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General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2012-01-12 08:29:11 »
Thanks guys, Ill try the oven method. There are plenty of nice youtube videos and stuff to help in the process. I just need the tools.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2012-01-11 21:56:20 »
The demo basically confirmed my day 1 buy. The 3 hours I spent on it were already better than all of FFXIII gameplay-wise.

My only problem is, I started playing Skyrim today (a colleague lent it to me so I could try it) and while I was dungeon-crawling (very fun game!),my PS3 suddenly shut down. YLOD. Looks like Skyrim finished my fat 40 GB PS3 off, after at least 4 years of good & loyal services.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2012-01-02 10:48:47 »
Thought I'd mention it here, too : the french website Gamekult gave the game 8+/10 (+ meaning it received the Editor choice). And the site being quite harsh with its review system, 8+ is pretty good. Link :

Here is a summary of what is said (courtesy of Shawn6661, relayed on GFaqs by Kanart) :

The developers of Final Fantasy XIII-2 carefully noted all the bad things the Internet has criticized of their previous game to give us just the opposite. Too many hallways? We will give multiple paths. No NPCs or sidequests? We'll swing a ton of cats stuck in trees. Otherwise, the game continues on the solid foundation of its predecessor, namely the nervous and efficient combat system, good graphics, and a soundtrack that keeps on cutting bridges with the previous titles, and we eventually learn to accept it. Strange on paper, the result is very good despite a soft and misleading start. After four to five hours, the adventure finally takes off and the player begins to gain more freedom, discovering the richness of the parallel universes possible to explore. Very promising, the capture of monsters finally shine on the end where the game gets really difficult and demanding. Rich, varied and full of sidequests that are revealed gradually, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a great success. An encouraging return to the RPG as we knew it in the 90s.

+ a bold and full of surprises scenario
+ the bold concept of parallel worlds
+ capture and breed monsters
+ the fights are still dynamic and catchy
+ the awesome last boss

- fights are very easy on the first hours
- visiting always the same spots
- the multiple choice answers are useless

To put things into perspective, the same reviewer (Greg, a long-time FF fan) gave 7/10 to FFXIII. Not a bad rating, but he did tear FFXIII a new hole in his text, since he was as disappointed with XIII as many fans were. More of a reason to be hopeful concerning XIII-2, since he really was pleasantly surprised with it.


I just read another french review for FFXIII-2, this time from (link : ), and it got 7/10. Basically, the reviewer didn't like the ending ("the less compelling ending I experienced in a J-RPG"), and he feels the game lost its balance (it's too easy to max Serah & Noel, and the game is so easy until the final dungeon it's sickening). You don't even need to change roles most of the time, and some boss fights that should have been epic end in only 2 or 3 minutes... The reviewer says that the gameplay "calibration" is off and the main story too short...

So yeah, it's not a bad game, but it's still far from perfect apparently. I'll still get it though. It should be a pretty fun game if you don't set your expectations too high.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-12-27 17:52:52 »
I never said it was the worst

No ? But you just said :

Lets try to improve a stupid worthless sh*t game. It's still a worthless sh*t game.

Ha yes, it's a stupid worthless sh*t game, but it's not the worst. I mean, yes, the worst of the sh*t game must be extremely sh*tty. Yuck. And it's not FFXIII ! I guess S-E can breathe :)

And don't sell your PS3 to get a PS2 ; they started to release HD versions of the best PS2 games (FFX included). In a short while, it's the PS2 that will be worthless.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-12-27 17:36:46 »
Worthless ? You guys make it sound as if FFXIII is the worst video-game in existence. Even worst than Ultraman. That seriously cracks me up. But don't get me wrong : I'm the first to speak ill of FFXIII - but that doesn't mean it isn't a beautiful, polished, bug-free, playable, and enjoyable game. For the most part, it does well what it aims to do - it's just not what FF fans wanted. S-E listened to the complaints, so FFXIII-2 keeps the interesting aspects of XIII and enhances the rest. I approve of this behavior.

But no, you're right, scratch that : FFXIII has a few annoying flaws, so it's obviously the worst game ever. My bad for trying to talk some sense in this thread.

