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Archive / Re: I'd like to know the name of this song
« on: 2014-09-05 00:51:46 »
Well, Nightmare only works with the Custom OST I supply. Installing the OCRemix OST will at best just mess things up.
The song in question is condor.mp3, one of the rotating battle BGMs (a feature that will not work without the custom OST)
It's called Natsu vs Dist and from a Fairy Tail OST

Having a House is pointless
It only increases the space you have so
1) you need to clean more
2) you end up buying more shit to fill that space
3) you get the crazy idea of living with other people who then 1) and 2)

Troubleshooting / Re: Hey guys having trouble
« on: 2014-08-31 00:40:05 »
Get a save from gamefaqs or something and see if loading that helps
Otherwise, just borrow a damn keyboard somewhere. How hard can this be?

Troubleshooting / Re: Hey guys having trouble
« on: 2014-08-30 11:42:54 »
Hm, isn't there a mod around that changes the default keys for ff7? I thought there was. Using a gamepad might work.

Has anyone ever tried using on-screen keyboard (windows has one) for this? I just remembered it exists.

General Discussion / Re: A community flevel project
« on: 2014-08-30 11:00:12 »
I don't know how 7H works but I foresee a massive amount of issues with very large mods like N7

Completely Unrelated / Re: The Ice Bucket challenge...
« on: 2014-08-23 10:34:50 »
I dislike it too...

...but I just got word not ten minutes ago from my boss that my whole company has to do it. Lucky me, at least I get to be behind the camera.

This is how I feel about that

Gameplay / Re: Wishes for start Menu (Final fantasy VII)
« on: 2014-08-20 02:31:17 »
I hope I'll get old enough to see Q-Gears be completed

Bizarro Sephiroth could be a problem and there are obvious GAME OVER scenarios like carry armor grabbing you or Reno casting a pyramid

You could just change the side attack battles into normal battles
It's certainly possible but imo very pointless

Petitions are a joke at best and a nuisance at worst

Graphical / Re: Does a female cloud model ever been made ?
« on: 2014-08-12 18:45:56 »
Time to open that 8 liter vodka bottle I kept for emergencies like this.

Lets Play Links removed as they have been using the wrong kernel and scene.bin for a really long time.

you need to assign a 'holy' attack, which does not actually exist and therefore has to be made by taking an animation, probably the southern light animation from the enemies on the big wutai statue, and adding a damage formula, to a materia by converting an existing attack.

That doesn't stop them from manually overriding the old files with the files I provide in my thread.

General Discussion / Re: Shoot and Shout Element in FFVII
« on: 2014-08-01 13:59:09 »
In mods it depends on what element the mod maker gives the different materia. In the vanilla game, no materia has any physical element.

There have been a virtual ton of bugfixes since then and also extensions to the mod. I'm not going to support 18 month old version.

Where did you even download it if not from the official thread? Because I can't support anything that doesn't come from my release post. And as was previously said, always read the release post for a mod. Not just install it. Especially if something is titled a game conversion. To quote from it:

Rotating Battle BGM in fields ( Not world map ). Rotates between 4 BGMs.

The music works if the OST is installed. I already went over this.

The start button un-stuck script is made to work no matter what is happening, even if you're in the middle of a textbox. It will reset you to the room entrance. Change your start key and try again. Otherwise something much more fundamental than the music is broken as well.

The story is new from scratch and has very little to do with the original story. Some things are even the complete opposite.

"I also installed the remastered ost and the mp3(remix)"
well obviously there is your problem
You completely borked ff7 music with that

but i only want it to play fighting in random encounters, chocobo theme when i encounter a chocobo,
Then you can not play the mod as the rotating battle BGM is in every field.

Also pressing start didn't help
You didn't map your start key correctly. The way the code is setup this isn't possible unless the controls themselves are borked.

I will most likely just try this again when you guys get the mod updated
Stop talking like any of these issues are my fault or that of the mod. The music issue is not only completely your fault but wouldn't come as a surprise if you had read the damn release post for the mod at least once. And the getting stuck issue is also on your side as nobody else has ever reported this happening.

You can try again when you learned how to not destroy your own installation of the game.

Any updates for the looping .ogg music? I've finished the catalog and will release N7 with it, so unless I can get the music files within a week, I'll just wait to update it after the release.

Once the music is in .ogg format, I will no longer distribute ff7music with it since I'm told Aalis new driver can utilize the files by itself and as such they will need to be installed in the appropriate place.

If you downloaded the OST part of N7, bootleg SHOULD install that when it installs N7. The whole install method will be overhauled in a week or so when the music changes to looping oggs and will simply be placed into a folder, not requiring ff7music, since Aalis new driver works like that. You probably cannot install any music packs over N7 OST or it will overwrite the files. You could manually install FF7music but I don't know if it even works with the latest version of aalis driver.

The "random" music is four battle BGMs. Of course it's unfitting nonsense if the required OST is not installed. To elaborate, this would be 3 of the 4 battle BGMs with the custom OST installed. (Note, this is mp3s, not the looped ogg)

Also, the following around is only in reactor 1 and Jessie even tells you what to do, ingame, when you get stuck (press start)

The other issues are not related to Nightmare.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Music behaviour poll
« on: 2014-07-25 21:23:09 »
Speaking of sidedungeons and music changing
How do you feel about making a dungeon actually halfway music puzzle? I.e. it switches between two musics every X frames and X could be a pseudo random value drived from an array of values checking against your game time seconds. When Music 1 plays regular battles happen, if music 2 plays and the player does X, something bad happens, like much, much harder enemies.

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Music behaviour poll
« on: 2014-07-25 20:37:33 »
Personally I say use the non-battle BGM one
There are plenty of mods that keep the regular battle bgm and so far only one other mod I know of that changes the music at all (and that's N7)
You could borrow my music script and just adjust it to make it a chance of X out of Y to not play battle music if you want a middleground.

I'm one of the "too easy" people and you see where this has led me, heh.

Unless Sega Chief finds more bugs and exploits, that's everything

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