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FF7 Tools / WIP a patch to convert new FF7 to old
« on: 2012-08-15 16:09:52 »
I have been working on a little patch to convert the new Re-release of FF7 into the old version of FF7, the patch is still in its test phase but i would like to release a test version soon, but before i release i would like to ask the mods and admins if its OK for me to release Registry entries (this is the only thing, i am not putting any files from the original game just the registry) from the original game with the patch ? if i can it will make things easier but if i can't this patch will only be useable to those with the original installation disc as well as the Re-release or maybe i will try to find a workaround for the registry.

EDIT:- Just made version 0.3,
changes in this version
the installation path should autodetect where you installed FF7 2012
changed the way flevel is patched (old method sometimes renamed flevel even if patch wasn't successful)
added a option to unpatch flevel BUT ONLY FOR A CLEAN FLEVEL, if you install mods it will no longer unpatch

get it here
also if 0.2 installed correctly you DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL THIS

EQ2Alyza was nice enough to make a video guide on how to use this at


Thought this was worth posting here for anyone who likes the fallout games (i only liked 1 and tactics, i really disliked the new ones),
Fallout 1 for PC is free for a short while at (only requires membership and that is also free).


General Discussion / Access Debug Menu in FF8 PC
« on: 2011-07-12 23:16:37 »
Hey guys i have been looking into the debug room for FF8 on PC but when i try to convert a save from PSX to PC in the debug room it just crash's the game, so i was wondering if anyone has managed to get into the FF8 debug room on PC ? or if it even exists for the PC version.

Releases / [FF7PC-98] FF7 AnyCD (2011-01-04)
« on: 2011-03-22 00:33:02 »
Hi Guys, i have made this to allow people to use any of their 3 FF7 gameplay Cd's to play the game without it asking to change CD (also i was given permission by sl1982 before posting this mod but if any other moderator or admin does have a problem with this mod they may delete it)
This is for the PC English 1.02 version of the game and probably wont work on other versions (although i can probably make one for other versions if need be).
To use just unzip the file above and put it into your FF7 folder, after doing that run it and it should remove the need for changing CD's (i have only tested saves, i haven't tried at the end of a CD yet so if someone could test that for me it would really help)

NOTE:- you will still need 1 of the 3 game CD's in the drive to run the game (The game still checks the CD on bootup) so i want to make this clear this is NOT A NOCD SINCE YOU STILL NEED THE GAME DISCS TO PLAY
NOTE2:- this loads FF7.exe so if you have renamed your EXE this will still try to load FF7.exe.
Also any feedback is welcome

EDIT1:- Ok here is the DLL version for anyone who dislikes the loader
Extract the DLL to your FF7 folder.
then edit the FF7_opengl.cfg and add the line
load_library = FF7anyCD.dll
Then run the game with any FF7 CD in the drive and hey presto your done.

Also i scanned this with and it came back with 1 virus scanner out of 42 saying this was a virus THIS IS A FALSE POSATIVE, i made this myself and i assure you its not a virus, here is the report from virustotal

Also if you use AntiVir Armorvil has explained how to stop AntiVir from detecting this as a virus

Hi Again guys, at Armorvil's request i am releasing this,
this is a Trainer that will allow the user to teleport anywhere (technically, i haven't found a way of making it so the user is teleported onto a walkable area yet so some places you can teleport to but you cant move, if your wondering why make a teleport code that makes it so you can teleport but cant move the reason is because it works fine at events like where you meet yuffie or when you get to the end of midgar on disc1)
This trainer also allows the user to battle any enemy at anytime (as long as your in a field map and NOT on the world map) and

And anyway here are the features, it will allow you to do any of these things as long as you are in the FIELD and NOT on the WORLD MAP or IN BATTLE
Instant Battle
View the Ending movie and credits
Rename Characters at anywhere
PHS anywhere
Shop anywhere
Access in the in-game menu (so you can access the menu's while people are talking)
It also allows you to play the minigames anywhere but its very glitchy

To use it read the TXT file included and put the desired control in the first box and then any value in the 2nd and 3d box
So for example if i want to teleport to Kalm on the world map enter
1 in the first box, 2 in the second box and 0 in the third box, then press SHIFT+1 to teleport,
The battle one works the same so you would do this to battle sephiroth
2 in the first box, 159 in the second box and 3 in the third box, then press SHIFT+1 and you will battle sephiroth

you can get it
This is a BETA so it will have problems. For example sometimes it will enter the wrong battle, this does happen from time to time due to all 3 address's using the same button so sometimes you will need to try twice to get the desired result.

Also i have included a list of teleport locations,
The list was made on CD3 and it does appear that some of the locations change depending on your games progress so the list is not accurate, so for example if entered
1 42  0
on CD3 this takes you underwater but if you use it on CD1 it puts you in control of "The Key Of The Ancients" underwater.

I haven't finished the list of Instant battles, i have only done a few so far so if anyone wants to make a complete list please feel free.

a fix for the problem about sometimes getting the wrong battle.
BETA2 get it here
in this new version you still fill in all 3 boxes then you press "SHIFT + 1" to set the location first then wait a second or 2 then press "SHIFT + 2" to go into the battle or teleport.

