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FF7 Tools / [FF7] Enemies editor - Hojo (1.0)
« on: 2007-11-17 17:15:25 »
Hi !

I released my enemies editor : Hojo.

Current version : 1.1

Features :
- edits enemies data : name, level, HP, MP, Exp., AP, gils, strength, speed, defense, mag. def., evade, luck, elements weaknesses, status immunities, manipulation capability, morph item, attacks name, items (dropped/stolen)
- edits battle locations of each formation
- kernel.bin updater tool included
- "Find" function available
- an enemy profil can be created and easily applied on all enemies or on the displayed enemy
- multilanguage program :?:

Screenshots :

Download link : EDIT: This download URL is out of date. Try instead - Bosola

Hi there !

I've almost completed my monster editor called Hojo !
I've just to implement the kernel.bin file fixer. But I've a question about this file.
On QhimmWiki it's written that each section begins by a 6 bytes header. I've seen that 2 first bytes (maybe more ?) represent the length of the gzipped section. But what are the next bytes ?

For example, for the section 2 there is :

Code: [Select]
AE 05 00 0E 01 00
05AE is the length of the section, but what are 00 0E 01 00 ?

Hi !

I've finished to write my monsters editor program (which is called 'Hojo', please tell me if a program 'Hojo' already exist).
So I can edit all monsters but I can't find what is "Scream" elemental attack in the game ("Cut" is Cloud's blade, "Punch" is Cid'attack etc).

What is "Scream"  ? :?

Quote from: qhimmwiki
Element types (8 records):
00h - Fire
01h - Ice
02h - Bolt
03h - Earth
04h - Bio
05h - Gravity
06h - Water
07h - Wind
08h - Scare
09h - Health
0Ah - Cut
0Bh - Hit
0Ch - Punch
0Dh - Shoot
0Eh - Scream <= <= ???
FFh - No element

Hi all,
It's been a long time :).

I'm developping a little program and I've noticed an error on QhimmWiki on this page :
It's written that a record of "Battle Setup 1" has a length of 20 bytes. But in the "Battle Setup 1 format" table, it's written :

  • 0x0000     2 bytes     Battle location, as follows: [...]
  • 0x0002    14 bytes    Unknown 2 + 14 = 16 bytes length :d. I suppose the "Unknown" part has a length of 18 bytes :).

Can you confirm and, if I'm right, fix it ?

Teioh is a program allowing to edit the texts contained in kernel2 file (like 'Internal Editor' in Cosmo by Ficedula).

Some screenshots (from english kernel2.bin) :

Thanks to Ficedula for his documentation and Qhimm for his LZS compression DLL.

Donwload links :
English version :
French version :

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / About some OPCODES...
« on: 2006-12-22 14:53:15 »
Hi !

I need to decode all opcodes for my project and I used WikiQhimm to find the length of each OPCODE (op + args).

But I've found another length on this topic : :

0x07 : WikiQhimm = 1   ;   halkun = 5 - 1 = 4      (-1 for the opcode)
0x5D : WikiQhimm = 8   ;   halkun = 10 - 1 = 9      (-1 for the opcode)
0xC1 : WikiQhimm = 11  ;   halkun = 8 - 1 = 7       (-1 for the opcode)

Well, who is right ?

Hi !

I'm using Qhimm's DLL in my program (Loveless, here : to recompress faster files.
I've found the delphi code (in Ficedula' sources) to call the compress function but not the decompress function.

QhimmCompress(Src.Memory, Src.Size, Result.Memory, Len);

Is there somebody who know the decompression-function's declaration, please ?

FF7 Tools / [FF7] Text editor - Loveless (v2.5)
« on: 2006-09-01 13:07:45 »
Loveless is a texts and windows editor for Final Fantasy VII.

Current version : 2.5

Some screenshots (from english flevel.lgp) :

I want to thank Ficedula for its precious documentation and its background algorithm, Qhimm for his LZS compression DLL, forum and QhimmWiki, Mirex for TEX documentation and all I forgot.

Download link :

Hi !
I'm playing with the french version of FF7 and it works perfectly. But when I win a chocobo race I have a problem. On the results table I can see, for example, that I win a 'tranquilizer'. Ok.
After that, I choose 'i want GP' and there are 300GP ! So I choose 'i want an item' (on the "GP screen") and I receive a Megalixir...

I have made that several times and the items are never the same !

What is this item trouble ? Oo

Archive / Little glitch in FF7 ...
« on: 2006-05-26 23:20:18 »
Hi ! I'm french so sorry for my english...

I have FF7 (french version 1.02) for several years and I always had a "little" glitch.

Glitch (appear in Hardware mode):

Normal (in Software mode):

I have this glitch in "Hardware mode" but in "Software mode" that's nice. I don't know why...  :oops:
However in Software mode, movies are slower... so...

But just once (before I format my computer today... -_-) the glitch didn't appear in Hardware mode.

I have a GeForce 4200Ti card.

Can somebody help me please ?
Thanks  :-)

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