidden items and other stuff)

You basically /should/ run the install over bootleg but you /can/ manually install it. You need the extra bosses from the battle.lgp from the hardcore mod, the animations and stuff from the aerith revival mod (anything else from those mods is already in my flevel and core files so, uh, yeah), menu overhaul (I forgot which options specifically but 9999 break, minigame fixes and some other stuff, check bootleg) and then my mod.
so basically hardcore + aerith revival + menu overhaul + my mod.

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / Re: FF7 Drop Rates
« on: 2014-07-13 04:05:27 »
Slight hijack:
Are drop rates values even accurate? From what Sega said it checks against rnd(0,63) but how does that translate to 0-100%?

It would be one thing if this were a hex check(as 63 hex is 99) but no editor is capable of using hex values for item drops and steals. I only have some bizarre theories on the matter but I observed that the vanilla game uses very specific ranges for item drops, almost as if there were specific ranges of dec numbers the game is designed to handle in this hex-range check.

Basically, a drop rate of 40/63 would be 64%
There is no way to create a 60% drop as that would be 3C in hex and obviously using 60 as the drop value results in an actual drop chance of 96.
Since there are six values per dec ten string (A-B-C-D-E-F per string of 00-0F) that's 36 drop values being impossible to arrive at.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-13 03:28:20 »
The stream was like, a few days ago? The one where someone said you fixed yuffie warping.

The one where I said I'd fix yuffie warping by having a game moment check in every field was the first playthrough he did of your mod. Remember when he bought 99 grenades and had no money left and save edited items and so forth? Heh.

I still haven't fixed all the bugs in Nightmare and I'm still waiting on someone playing through it so I have some balance feedback. Evidently re-learning the entire game and hardcore difficulty is too much for the people here :/

FF7Voice / Re: FF7 Voices - assessing interest
« on: 2014-07-12 16:16:08 »
The person who was supposed to be doing that stuff for the FF8 project has apparently vanished from the face of the planet. I'm going to be pretty busy this weekend picking up the slack, but next week we can get things started.

As someone who has led a few projects ranging from 6 all the way up to 25 people I can tell you that this happens an awful lot the moment something starts to resemble work you'd expect to get paid for. And that is always the case with projects like this. You'd best prepared for people to do this a lot to you.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-12 16:10:32 »
I fixed Yuffie Warping? Which thread was that? I remember changing the behavior of Yuffie's escape attack to try and avoid the game-breaking menu glitch that happens when she successfully escapes (because it was more likely with her bolstered move-set that she would escape and the player might unwittingly trigger the glitch and lose progress). The other thing I did recently was set up an Anti-YW/save-edit check that looked for a particular game-moment and another unspecified variable function that's discreetly flipped during the game. The prototype worked, but I removed it after two or three updates so only the first or maybe second wave of flevels have it intact.

Haha, I remember saying this is how I'd fix yuffie warping like when he played through your mod. Kynos has a point though, the 3 people who want to abuse it would cheat in other ways or just use a trainer anyway.
Someone in Kynos chat said you fixed it by changing a "Greater than" check to a "Greater than or equal to" check.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-12 09:42:24 »
I assume this happens:
Death is the first status. If an attack causes both death and another status, it tries to apply the other status to a dead enemy, which obviously it can't do (you can't frog a dead Cloud either for example)

You'd have to ask NFITC1 for more info on that or debug through the .exe where specifically it handles applying status effect with attacks. This might even be unique to causing both statuses with a physical attack.

On the .exe topic, I heard you fixed Yuffie Warping. Can you share the .exe edit?

Gameplay / Re: Worldmap Submarine and Buggy Movement value
« on: 2014-07-12 09:38:33 »
It may be possible to edit this in the exe to some degree, but it is likely the values are set in the world map script (Are movement speeds set for field in the field script?  And we can edit with Makou?).  No world map script editor currently exists.

Saying that... me and Kranmer did manage to speed up the Midgardsormr with the exe.

A walkspeed script would have to be present for every NPC and the player character in every field and I've never seen something like that so that must be handled somewhere else. Since different models have all the same walkspeed, I assume it's not in char.lgp either but handled in the .exe

Ahem. That said I debugged through the exe and couldn't find where it made a distinction between buggy and not-buggy. There are technically 12 vehicles in the game and they probably do have a speed associated with them, but I'm not sure where in memory these are stored or checked against. The entire world map may be one giant external script. Yet I can't find any handlers for it because I can't find where it's loaded into memory. I think the scripts may be stored in wm0.ev file that is in the world_XX.lgp file. I'm at a loss at its structure, however. That was with just a few minutes of staring at it.

That's really bad news. If it's that complicated for such a small thing I won't ask anyone to pursue this.

Gameplay / Worldmap Submarine and Buggy Movement value
« on: 2014-07-11 06:04:21 »
This is, probably, stored somewhere in the .exe but obviously I have not a clue where.
If possible I'd like to make both twice as fast, if not the buggy even 2,5x as fast, unless that causes massive problems with the collision.

And so I shall cast Summon NFITC1, Exe overlord.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-11 03:00:46 »
I believe trying to 'balance' physical attacks and magic themselves is the wrong way to go about it. I personally simply varied monster strenghts. If something has 200 magic defense but only 15 physical defense you're going to pick physical attacks even if they're on equal defense levels weaker than magic.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-10 14:34:47 »
Yahcobo: That's because I haven't changed it yet; I'm going to make him use it when he dies for the next update.