EDIT- here is a version for the french version of the game by request of Diaz06

Also to get out of instant battle set the control box to 9 then after the battle is over the in-game menu will appear, close the menu like normal and the back should go back to normal.

Releases / [WIP/ALPHA REL]Battle Interface Reconstruction
« on: 2010-06-11 15:06:59 »
Obesebear Edit:  This mod is outdated and has been replaced by this one

I have been working on this since yesterday and would like to hear people's opinion's on this, Basically i wanted to move the battle interface to the bottom of the screen (while using Aali's Custom driver new battle interface it isn't at the bottom of the screen) so i managed to move the interface to the bottom of the screen successfully but lost transparency, so i came up with a method of removing the background so it wont need to be transparent, here is the result

and here is a couple of video's of it
And this was done with Aali's custom driver with the new battle interface option enabled so that needs to be enabled for it to look like this.
it is just a first try, also i am aware the limit bar and time bar are slightly higher then they should be, i can fix this but i haven't gotten round to it yet, Also another small problem is that spells that flash (you can see this in both video's) have a line where the original menu was and looks rather odd (i am not sure how to fix this yet but i am looking into it)

I have also been thinking of making the HP bar bigger and putting it next to the Current HP text so it looks like this

Anyway what do people think of this ? (not just the HP bar but i mean the whole project) And any idea's on how this could be improved ?


anyway here is a Alpha release (it was going to be beta but since there is so much unfinished stuff i am calling it Alpha)
Also some quick notes,
1. This is needs to be used 1.02 and with Aali's Custom driver with New Battle Interface switched on to work correctly
2. This works with the Team Avalanche 0.9 and with the 9999 Limit Break YAMP patch (if you use the fix included for the YAMP patch, and the YAMP patch needs to be applied before this one) but this WILL NOT WORK with the built in 9999 patch in the latest version of Aali's Driver (this is because his values override mine).
3. This installer by default will patch the FF7.exe with my new battle interface, you don't need to select any settings, the settings are all optional just run the installer and it should detect where ff7 is installed but if not redirect it.
4. BACKUP YOUR EXE BEFORE USING THIS or use my backup setting in the installer.

And anyone who tries this please let me know how you get on, and any idea's on how to improve the patch or the installer are always welcome.

EDIT:-mediafire seems to be down right now so here is a mirror

FF7 Tools / [FF7] FF7 Trainer (0.7 Beta)
« on: 2010-05-05 00:12:06 »
FF7 Trainer 0.7 Beta By Kranmer
This is not finished and just a first beta, any problems please post here.
Also if there are any feature requests please also post them here (

Character 1 Extra Battle Menu
Character 1+2+3 Full ATB
Enemy's Don't Attack (but still Counterattack)
Full menu (save+phs+materia)
No Random Battles
Constant Random Battles
Inf Gil
Inf GP
Inf+All items + Keyitems
Hours played timer always 0
Max BP (acquire 1 BP and you will have max)
Character 1 Triple Weapon Growth Regardless of weapon
Cloud Lvl 99 + max stats + Max EXP + All Limit breaks + 9999HP + 999MP
(DONT USE HPplus Materia with the 9999HP code or HP may go to 10, If this happens just remove the materia that caused it)

Cloud Master materia and E-skill mastered in the last 4 slots of his weapon

Character Modifier Codes
(these allow you to have anyone in your party at any time or even 3 of the same character, this will allow you to use Aries even after she is dead, BE WARNED DONT HAVE MORE MEMBERS TO YOUR PARTY THEN YOU SHOULD AT EVENTS OR YOU MAY FIND THE GAME WILL CRASH, ALSO DONT USE VINCENT OR CAIT SITH UNTIL YOU HAVE UNLOCKED THEM IN THE GAME, Cid and yuffie are fine to use.)

Also the extra battle menu code does as the first screenshot shows and adds another 4 commands to your battle menu which will allow you to always use Limit break and the other options there.
Anyway you can download the trainer here
*REMOVED*get the new one below

New in 0.2

Inf HP+MP and Immune to all status for Characters 1,2,3

Activate Characters to use with character modify
(so now you can use Vincent And Cait Sith before you acquire them)

Convert Vincent to Sephiroth and Vise Versa into Slot3
(They will use their default names, So if have renamed Vincent then activate this and switch back to Vincent he will be named Vincent)
ALSO SEPHIROTH IS CURRENTLY UNCONTROLLABLE but this will hopefully be fixed in future versions (i am quite close but needs a little work)

get version 0.2 here
*get updated version below*


New in 0.7             (0.3-0.6 were all internal and not public released)

Control Sephiroth (both immortal and mortal options) and have his own weapon.
(NOTE - he doesn't have any limit breaks so if you are using him don't try to use a limit break)

Bring up Game Menu
(use this code to bring up the menu at any point as long as you are in the field, this means you can access the menu even when characters are talking)