You hear that, Gjoerulv ? We weren't having fun with the battle system in XIII. Our minds and bodies can betray us, I tell you.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2011-12-27 13:42:53 »
All of the changes are much needed improvements over FFXIII. Can't wait for February, day 1 buy for me.

General Discussion / Re: Materia: Possibilities
« on: 2011-11-02 19:51:26 »
How's Total Grudge coming along AV?

I've been taking a break from FFVII and been playing my PS3, instead. It's still completed up to Mideel, so, even by counting all the optional enemies, I don't have much to do to finish it. But I'm not rushing it. I prefer to wait until my mind is fully back on FFVII, with new ideas.

General Discussion / Re: Materia: Possibilities
« on: 2011-11-01 19:35:37 »
There is a problem with this idea : if a player chooses to remove Cloud and Tifa's materias in Shinra's HQ (before the battle against Hundred Gunner & Heli Gunner), you wouldn't be able to reequip them without using Black Choco (the utility) or something. Likewise, I believe that there are scripts that sometimes reequip / unequip materias from time to time (like Yuffie who reequips everyone's materia in a chaotic way, after the Wutai events...).

You'd have to rework a lot of field scripts too, LostWing.


Oops, I see Kuugen already mentioned Wutai. Still, I think there are more.

Not? Really? Then what are art critics or movie critics or game critics doing? Lying out their asses? Have you recently won a dummy emmy?

They just try to explain their opinion, without the pretention to hold the absolute truth. When they say they prefer oranges over apples, they try to explain why, but don't imply that people who prefer apples are mentally deficient. There is your difference.

Not at all, personally liking something has absolutely nothing to do with critical evaluation

The problem is, you can't do critical evaluation on subjective matters.

Excellent, thank you very much DLPB  :)

If they gave ffx the same treatment the god of war games received I would purchase it. I enjoyed ffx and have not played it in a long time.

Same here.

FF post FFX has been fairly crap, though. I guess FFTA-2 was... tolerable, but XII and XIII were f*cking dire.

I like FFXII, and would even buy it if they released the International Zodiac Job System with HD graphics & 60 FPS, on PS3. Sure, the story and dungeons are boring - both sometimes sleep-inducing, but if you take it like some kind of pretty and immersive hack n'slash, it delivers nicely.
As for FFXIII, since I could finish it once and complete all the side-quests, it couldn't really be considered a bad game (bad games I can only play for 10 minutes at max). I even know people who like the game. But it's definitely a bad FF. The story is indeed moronic and the whole gameplay so restrictive, you'd be forced to do the exact same things again (be it in the menus, on the field, or in battle) if you were to play through it a second time. It's like, the epitome of linearity, not only in the story & the environments but also in your gameplay choices. Most of the time, it's either "do it" or "don't do it" (Ravager -> Stagger -> kill enemy ; advance in the crystarium or don't... ...and don't get me started on the equipment system).

...I don't know why I felt the need to rant about FFXIII : most of you are already convinced of its flaws >.>

You're welcome SymphoniC, and I appreciate your stance on the matter, but... ...err... ...this is kinda hard to explain with words... ...I'll say this, though : from 3' 03'' to the end, something feels off to me with the percussions. I think it's the percussion and guitar sounds that do not mix very well. Yes, I think the percussions (the battery) must be my main gripe throughout, actually. Thinking about this more, I guess the percussions do not match the "strength" and "power" level of the guitar / entire track. It might sound too weak (and even slow, especially at the start) and thus, doesn't give the piece its full potential. It holds it back, somehow.

J-E-N-O-V-A is one of those tracks that should get your blood boiling - almost send you into a trance - so my problem might come from the fact that parts of your remix are kinda slow-paced. It sounds "gentle" at times. Perhaps with more bass...

Well, I hope this helps.


Oh yeah, from 00'39'' to 00'58'', the battery sound might sound better if it was a little louder. But as I said, take this with a grain of salt ; I can't be sure of what I'm saying without listening to the song with the changes I envision. And since I don't have the tools/programs/instruments, those advices of mine might be completely off. I'd love to be able to create my own remixes too, but there are many obstacles : I have no musical background, and don't know what to buy exactly / which programs to get. I only have what I think is a good ear. Truth be told, I already have many projects anyways, so I'm already happy listening to your great remixes :)


Do you have the full MP3 of that?

