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Troubleshooting / [FF8- Steam] Save doesn't load.
« on: 2014-07-23 16:52:59 »
For a somewhat reason, the game isn't load my saving game. The game didn't delete my save progress but.

I tried to use the Hine and what i have in my documents folder ( Squareenix) remote.

Is there a solution of this problem since i tried to start a new game and use the metadata file and my old save?

General Discussion / Convert PNG to *.FI
« on: 2012-05-01 22:41:32 »
I am starting working on FFVIII

Quick question, how can i convert a png file to *.fi?
I used FFVIII archive commander and tried to replace a *.fi file to a PNG, and game crashed.
Any Help is much apreciaded :)

Yes... all can be easy if you want

Lets start if so!

First Step:
Lets download my modded special driver (54.01)

Stupid question:
Why i need to download this driver?
A:Thats because the Window patch (Cetra) dont work proper with forceware 54.01 to up), and also the driver is optimized for FFVII/FFVIII

Second Spep:
Download Nvhardpage  1.95

See the pic below, and choose the Antialiasing mode 2x enh and Enable Texture sharp.Also on Anisotropic can be change to 8x (64-tap)

Dont change more nothing!

Stupid Question:
Can i download a newer version of Nvhardpage?
A: Newest version of that app dont let to change Anti-aliasing

Third Step
Use Cetra patches and apply the windowed mode, 32-bit color,Music patch , etc etc...

Now go to Display Properties and USE Screen resolution 1024x768 to up!

Stupid Question:
WTF i need to to that?
A: The AA mode 2x enh can reduce 95% of the pixelized background on game, and if you use the window mode the "blur" will not be seen.

Now start the game, and enjoy!!!

Pics here!!

(pretty good humm?)


(the world map seens neat hummm?)

(The letters on menus is not blurred no more!)

(Can you ear the back ground crys?)

(Lord levithan is not shamed again, isnt Yuffie?)

(menus again)

(ah this is so nice!)

(its all folks!)

General Discussion / Music Cetra patch
« on: 2004-09-10 20:20:58 »
I tried All, but i can put this to work.
When patched, FFVII wont work, gaves me a error.
What i done:

I Create the ff7music folder and put the app inside
I use the cetra  Music patch, the patch worked well next FF7 wont run.

Can someone help me?

Ok , you may call me insane , or other thing but theres an enigma is botter me for ages,When i bought FFVII for my old rusty PSX several ages ago (1998), the first try i played the game i so mess the story roll i remember a a scene in Gongaga, in the place of the Makou Reactor, the Reactor explode and a misterius guy with a sword ( in that time i  thought it was Jonny aka Tifa friend), but  i see was Zack. I remember he say a few text and desapear.I dont remember what he say because that time my english was terrible.

Ok, guys now i see you are call me a totally spammer or Hoaxer blá bla blá, but i got 99% of sure i did that im telling, i never be allowed to do that scene again.

This really botters me, really.... :weep:

Archive / a good ideia or not
« on: 2004-03-10 23:25:58 »
Final Fantasy 7

Hummm, i wonder why Detonators 40.72 to 41.09 let the choose AF  with AA.(This solve the backgroud Pixeled but AA show the grid.Its possible to hack an recent driver to do the options above?

My Experiênçe:
Well with 41.09 i peck Riva Tunner and i choose TEXtures Tab.In textures memory Settings i choose Force level 8; optimize more;optimize stages 0,1,2,3. Woooa Bingo! it solves the pixeled background, but the  FSAA only goes to 8-S. Duh... that means the Grid problem returns.

Archive / Final Fantasy VII... ;)
« on: 2004-02-05 19:16:55 »
Hi, Im new in here, i cant losing time, so theres my question:
I got a Ti 4800-se (Geforce), and  FFVII works great to me ( using Cobras FFVII patchXP.

Well as we know with my graphic card FFVII backgrounds are really crapy, fully pixelized. i love using FSAA on my card)I saw  before to using 2x2 AA mode to remove the "grid Effect", but the BGrouns continues to show pixelized as well :(.

I installed detonators 41.09 and by surprise  the Bckgounds show well but the damm grid appers again.I cant use 2x2 mode becouse detonator doesnt support( i used the Riva Trick).

So im asking about some tips or something that helps me in some way

Ah,a patch to use 32 bpp? what it does? Its for FVVII PC or PSX?
I tried to use him but none option appers in menu of Cetra.

Thank you and i will wait for a anwser.
( ok my english sucks but im Portuguese , eh eh).

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