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General Discussion / Anti-Powergaming Mod Ideas?
« on: 2021-04-12 12:24:46 »
I'm slightly obsessive-compulsive, and I find that the drive to powergame is insatiable. With this in mind, how could one mod FF 7, 8, and 9 to remove the incentives to powergame? My thoughts on each are below.

Obviously these games have a lot of other problems that need fixing, but these are just the ones relevant to powergaming.


1. Need to grind for sources in the Sunken Gelinka.
2. Need to grind for Vincent's kills.
3. Need to grind AP for Barret's ultimate weapon.

1A. Remove stat boost items from non-super-boss item drops, and provide a lot as a reward for their completion.
1B. Add stat boost items as rewards for stuff that's actually fun, like snowboarding.

2A. Reduce Vincent's kill counter to a single 8-bit byte.
2B. Give Vincent's ultimate weapon some other method to power up.

3A. Put a limit on how much you can power up Barret's ultimate weapon with materia AP.
3B. Change how it powers up.


1. Need to LLG and use Card to help max stats while gaining levels.
2. Need to grind for gil or devour to max stats.
3. Can't get some stuff (Odin, Tonberry) until late in game to complete point 1.

1. Remove stat growth gf skills.
2. Put stat boost items needed to max everyone's stats behind incrementally tougher superbosses, and provide devour as a reward for defeating one of the first superbosses for those with less skill. And by that I mean you get 100 of all of them for defeating one superboss.
3. Point number 1 fixes this, but making Zantetsuken percentage based damage instead of instant death is a good half-measure.


1. Need to run a LLG to optimize stats.
2. Need to somehow get under the time limit for Excalibur 2.
3. Can't miss anything.

1A. Slightly rework gear so you have several options at each upgrade checkpoint, which provide varying stat boosts. The sum of stat boosts should all be equal, and they should not change as you upgrade. We don't need to worry about enemies using gear, so you could make something like FFT or FF12 for armor, and let anyone equip anything (though that doesn't mean they'll be optimal IRT skills. Stat boosts to each would be (in the meta sense) alloted to each armor class in a point-buy system.

Mage armors: more Str, some Spr and Spd, least Mag
Warrior armors: same as mage, but switch Str and Mag
Utility armors: generally balanced.

1B. Remove gear stat boosts entirely and use only character levels to determine stats.

2A. Use something other than time to get Excalibur 2. I'm fond of superbosses.

2B. Do something entirely different with Steiner's weapons so you don't need a super weapon.

3. Ensure that nothing is permanently missible, but erect barriers to this. These can be theft/rewards from tough enemies, exorbitant gil costs for those who can't jump rope, puzzles, and challenging side quests.


1. Powergaming isn't actually that useful.
2. Powergaming is boring and repetitive.

1. Make maximal powergaming something that is actually useful rather than pathological, by increasing the difficulty and adding unlocks which boost the final bosses powers after you beat optional superbosses, like in Star Ocean 2.
2. Create optional non-missible content periodically that challenges the player proportional to it's rewards.

Update on my previous issues.

No idea what it was, bought a better computer and Hades Workshop works.

Could you clarify in the original post what exactly this is, and how it works with the PSX version? Seems like a save editor to me.

Can you throw together a tl;dr five step bullet list on how to use it to edit memory card files or what have you if that's what it does?

How do I extract the relevant file from /FF8DISK1.IMG, which I assume is a custom archive format SE used?

Completely Unrelated / Re: The Brain-Computer Interface
« on: 2021-03-02 00:16:20 »
From The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson.

Here's the output of dir > files.txt
Code: [Select]
    Directory: C:\Users\pc\Downloads\HadesWorkshop

Mode                LastWriteTime         Length Name                                                                 
----                -------------         ------ ----                                                                 
d-----        9/29/2020   1:27 AM                msvcp140                                                             
-a----        9/29/2020   6:22 AM              0 files.txt                                                             
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM          39609 HadesWorkshop.conf                                                   
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM       42273792 HadesWorkshop.exe                                                     
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM        6919640 libfbxsdk.dll                                                         
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM         294931 LocalVariableSettings_v1.hws                                         
-a----        9/29/2020   6:21 AM         590096 msvcp140.dll                                                         
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM        1526976 ucrtbased.dll                                                         
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM        2134528 wxbase31u_vc_custom.dll                                               
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM         143360 wxbase31u_xml_vc_custom.dll                                           
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM        1350144 wxmsw31u_adv_vc_custom.dll                                           
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM         441344 wxmsw31u_aui_vc_custom.dll                                           
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM        5010944 wxmsw31u_core_vc_custom.dll                                           
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM          75776 wxmsw31u_gl_vc_custom.dll                                             
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM         605696 wxmsw31u_html_vc_custom.dll                                           
-a----        9/20/2020   3:21 PM        1512448 wxmsw31u_richtext_vc_custom.dll                                       