Yes. I just found it in a remote location of my hard drive. Download it here. Still, the "full MP3" isn't much bigger ; there's the intro part, sure, but the track still comes to an abrupt stop around the same point.

Also, I don't understand what you mean about the harmony part. Maintaining harmony was an important part that I took into consideration when I recorded my guitar playing, I even added harmony in certain parts. Blending electric guitars with Classical style instruments is extremely difficult to do. It's also not as common even still, so maybe you're just not used to hearing it?

Ha, I wasn't talking about the harmony instrument. I tried to say that I think that some sound samples could have been better suited for the piece, and that some don't seem to work too well with others. "Harmonious" would have been a better word, I guess. But I'm no music expert, mind you, so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. It's possible that this only happens in my ear.

I hate to be the first one to post a somewhat "negative" comment, but here it is anyways.

I really like your remixes - really, I do. But I think those kinds of remixes, with a big emphasis on guitars, do not mix with the game very well. I'm a huge guitar-lover, but I think your remixes wouldn't work as remastered tracks in-game. They sound too different from the originals. Also, maybe the different instruments do not blend together very well - I don't know. I felt it lacked harmony somehow.

My favorite J-E-N-O-V-A remix still is Shazard Haniff Ali's. I would post a link to a youtube video or his webpage, to give you an idea, but even after searching the web, I can't find it anywhere anymore. Still, here is the MP3 I edited so it loops with FF7Music (I deleted the intro part). I'll remove the link if it bothers anyone.

Anyways, as I said, I still like your work a lot. You can't have too many FF7 remixes in my book, and yours are great. It's just that they're the kinds of remixes I'd listen to on my ipod or when browsing youtube. Not the kind I'd want in-game, so far. Can't wait to hear more, though :)

Solved Problems / Re: FF7 Major Bug with Boss Fights
« on: 2011-07-17 13:16:53 »
The scene look-up table inside Kernel.bin is screwed-up. In Proud Clod, open your scene.bin file, then select "File", then "Create scene.bin". It will tell you the scene look-up table is incorrect and will ask you if you want to fix this. Select "yes".

Alternatively, you can also use the Hojo utility, open your scene.bin, then choose "File" and "Update Kernel File".

NFITC1, I would be interested in your explanation.

On a side note, if you have the same issue I have / had with YouTube videos (videos staying as a black box, no play button available), you just need to add a "s" after http in the url so the link becomes https://.

Apparently it's not a problem on your end, but on YouTube's, since many people with many different hardware and software configurations have the same issue.

To expand on what Bosola said, you need luck of course, but you also need to learn how to seize opportunities. You have to dare in life, and not be afraid to talk to people (like, to your boss). People who get promoted are rarely the more competent ones ; people who get promoted are just the ones bosses like most (and I'm not throwing rocks at them - it's understandable that you'd want to work with your friends / people you feel good with).

In other words, no matter what your dreams are, you'll never be able to realize them without the right acquaintances. You need to be social, to jump on every opportunity, and to have a lot of luck (be at the right place at the right time).

In my personal case, I might only have the latter (and even though, I don't believe in "luck", only in statistics) - but I'm far from being unhappy : my dreams are modest ones, and I'm working on realizing them. The important thing in life is to feel good on a day to day basis, and to feel useful in the society you're living in. So yeah, joining the Red Cross is a good idea in my book.

Tell me about it !

Even this absurdity strikes us French people. Our date system has always been DD/MM/YYYY, but in many programs I use at work, I see dates like 06/16/2011 (MM/DD/YYYY). WTF ? Looks like someone thought it was smart to import the american date system in our utilities (I always thought it was just american, and would never have imagined some actual americans would be annoyed by this!) ...

...Now, because of this, when reading something like 03/06/2011, I'm never sure if we're talking about the 6th of March or the 3rd of June. Bravo to the French guy(s) who had the very clever idea to import this confusion. These people deserve kicks in the nuts.

My endurance of concentration must be through the roof then, because the last few times I played FFX, I always dodged lightning until I got at least the 3 Strength Spheres. And I always do so the first time I hit the Thunder Plains (hence, no No-Encounters) ... It's not hard to me, you just gotta do it all at the craters near Macalania Forest's entrance, since the rate of the lightning strikes is high and very easy to memorize there.

