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I think there is a mistake in the savemap in the wiki.
I was displaying the content of some variables in a field message, and I found out that variables of bank 5 with offset 0xF are wrapped around by 255. And on the other side, variables of bank 5 with offset 0x7 can display a max of 65535... So it seems that the 2 offsets should be exchanged in the table.


Now that I released my tool Hack7, I decided to take some time to play with it. Right now, I'm making some tests to figure out how those events are working, and I don't really get it, so I hope somebody will be able to help me.

In the Wiki, for the event PLUS2! (0x77) it is said that the parameter is signed and the result of the addition is capped at 32767.
In fact, when I try this (code from Hack7, $TW600 is a word variable) :
Code: [Select]
$TW600 = 10;
$TW600 = AddCap16( 32767 );
or this :
Code: [Select]
$TW600 = 32767;
$TW600 = AddCap16( 10 );
The result is indeed capped at 32767.

However, when I try this :
Code: [Select]
$TW600 = 42767;
$TW600 = AddCap16( 10 );
or this :
Code: [Select]
$TW600 = 10;
$TW600 = AddCap16( 42767 );

The result I get is not 32767 as expected, but 42777 instead !!! So, it seems that once the initial value is bigger than 32767, the addition doesn't cap anymore the result ! And it would also mean that the parameter is not signed !
If someone has any idea, please...

Hack7, FF7 messages & events Editor
Current Version: 3.0 Beta 2

Hack7 is an editor for the messages and the events of Final Fantasy 7 (supports only PlayStation). It is written in C# and is available for Windows.

Current features
  • Edit the messages of the game from the DAT files (which can be found in the FIELD folder of the game disk).
  • Save changes inside DAT files or the image disk of the game (ISO file).
  • Automatically adjust windows' size to fit the messages.
  • Show only messages that are used by the field.
  • Identify windows that are too big to fit in the screen.
  • Support Japanese files.
  • Display field background.
  • Edit the events.

Hack7 | Webpage

Project todo's
  • Add support for 3D field models
  • Display walkmesh
  • Show and edit named variables
  • Show free variables

Any feedback is welcomed ^^

Hello guys,
I'm working on the field animations opcodes (ANIMx and so on) and it seems that each field file has its own list of "allowed" animations for each entity loaded. But I could not find where exactly this information is (I'm not even sure it is contained in the DAT file).
I don't look for the animations for themselves, but for the information that indicates which animations can be used in a field file. Indeed, when I use an ANIM opcode and try different values, it seems that I can only use the animations that the character is using during "official gaming" (for example, in the screen when you first meet aerith, the cloud animations available are only the "turn", "think", "walk" and "run" ones).

Does anyone have any clue about where this information could be ?

Edit :
I have found this topic but it's different than what is in qhimmwiki (no information about this "HRC loader" thing).

Edit2 :
Quote from: Akari
Each BCX contains only 3 animation for character (stand walk and run). BSX contains additional animation used in field.
Ok so let's investigate about those BSX...

Happy new year everyone!

I finally release the project on which I am working since a while : it's a dotNET library which contains a few classes that allow to edit some datas (for example, the script) of Final Fantasy 7 (currentyl only for PlayStation support).

My goal is to give the ability, for anyone, to easily work on the game (you need to know a few about object oriented programming, knowing Visual Studio will also help). So now I need your opinion ;)

You can get it and everything you need to know here. Any feedback will greatly be welcomed!

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