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APZ Cloud field and battle models with 7th heaven


Glad to see this forum is still alive and well. I played FF7 modded using Tifa's bootleg years ago, and would like to use the APZ Cloud field and battle models that I used back then but I'm not sure if I'm even able to do it with 7th heaven. The files are still available to download in the releases forum but they're not IRO files, so how can I incorporate them into my game?


You are asking for a 2010 old mod. I'm not sure the folder structure would be OK, you can try to 7H>Tools>IRO Tools>Select Folder>Save as IRO <-Good luck.

On another hand, you really should check this out and download the new 7th Heaven and new mods, it's another planet.

You will not regret it, here the thread for the must-install mods:


Thanks for your reply. I already am using a bunch of the mods you suggested in that list, that was actually one of the posts that kicked off my recent attempts to mod and play this game again. There's lots of good ones in there so thank you very much for the recommendations!

I know it's really old, but I'm messing around with the tools you mentioned and haven't had any success converting the APZ Cloud models into usable .iro's. I first tried simply packing the APZ model folders into their own IRO's, and they did show up in 7th but didn't change anything when activated. So, I unpacked some field and battle model .iro files from the catalog to see what their folder structure looked like, including the Ninostyle HD Field models which I am currently using. The file locations and types in Ninostyle HD Field and APZ Field had some similarities, but after an hour of failure trying to change things around and incorporate APZ into Ninostyle I decided this is over my head and I don't know what I'm doing (which is a bummer cause I was able to use it together inside another mod back in the day).

Thanks for your suggestions though Kuraudo!

Glad you like the list. We should all be thankful for these heroes modding our favorite game.

Also, I'd suggest joining the Discord server, it will be easier to support you.


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