Special Battle: I tested this before putting it out; the only thing I can think of is the change made to Aeris' sidequest variable causing the issue. I'm going to set it instead so that it only needs Cloud's sidequest to be finished. That should cover it.

The W-Magic is a mystery to me. It's in the script to drop after beating Abyss and talking to the middle NPC; I'll re-test that part to get a better idea of what's going on.

A lot of variables are saved to the game
What happened here is likely:
You are checking for bits being set that only get set when you beat the bosses.  If the patch is updated after the bosses are beat, the check will never return true. An easy solution to this is a cardboard NPC that checks whatever variable you use in the sidequests and sets the appropriate bits if he detects the sidequest as finished. Might even be something as boring as a plain looking npc that just says "I love fighting. Heh. Heh. Hah."
Seems redundant for new games but it'll take 5 minutes and will fix this problem for all people that updated.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-08 20:58:13 »
in theory, each point should be 4%, making 63 252%,
At least that is what you'd think
63 in hex is 99 though
however, you cannot add actual hex values
this has led me to believe drop rates in PC are actually limited to the dec range of hex 00-63
this creates some very obvious problems because you're missing 36 total entries (0A to 0F, 1A to 1F and so on) of percentages for drops.
the available ones are 1-9, 16 - 25, 32 - 41, 48 - 57, 64 - 73, 80 - 89, 96 - 99
Or, if 63 is actually 100% and 01 is actually 2% (for whatever reason this seems possible, considering 63 is max and there has to be a way to guarantee a drop)

This is pure speculation but since the check runs on random0-63, this might very well be a problem.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-08 12:52:31 »
I don't remember how it checks for item drops. Is the check run on a out-of-255 function? If so I don't understand why the outcome seems so incredibly biased and flawed at lower values. 10(40 out of 255) should drop an item more than once every 30 fights on average.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-08 01:02:46 »
May have overlooked the Guidebook thing. I'd better get that changed pronto  :-[

Shadow Flare also ignores defence but it'll be a chore to use that repeatedly. I'll get something sorted for Ruby, probably just reduce his defence. Of course, 7777 fever is fun too (Is Ruby a 'her'? I never would have guessed).

The drop rates sound strange though. Tonadu's drop rate should be 100%. I'll boost up the drop rates of the other items so they're not as grindy to get, sorry for putting you through 30 Armored Golems; I thought they'd drop every three or so battles.

Drop rates can be iffy. In my experience, anything below a 30% chance tends to turn into a very rare drop.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-07 06:53:01 »
I think you're overthinking this.
If you want to check against everyone having the limit learned, use a variable and do layered checks on each bit of the variable. It's easy to include a [set bit to 1] on any given variable after a limit sidequest boss has been beaten. If you want to make absolutely sure, just check against inventory, too.

If you're worried about the shards, just move them from battle drops to the field, that way people can't not pick them up. Award them after the won fight. Should be a trivial change.

As for multi-fight battles, only the last enemy actually gives exp/ap/drops iirc. This would be easy to check with Hojos battle.

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-06 21:27:33 »
The Special Battle should work to the original trigger of having Omnislash learned and W-Summon Materia in your possession. I'll double-check the trigger in case either of these are actually tripped by a variable rather than an inventory check and fix it up. Actually I might change it to require all character's Lv.4 Limit Breaks being learned (which would require that all the sidequest bosses have been beaten). I'll have it updated by tonight, along with any other bugs and suggestions reported in the meantime.

What variable do you use to check against Limits? I don't remember if the game actually checks against having W-summon and having /bought/ Omnislash (not learned it) or if it actually has a variable to check Cloud's limits. But even if it does, does it have variables to check the limits of all the characters?

Releases / Re: [REL/FF7] New Threat Mod v1.1
« on: 2014-07-04 13:53:04 »
Thanks for the heads-up, Kaldarasha. The installer doesn't go near the .exe anyway, it's just overwriting files in the data folder (unless changes to the kernel or Field can influence it in some way; the Kernel, Field, and Minigame modules are linked, right?)

In any case, if Class C is dispensing Megalixirs as a prize then I've got no problem with that; it's tough to bet on a winner in the CPU races. The only thing that'd be an issue is if the prizes themselves were bugged in some way but I think the actual inventory additions are handled on the related field screen and those weren't changed.

Yeah, the actual won items are handled by the field script of the chocobo racing cell. (And boy, there is a lot of possible outcomes) The displayed item in the race is linked to that but uses text from the .exe - It was such a gigantic pain to make this fit in N7.  The other minigames are pretty self-contained but item rewards and GP rewards are always handled via the field script.

Troubleshooting / Re: hard drive mod path
« on: 2014-07-03 15:53:46 »
If the pathing isnt the issue, what would be causing this?
INFO: tried to load g:\game\ff7\/mods/bootleg/flevel/sibuki4_00.png, failed

this happens for basically all the textures in the mods folder

Troubleshooting / Re: hard drive mod path
« on: 2014-07-03 04:36:30 »
Pretty sure an impossible path is not something normal.

Where is this path stored anyway? It has to be stored /somewhere/ and that means I can edit it and fix this.

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