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Completely Unrelated / Problem with Converting VOB to avi
« on: 2008-01-25 20:19:56 »
Ok so i record some stuff on my camera and its on a DVD-RW 1.3 gig.   When I try to convert it to avi or any kind of format there are problems.  I tried using magic convert and winavi.  I don't know how to go about fixing this.   On windows media player the dvd plays the entire video but I can't skip to any area, I have to play the entire thing.    ON windows media classic the file only plays for 33 seconds.

I even tried using nero 8 to recode it but it gives me an error saything the DVD structure don't have cells.

Whenever I use a search engine and I search for something the page shows up showing me the links i can go to.   But when ever i click on the link it redirects me to porn or other add sites.   I have to click it 3 times going back and forth before it goes to the correct site.

I tried using Avast! anti-virus program which is up to date and SpyBot, and adaware to elimate this problem, but it never goes away.   This is happening on both Firefox and Internet Explore.    I also tried looking in task manager but I don't see anything suspicious.

Since people are having such a hard time making the final battle hard I decided to release this patch to make it a challenge hopefully.

If your wondering what sephiroth your facing take a look.

Spme magic damage might be lower then on the video since i use a seperate Kernel.bin.  Sephrioth has 3 fightiing phases.  The first phase shouldn't be too hard.  Cangrats to those who manages to defeat Safer Sephiroth.
Those who are planning to use this on the PC version with the HP limit break this fights probably gonna be easy since i didn't make it with HP break in mind.

I hope they prove to be harder then the weapons.

v1.0 -
v1.1 -   (HP bug fixed and some other possible bugs fixed)

By the way if any bug shows up please report it.   I'm pretty sure the battles have no bugs but I never did finish the fight.  Any comments are welcomed and if hes too easy please give me the reason,  I would like to improve him some more but all good save files i have are corrupted or I haven't reach him for a proper testing.

Other things you all might want to know.  Sephiroth will get stronger for every character with level 90 and up.   instead of only level 99.   Safer sephiroths version of Heartless angel reduces HP to 1 and MPs to Zero and i'm sure it adds additional effects as well.  Super Nova uses a different animation.

This will break the damage limit for the PSX version and it also eliminates the lucky 7777 fury.   Lucky 7777 will still activate normally but no fury.  After battle your HP shouldn't drop to 1 anymore.


Edit: Off topic but i need help with this.   Has anyone been able to find the data for selling Mastered Materias?   No matter what i do i can't seem to find it, so i'm hoping someone else has found it.

As the topic says are there any other sites that work on hacking other games and series?   Also where can I download some hacks for other games?

Just wondering if there is enough information right now to make teh summoning animations sweet and shorter.     And i was wondering if anyone is interested in doing this since there appears to me alot of request topics lately.   Just interested in making neo bahamut, bahamut zero, and KOTR shorter.    Nothing new needs to be done just cut off some area.   

Like for bahamut zero after the screen turns whitle and the planet is shown it goes strait to bahamut zero charging his tera flare.

Can someone tell me how the game shark or action replay work for the PSX.  I'd like to create custom codes and it could help me in other ways like hacking.

How you do cacualate and seperate Encounter probablilty and Encounter ID?

the first 6 bits represent probabilty while the last 10 bits represent the Battle/Encounter ID.

What i'm asking for is maybe a formula of some sort?   I'm puzzled as to what these bytes mean 8A 18.

God I hope someone understands what i'm trying to say.

Archive / Question regarding Materia selling.
« on: 2007-06-12 22:15:33 »
Argh I can't seem to find the data to drop the price from selling a mastered materia.

I know that it cost 70 times as much as when you bought the materia.
Does anyoen know the formula for selling materias, so that my search for it is easier.  And where the location of the data might be at?

Instead of creating another thread I mgith as well ask it here since its related to the question earlier.

Ok so i manage to find the DAT file i was looking thanks to your Advice.   I'm reading the wikki's discriptions of the Fields DAT file, and in the script section I'm having trouble trying to figure out what it means under "Event Script Subsection." 

I managed to understand "Event Script" "Dialog Subsection" and "Akao blocks".   And i even managed to figure out where the Dialog section seperates from the event script.

So if anyone can spare some time could you explain how i can use the pointer table at the beganning of the file to determin where each script starts and ends?

I tried reading and reading it over and over but I can't make any sense out of it.   

I tried using the knowledge i learned about the Kernel, scene.bin, and text editing to figure this one out but this ones pointer is just wierd.

Archive / Anyone interested in a completed Hardcore Mod?
« on: 2006-07-14 13:42:06 »
Ok i spent alot of time on a mod that i think is pretty hardcore.  Anyone interested can contact me on MSN at [email protected] so i can send it to you guys.  I repeat this is hardcore you may encounter some normal enimies that will wipe you out easily and not have a chance if your not decently leveled up. 

Unfortunately i didn't play test this from the beganning.  I started from the cargo ship and onward.  However i did play test all bosses. 

All I ask is that you post your progress and tell me what area or boss is easy, so i can make the neccessary changes. 

PS.  I also like to ask anyone who has created some super bosses to please send them to me so i can add them to the word map and dungeons in disc 3 just for challenge sake.   I have created a few but I'm running out of Ideas.

See topic.   Magic, Summons, and some of the Limit attacks are located in the Attack section of Kernel.bin but where is the rest of the limit attacks, command, support, and independent materias.

Archive / Kernel.bin help
« on: 2006-07-08 14:52:30 »
I have little knowledge of programming but i want to learn how to edit Kernel.bin.  I been search on this site for ways to edit kernel.bin and found some programs like gunzip, gzip, and FF7 bin extractor.  I'm running windows XP, and gunzip and gzip wont open up.  And ff7 bin extractor isn't working right. 

Can someone explain to me or link me to a method of uncompressing the kernel.bin file so that i can edit it using a Hex Editor?

lasyan3 if your out there please tell me how to use your program.  When i select Kernel.bin and click on the "Dispatch the file"  botton I don't see any files produced but the "Recreate the file" button is available.  When I click on that it gives me an the fallowing error "Error n^-2 ff7dec!".

Archive / Problem with Sephiroth Crashing
« on: 2006-06-01 01:24:50 »
I edited one of the enimies in the bin file to change it to the sephiroth in the ifnal battle.  and when the battle starts it crashes on the psx but it seems to be fine on the emulator. 

So i want to know is, has anyone tried this and got it to work on the psx.  Or does anyone know why it freezes when the camera moves to display sephiroth?  The Battle start of fine and I think it loaded sephiroths image but when the camera moves to display him it only goes as far as showing half of his sword or the tip of his foot and it just freezes.

Is it because sephiroth is in a Higher resolution? Or is it designed to freeze up if its not the final battle? 

I want to make a fightable sephiroth, so any help is greatly appreciated.

Archive / Question about Swaping Battle Animations
« on: 2006-05-15 08:05:24 »
I was wondering if anyone has done this.  The English version of the Supernova move is way tooo long.  Is there a way for me to swap the japanese vesrion of the animation to the english disc?

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