Author Topic: [FF7PC] This Mod Are Sick [Game Tweaks Mod]  (Read 3410 times)


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[FF7PC] This Mod Are Sick [Game Tweaks Mod]
« on: 2020-09-03 07:57:05 »

This Mod Are Sick

This re-release does not contain Beacause/Reunion in order to comply with its license
This mod is a compilation/port of the existing publicly available mods YAMP, and Ochu, with some fixes, updates, and a few new additions to an IRO for 7th Heaven. All credit goes to the original authors of the respective mods listed below. We encourage you to check out full versions of those mods and to support and donate to those projects.

This mod is named specifically that you do not confuse it with the original mods and contains changes not present in the originals. It is not compiled by the original authors, therefore it is unreasonable to expect technical support from them. We ask that any support questions or bug reports be posted here and remain specific to this mod only. Use this with the expectation that it may contain bugs not present in the original versions. If your game crashes in the same spot, try turning this mod or a part of it off temporarily until you get past the problem. You do not use a separate EXE with this mod. Use the standard ff7.exe.

Mods that are a part of this compilation/port:
YAMP (created by dziugo) -
Ochu (created by DLPB) -

(link removed)

Game Tweaks
-60 FPS battles (working)
-Soft reset (instant game over)
-Skip movie cutscenes
-Unlimited items
-Run always on
-Use PHS or save at any time
-Change how often random battles occur or turn them off completely
-Improvements to several minigames
-Remove boxes from dialogue/make transparent
-Cheat with Caith Sith's reels (working)
-Tifa's reels always "Yeah!"
-Sense command works on enemies up to 65,535 HP

Stats Tweaks
-Increase HP, damage, and recovery limits to 30,000
-EXP multiplier (zero, half, or 2x-10x)
-AP multiplier (zero, or 2x-10x)
-Enemy HP boost (2x-10x)
-Enemy level boost (+2 to +50 or set all to lvl 99)
-Lock party HP
-Lock party and enemy MP
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Re: [FF7PC] This Mod Are Sick [Game Tweaks Mod]
« Reply #1 on: 2020-12-09 22:23:29 »
Hi, thank you for the hard work, many people will appreciate to have an easy and fast way to get 60 fps battles again, so this is kind of a blessing until the Qhimm Community Animations gets fixed.

Although i'm having this issue even with the ''ignore mod compatibility restrictions'' option enabled:

Can this be fixed? It's not a big issue but still a bit of an annoyance.


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Re: [FF7PC] This Mod Are Sick [Game Tweaks Mod]
« Reply #2 on: 2020-12-12 04:00:57 »
also can't help but notice there is no credit for 60fps battles, and yet it is identical to one of r05's version of 60fps

did you make it and just by coincidence made the hex code the same? or are you leaving out more credits from stuff this mod rips off? (while adding absolutely zero original work of your own)

Hi, thank you for the hard work

there is no original 'work' in this mod, its all stuff you can already do with ochu or yamp with a ripped off, buggy as hell 60fps battles

(in fact, ochu does it much better because you can turn these things on/off while still in-game)
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Re: [FF7PC] This Mod Are Sick [Game Tweaks Mod]
« Reply #3 on: 2020-12-12 08:33:22 »
there is no original 'work' in this mod
I'm aware he did no create or got involved in the creation of any of the mods and tools related to the compilation he just made and posted here, I'm giving him credit tho for the time he took to port those functions in to 7th heaven on an easy to install and manage iro file making it compatible with (almost) the rest of the mods.

And although i agree he could have contacted the creators and asked them permission to do this first I'm willing to assume since this is the second thread he now did so after he got warned about the rules he broke previously, and specially after being aware that the creators from Because and Reunion requested to be removed from catalogues and redistributes.

This part is what makes me believe so:

This re-release does not contain Beacause/Reunion in order to comply with its license

I don't think he ever intended to get credit from the work of others since he put the names and links to the original creators, what i think is that he wanted to offer some help to the people like me, who doesn't know (or learning to do so would take some time, so he's still a time saver) how to make The Reunion functions available to 7th heaven but failed to do so in a proper way, but that doesn't exactly mean his intentions were bad. Although if i were one of the creators who specifically requested to not have his work to be spread around (due to the amount of time it took me) as you mentioned in another post, having a guy that without asking permission suddenly makes a compilation post which leads people to go to a single thread where I'm not even mentioned it kinda denies some possible support/recognition and that would certainly piss me off. But i don't think that's the case here.

And honestly, after reading his other posts i fail to perceive him as either a disrespectful or negative person, he just didn't know a few things (which is honestly more than understandable since this website as a whole can sometimes be a bit confusing regarding to rules and other users actions).

Last thing i want to say is that i understand your outrage with this user, but to me he seems really genuine, just try to tell him how to do things if you think he did something wrong.

With that said, english is not my primary language so I'm not explaining/telling things the best way i could and there's probably some poor use of grammar so i apologize for that.

Anyway, cheers!