Anyways, call me crazy, but I like FFX's minigames - blitzball included (the only problem with blitzball being the fact that it gets way too easy way too soon). Err... ...maybe not the chocobo races, though... ...and the minigames in FFX-2 are awful, too. I'd rather dodge lightning than calibrate the towers any day. Or maybe I forgive FFX's mini-games more easily, because FFX is a better game...

Great! I wish we could do the same of the PSX version...

I wasn't sure this would fit into Reverse Engineering. Still, aside from the small mistake I mentioned (probably a typo), Terence's FAQs are yet to be proven wrong. I read them all, and I couldn't spot any mistake based on my own experience of the game.

Ahhhh, I didn't know that ! Thanks Aali, this explains everything :)

And there goes my Super HP Plus :(
Does anyone know how to implement this "HP Plus cap removal" into the psx version ? Or am I forced to remove it from the pc version for consistency's sake ?

Mmm... ...Apparently Gil Plus' bug (the first level will already double your gil, instead of adding 50% to it) consists of the materia always doubling your gil, no matter the value you set as its modifiers.


Got off my lazy butt and anwered my last questions through testing. Gil Plus materias don't stack, since +100% is the max. Same with Exp Plus : +100% is the max, but since Exp Plus's first level works right, you can use two one-star Exp Plus to reach the maximum bonus.

There is also another mistake :

Quote from: Terence
Materia Name: Gil Plus
Desc: Earn more Gil after battles
HP:    -     Str:  -    Vit:  -    Dex:  -
MP:    -     Mag:  -    Spr:  -    Lck: +1

Lvl  Ability Gained                                      Total AP Req
 1   +150% Gil Gain                                      0
 2   +200% Gil Gain                                      80000
 3   --                                                  150000

  Maximum bonus to Gil Gain is an additional 100% (200% total)
  BUG: Due to a bug in the game, even a 1-star Gil Plus Materia will give you
    the maximum of 200% Gil per battle

It should read +50% Gil Gain and +100% Gil Gain respectively, since +200% means the amount triples, whereas Gil Plus only doubles gil earned. And the word "additional" is confusion-inducing, since you're led to believe equipping another could triple your gil (it can't).

Now, only my question regarding HP Plus remains.

If you don't know what it is, check out GameFaqs' FAQ section of FFVII PSX. His great FAQs detailing the game mechanics are in there.

Here is the reason for this topic's creation. In the Party Mechanics FAQ, HP Plus section, Terence says this :

Quote from: Terence Fergusson
  The maximum additional HP that can be gained through Materia is +100%
  Extra HP Plus Materia over this will only help balance out extra negative
    percentage modifiers

In my mod, for balancing purposes, I decreased the characters' MaxHP. At level 99, no one has more than approx. 1500 HP. The thing is, HP Pluses materia do stack. In my mod, you can easily reach 9000 HP, if not more, with enough mastered HP Pluses. So, either the mechanics are different in the PC version, or he's wrong. Can anyone confirm that they also stack in the PSX version ?

Also, I created a Super HP Plus materia. At level 1, it has the same effect as a mastered HP Plus : HP + 50%. The other levels are :

Level 2 : HP +100%
Level 3 : HP +150%
Level 4 : HP +200%
Level 5 : HP +250%

It works great, and stacks with the other HP Pluses, of course (it will take ages to master :P). I was wondering if I could do the same with the EXP Plus and Gil Plus materias (ie. give them more levels)... ...But in Wall Market, their bonuses are displayed differently from HP Plus.

Looking at Exp Plus, for instance, we can see its data :

Level 1 : 24 (exp +50%)
Level 2 : 32 (exp +100%)

So, apparently, 16 means no change (=100%), 8 means half experience (-50% yeah, I guess you could create a materia that would prevent you from gaining exp), 24 is +50%, and 32 means double experience. Since Terence says the maximum bonus to Exp Gain is an additional 100% (+200% total), would it work if I inserted 40 as the modifier for level 3, so exp could be +150%, and insert 48 as the modifier for level 4, so exp gets to +200% ?... ...And couldn't it go even higher ? What's the maximum value for this field, actually ? Something tells me it's FFh, or in other words 255 - so experience could potentially get to +1593,75% ?... ...And is it the same for Gil Plus ?

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