Here is the output of a hashes on all those files.
Code: [Select]
[email protected] /cygdrive/c/Users/pc/Downloads/HadesWorkshop
$ sha256sum *
16b8f2cc0647648a86a86c2a62e5bbf226f23d94f50a6b7695f9904e977e7c64 *files.txt
466a8e172708a14f526c1da86395a4e9b50456211580065617835a7a553df078 *HadesWorkshop.conf
f0bdace03cd9adb7b1089e425603d7e6904272d138099d2c6e890eaf7dbc4ebc *HadesWorkshop.exe
2dae86a328f4852380ae5f8361badaac562d1c0c72e07d2c781950891d83eedc *libfbxsdk.dll
a81208bf8cf41b8299925855b403a314415bc309f9344b06a61ba1961b87cde7 *LocalVariableSettings_v1.hws
sha256sum: msvcp140: Is a directory
a2cb9cae4b86468ca44ba36320814a204ec8ad311df624b94e12c47e328e2726 *msvcp140.dll
c8fda4b882281f5a4d921416c1f565eddbdd552ef782a32380e0975fcc2696c1 *ucrtbased.dll
313f87259aa568811f2a63fac3e308b8f661dd623317ea655d027e67314443df *wxbase31u_vc_custom.dll
ad5a595cfb4043d3334420fd71adc89c262a0b1c87ec5660d825a3d29f3c2080 *wxbase31u_xml_vc_custom.dll
e44b11ad1de31c2e123bb04dd9d038ddc07b071df3f83cf9c4ee55c856dde3c7 *wxmsw31u_adv_vc_custom.dll
205c3ae91377b9b2c303f7faa947a4978b308c09711ac26a8c03a29cd54d2ac9 *wxmsw31u_aui_vc_custom.dll
7626628b10f75bc999dbc66190c0832cabf118ede7babc06e419ad3125e72a55 *wxmsw31u_core_vc_custom.dll
091e0c4c7a362d8bbe9d2828c38ddc9d49b260ad822aede7a94daffb67c1226b *wxmsw31u_gl_vc_custom.dll
6f566491714e46ad38c4a02b60ee584a20414475a75bd486dece521e0b8c52cf *wxmsw31u_html_vc_custom.dll
44174abf00f498b2ae83827206dd4d9a961efa6ed8d37b7e37ae34f9731e2926 *wxmsw31u_richtext_vc_custom.dll

My understanding of Visual Studio or whatever it's called is that it's an Electron app; which is to say that it contains a web browser (HTML/CSS/Javascript engine), the web browser contains a sort of operating system for dealing with all kinds of stuff that it is very unfair to force a web browser to deal with, and contained within that are the things that make Visual Studio an IDE.

So yes, I probably wouldn't be terribly happy having Visual Studio on my computer.

I don't care about putting Visual Studio on a Linux machine - it's like performing a lobotomy on a cockroach - and from what I understand it's just a couple sudo apt-get installs to get it. I think I remember you saying it works on Linux.

@Tirlititi I have a new error message, it occurs with all versions of the DLL in the English version of that link.

HadesWorkshop.exe - Application Error
The application was unable to start correctly(0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.

Tried running it from Powershell both with and without the DLL for more informative error messages, but none were printed.

Would building Hades Workshop help, you think?

If i remember right there are two Moogles in the Evil Forrest.
Spoiler: show
One before the 1st or 3rd Boss fight hidden in a tree stumpand one in front of the Ship where you started, but i think this moogle will not be there from beginning, i think after a certain boss it will be added.

Yep, you're right! I was worried that there were added events requiring constant backtracking. Some modders love that for some reason.

Playing the PS1 version; currently in the Evil Forest with Zidane, Steiner, and Vivi. Is there something I need to do to make the moogle who will accept a letter appear in Alexandria Castle? Does that moogle appear later on, or have I already missed something?

Bit of a long shot here, but I get this error when I try to run Hades Workshop.
The code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

I run Windows 10, 64-bit, however I used BCUninstaller (Bulk Crap Uninstaller) to remove such wonderful applications as the WordPad (Now With Ads!), the People icon, Contacts, Maps, and numerous others which I have thankfully forgotten.

