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From your french page, I got the impression that your mod can be used with the PSX version. Is that correct? If so, how would that be achieved?
No it's not.
As it's an AIO pack it can be only installer if the user proof he own ff7, it can be done with steam version, 1998 cd or psx cd

I tryied again about 1 month ago, and .... I gess we don't have the same sense of "almost no bugs".
I won't go further.
Try 60 fps, with a locked closed source system not up to date driver... and if you like it, well, just use it :-)

you can't have 60 fps battle with 7th.
there's no good way to have 60 fps battle atm, even reunion's one is a crappy hack full of visual bug.
and about 7th, as i said in the mod description :"Please Use Steam AIO installer unless you want to add other mods; if you want to add more mods then use 7th Heaven 2.3 + iros (no support from me)."

Unfortunatly the way's reunion is done, closed sources with outdated driver .... long story short, you can use:
-reunion with only specific "designed for it" mod.
-don't use reunion and use all the mod you want.

(Not sure if it's the right place to release that, if not, please move it)

As my current FF7 V5 fields texture are finalised (i won't update it -- well i will if a bug is spotted, but for a long time no bug was spotted, i only did small improvement here and there)
If it can serve other modders to better understand the palmer's logic, or to do some "art" from full pictures .... feel free to use it the way you want as long as you tell me and credit me about it.

In this archive you'll have the full picture for each basic field animation state.
Some of those full picture don't have the same filtering, because depending of the part used by palmer i used differents methods.
You'll also find the ready to be use in palmer layers, already cutted and optimised.

The only part you won't have is the advanced animation part, as i did the AA part with aeris software on the fly, so i haven't backuped the sources files as it's useless once imported in game format.

here's the archive :

here's an exemple of what you'll find in it (all are loseless png files):

When his model set will be 100% complete, yes i will

5.40 full installer for AIO steam installer is out !
Please backup your saves files and do a fresh FF7 steam installation before installing the 5.40

Changelog 5.40
-Added Cosmo Memory sound overhaul by Bonez
-Updated FFNx
-Corrected the psx like shadows option

Unless bug(s) is found, it'll be the last version for a long time as the mod i'd like to add are not even near a beta of even an alpha, so consider the 5.40 version as a final version

How do you upscale the FMVS to 30fps?
Got from psx cd movies file.
do some avisynth pre processing
then esrgan upscaling
then do some avisynth post processing
then do interpolation with dain
then do some avisynth post processing again

not all fmv processed the same way, i had to adpat the setting for most fmv individualy

Ok i found a bug with psx like battle shadow.
I'll correct this ASAP and i'll also add the great bonez's cosmo memory sounds overhaul

-Does the battles run as 60 fps? >> no
-can i chose the kaldarasha models as battle model? >> yes it's the "modern 3d models" option
-Trough the 7th heaven i downladed trough git hub after i installed Chaos the game doesn't launch >> you need to use an updated version of chaos for it, but not sure where you can get it

5.32 AIO update avaible (see page 1)
Fields, menus, and minigame iro's updated also

Changelog 5.32
-Updated FFNx
-Corrected the gold saucer wheel (was not showing in some cases)
-Small optimisation of HD fonts (Aavock)
-Added an option to disable antialiasing
-Added new textures for chocobo minigame (thanks Aavock)
-Added the Beta option for dynamic lightning (thanks Comos and TrueOdin)
-Added the missing onna fieds (for futur mods ^^)
-Optimised 1 FMV (minor tweak at the end of FEELWIN0 Thanks [email protected] for reporting)
-Optimised 5 fields writing - crcin_1 / chorace / ghotin_1 / ghotin_3 / md1_1 (thanks Kuraudo and Aavock)
-Small optimisations/correction in mds5_5 / mds7plr2 / colne_6 / blin69_1 / blin1 / blin61 / blin67 (thanks [email protected] for help and Tsuna for reporting some of them)

Question about the battle arena: are the slots blurred out intentionally? Or is this a bug?

Also, encountered a crash:

Swamp area in the Northern Crater, using Mime to build up limit breaks. Was in there for hours when it crashed  :-(. Think I used Yuffie's Landscaper too many times in one battle (against flying monsters for the entire duration of 1 cycle Regen) followed by Regen, Cid's Hyper Jump and Mime, then crashed. Sobs.

The wheel bug is solved, i need to update the AIO pack -- soon -- (or if you use 7th you need lastest ffnx's canary)
For the crash have you ketp the ffnx log file ? it's the more important part

I've encountered a bug that breaks the game sequence while attempting to recruit Yuffie after reaching the Junon area. Same area as this post:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch SYW (v5.31) modded FF7 using SYW launcher
2. Reach Junon area
3. Encounter and defeat Yuffie in a random encounter
Expected Result: Next scene involving recruiting Yuffie
Actual Result: Transported to a flashback scene in Nibelhem far in advance of where the story currently is at

Not sure if it matters, but I have edited my save file using the Black Chocobo save game editor, giving myself all consumeable items and increasing Cloud's level to 50.

Uploaded save here (first slot):
And video here:
can appens if you updated FFNx appart from my pack.
can appens after a soft reset / game over too, it's know as youfi warping glitch (and it's an original pc version bug

Ok bug spotted.
I'll do an update asap to correct it ^^

Ok i'll try to reproduice the bug, do you have a save file near ?

please take a screenshot of the launcher itself, all option are not in the ffnx config file ^^

Witch language do you use for your ff7 version ?
Witch option of the pack do you use ?

As said in the first page
Please Use Steam AIO installer unless you want to add other mods; if you want to add more mods then use 7th Heaven 2.3 + iros (no support from me).

So if you want to add mods, go to 7th ^^, you'll find my mods and others mods

no support here for pirated version.

seems the installer don't even launch fully.
are you sure your antivirus don't block it ?

My intro FMV is the same exact time that the eidos FMV so it don't take more time to launch than the vanilla game.

As for other mods, well i made an intro FMV you'll see it if you use my fmv pack, so it's logic, like jusete tag each of his fields with a signature or easter egg in it (and as i've done it myself in 3 of the 686 fields i upscaled).

Of course if you want to disable it you can, mod are make to be tweaked, but think about it, you spend more than 2000h to make a mod, you put your sign on a fmv no longer than the original one witch only play once when you launch the game, then users just remove it ... i feel sad about it, but of course do as you want.

I don't get the point of removing my presentation, it's only a few second FMV to show you're using my work...

Steam use the OST from official OST from squaresoft
my pack (with the "psx music" checked) use the exact psx music (from a real audio emulator, and i can tell be comparing with a real psx i own there's no difference).
if you want to use the original crappy old pc version musics (midi), no option to use them out of box with my current pack

So was only a bad updating way ^^'
Glad you found it

As it's working for me in 7h and also i got no report at all about my aio pack not working about this... to me it's 7h configuration related, not my pack's.
So please go to 7th support ^^

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