Character1 Cant be targeted in battle
(this code makes it so both allies and enemies can not target character 1 in battle)

(this allows you to teleport to any of the set locations, Does not work on world map or in battles)
(ALSO "Cloud being weird on a train" is somthing i found while trying out different teleport locations)

Instant Battle
(this code allows you to enter any of the pre-set battles by pressing the button's listed in the trainer, make sure to use the disable button when you are finished with battling otherwise they will loop, use this code In a city or any field, Doesn't work on world map or in battle)

Here is a video of the teleport code,instant battle and control Sephiroth in action

The teleport locations are
Code: [Select]
Sector7 Slums
Outside Aries House
Train Graveyard (Bottom Entrance)
Outside Shinra Building
Shinra 64th Floor
Shinra 69th Floor
World Map Outside Midgar
Chocobo Ranch
Midgar Zolom
Mythril Mine
Fort Condor
Under Junon
Cargo Ship Downstairs
Costa Del Sol
Mt Corel
Gold Saucer Entrance
Battle Arena
Corel Prison
Gonagaga Village
Cosmo Canyon
Mt Nibel Cave
Rocket Town
Weapon Seller
Mideel (world map)
Temple Of The Ancients OUTSIDE
Temple of The Ancients (maze)
Bone Village
Forgotten Capital
Forgotten City
Icicle Inn
Great Glacier Entrance
Great Glacier Cave
Base Of Gaea's Cliff
Inside of Gaea's Cliff
Inside of Gaea's Cliff2
Whirlwind Maze
Press Room
Underwater Reactor
Underground Before Revisit of Shinra Building
Midgar Sector8
Mako Cannon
Highwind Inside
Northern Cave Crater
Inside Northern Crater
Bottom of Northern Crater
Gelnika Sunken ship
Old Man's House
Materia Cave (Mideel Area)
Materia Cave (Round Island)
Materia Cave (Wutai Area)
Materia Cave (North Corel Area)
Chocobo Sage
??? (Lucrecia's Cave)

I will also try to add a World Map teleport to the next version which if i can get working should allow the user to enter a X and Y coordinates.

Download 0.7 here

New in 0.7.1
Added Always Full Limit Bar

Download 0.7.1 here


1. Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder
2a. Run the modified FF7Config, pick custom driver in the list of renderers, you should get confirmation that the driver is working.
3a. Change your settings in ff7_opengl.cfg
2b. Make sure EAX is properly installed (run EAXUnified.exe to install it if unsure)
3b. Change your settings in ff8_opengl.cfg
4. Play!

Added a "mod path" option and a mods folder where .png textures will be loaded from in the same way as external textures except this is done automatically and uses the original file name (so you don't have to modify the original file at all).
Added show_missing_textures option for modders, this option will make the driver print a message to app.log every time it tries to load a png file and doesn't find it.
Direct mode no longer requires a full set of files to work, if a file cannot be found in the direct/ folder it will fall back to the original LGP archive.
Frame skip in movies is now an opt-in setting, add "skip_frames = yes" to the config file if the feature was useful to you.
Fellow programmers can add "load_library = <dll file>" to the config file and have their own libraries loaded into FF7.
FF8 credits and card game should be working again.
Models using the wrong vertex type are handled a bit differently, instead of complaining once when the first such model is drawn the driver will instead produce a glitch message whenever such a .p file is loaded, also printing the name of the file in question. I'm aware of the fact that this is really annoying to some people but hopefully some of these models will actually be fixed now.

If you find any issues, please post screenshots, relevant information from app.log and if possible, a savegame.
If you get a crash, provide a copy of crash.dmp and app.log (preferably in a zip archive, this will make it 10x smaller)

Thanks for the new version Aali and for adding load_libary, I will test this shortly.

EDIT- just tested the DLL function and the speedhack.dll works great with your load_libary setting.
here is Aali's Custom Driver with Speedhack

FF7 Tools / [FF7] SpeedHack (Alpha)
« on: 2010-04-04 22:29:22 »
This hack is no longer needed since Aali's Custom Driver (0.7.7b) now supports loading the DLL so the EXE no longer needs patching.
here is Aali's Custom Driver 0.7.7b with the speedhack.dll and enabled in the CFG

Hi guys, I was reading through the "Custom Driver" Thread yesterday and a few people have asked how to make the game go faster or just for higher FPS, So i decided to implement Dark Byte's Generic Speedhack (speedhack.dll) into FF7 so that a box will run along side the game allowing the user to change the speed that the game will play at.
Here are some screenshots
here the game boosted by a very little amount.

here it is boosted by a lot.

Anyway here is the patch
Any Feedback is welcome.

This patch is completely compatible with Aali's Driver and all patches that dont require ff7.exe being modifyed (like "custom textures" and "models" etc).

Known problems:-
1 - After exiting the game somtimes a error while appear (only happened once to me).
2 - If the speed is set too high (and i mean too high) the game may crash when entering a new area (for example 20speed is fine but 500speed isnt)

Thanks To:-
Dark Byte

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