Trying to reinstall the framework which google tells me contains MSVCP140.dll doesn't make Hades Workshop work, so I assume something else is required or a configuration file is broken.

If you know, could you tell me more about what Hades Workshop requires to run on Windows 10? Or should I give up and run it on a Linux machine instead?

Do you have any advice for those who want to rediscover your findings?

I know the world map varies between discs 1 and 2. I would look for files that differ between them.

How is the documentation for the over/underworld polygons and how they are all linked together?

Would modifying over/underworld require additional assembly hacking, or event modification?

How much room does the over/underworld take up? I assume one would need to rebuild the disc image to fit new entries.

FF7 Tools / Re: [PS/PC] FF7 Steam Translation to FF7 PS1
« on: 2020-09-07 08:10:43 »
Any time you fart around with a disc image you should always update the EDC/ECC. I have no idea if this is the cause of your troubles but it has been for me.

You could use a github account to host plain text files as such:

Should be perfectly adequate for data, disassemblies (one hopes with comments), file format descriptions, and of course source code.

It's definitely a half-assed solution, but for some use-cases (getting tons of data in one easily downloaded and edited location) it has a big advantage over a wiki. Concatenating a bunch of text files together is easy; grabbing tens of thousands of commented disassembly snippets from wiki and putting them in a single text file is not.

Anyone can edit it, there are unlikely to be spammers on Github, you don't have to pay to host it, you can seed compressed archives of various versions of it. The only disadvantage is being forced to use Git instead of Mercurial.

Making it easier to find and understand the data/code/assets/whatever these tools modify is a good first step.

General Discussion / Re: WOTL'S FF8K Pack (FMV's)
« on: 2020-08-28 01:12:03 »
TrueOdin probably knows, try messaging him to notify him of your feats.

Is the RHDN entry for the PSX version the most up-to-date PSX version (I know that the PSX version is inactive)?

Also what are the ISO/BIN hashes for the unmodified roms to which the patches should be applied?


After fiddling around, it appears that the correct SHA256 hash for disc 1 is:

Has anyone done any research into this? Seems like it would be cool.

Ditto for shallow water and river fords for the "boat" and buggy.

General Discussion / Re: There's a FF7 Disassembly?
« on: 2020-07-10 22:24:45 »
Have you made any unpushed progress on your disassemblies and tools for FF6, FFT-WOTL, and other games?

Maybe it's a sort of morale deflation that you need to face reality, or that you wasted time. I know that lying around all day and eating terrible food makes me feel awful, and any time I go to sleep after waking up around get-out-of-bed time I have nightmares.

As I get older and I have less to show for my life I care less about partying and more about building a family and having kids. I'm not smarter than the thousands of generations that came before me, and I realize that the lifestyles ancient peoples evolved were optimal for human happiness. Any evolved system will on a long enough time frame become vastly superior to the best planned systems.

I don't know what works for you, but listening to my body works for me.

Completely Unrelated / Re: The New State of CHAZ...
« on: 2020-06-19 05:37:49 »
I'm done caring. I'm goimg to buy a place in the middle of nowhere, raise goats, and never look at the internet, a TV, or a radio ever again.

General Discussion / Re: There's a FF7 Disassembly?
« on: 2020-05-05 06:11:07 »
I'm not really equipped to do much reverse-engineering, especially if this is the PC version, but someone is probably interested. If it doesn't cost you much go ahead and do it.

General Discussion / There's a FF7 Disassembly?
« on: 2020-05-05 04:58:39 »
While gawping at a thread where a certain user who shall remain unnamed did as such , I noticed that quantumpencil mentioned that there's a disassembly of the game.

quantumpencil said...
My dissassembly of the game is open source.

Where can I find this?

FFXII is a perfect example of death by committee. Kinda mystifying how they took all the talent from Final Fantasy Tactics and produced that mess.
They fired the guy from FFT/VS because he had a nervous breakdown and let the Sa-Ga goofball finish it.

IMO Vayne is the hero.

Troubleshooting / Lost on editing FF7 and FF8
« on: 2020-04-20 13:38:42 »
Is there a single location where comprehensive, up-to-date information on what every tool for FF7/8 edits, including the versions it edits and the data found in the files it edits? I'm confused as to which editors to use for FF7/8, there are multiple editors for the same files in some cases.

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