Author Topic: Possible Bug - New Threat 1.5  (Read 337 times)


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Possible Bug - New Threat 1.5
« on: 2024-03-22 22:57:51 »
Hi everyone.

I have been playing through the fantastic New Threat 1.5 mod and I have encountered a bug/glitch that prevents me from progressing. It appears to be isolated to one specific cutscene camera transition where the screen just goes black and the game becomes unresponsive. It occurs twice in quick succession in the early game due to the same camera angle/position being used for 2 different cutscenes and once in the endgame (so far from what I have played) and the only way to exit the game is to close the program manually.

It first happens in disc 1 Midgar when the party is climbing the Shinra HQ building. At one point (I can't remember exactly as it was a couple weeks ago this first occurred) there is a cutscene transition where we are shown President Shinra's dialogue with someone and at first we are shown the room at a wide angle - you can see the stairs coming up to the floor, President Shinra's desk and President Shinra. Right before President Shinra starts talking, the camera transitions to several feet in front of his desk, looking head on at him and the scene continues to play out. In my recent playthrough of New Threat 1.5 when I get to this point in the game's story, the cutscene starts as normal and I see the wide view of President Shinra's office but when it fades out to transition the camera position the screen stays black and the game becomes unresponsive and unplayable. I tried removing all other mods besides NT 1.5 and still I encountered this crash.

I did some searching online and found a post from a few years ago where someone encountered the same issue and was able to bypass it by saving at the last possible point before the cutscene starts, closing the game, switching installed mod to New Threat 2.0 and resuming the game. After the cutscene plays, find the closest save point and save the game, close it, and restart one more time but with NT 1.5 installed again. This did work for me and thankfully at this point in the game there is barely any progress between these 2 save points that it had no impact on anything.

This happens twice in this sequence in the story and so I encountered it again and bypassed it using the same method as before. I hoped it wouldn't be an issue again but I just recently got to the Dark Cave in disc 3 and as I have made my way through this piece of content there is a point where I am in this room again and the camera makes this same transition. The game unfortunately crashes like in the disc 1 instances but this time switching the New Threat 2.0 isn't working completely this time. I am able to start the game with NT 2.0 and trigger the camera transition but once it has repositioned nothing happens. There is no dialogue from the NPC in front of me and I am unable to interact with them. I am not sure if that is intended or not (i don't think it is) as I haven't fully played through the Dark Cave yet. I can able to move though but can't get out of the area from anywhere, not even the way I came - I am trapped essentially lol. I did make a save in another slot before venturing in there though so luckily I am only locked out of the content it seems.

I'd really like to see this quest through to the end so if anyone has encountered something similar and have figured out a way to bypass it please reply.

If not, if there is any other way I can exit the Dark Cave area without having to load another save file I am all ears. I want my Micro-Engine and LuvLuvG!

I am not sure if anyone else has encountered it as far in the game as the Dark Cave area so I figured I would relay the information as a possible bug.