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General Discussion / Re: Kingdom Hearts series
« on: 2012-09-29 03:16:41 »
my friend loves kingdom hearts even though characters aren't super developed. though she is a huge fan of disney and loves the disney princesses

General Discussion / FF7 movie teaser. Massive lols
« on: 2012-09-21 22:18:38 »
I honestly burst out laughing like 5 times watching this

I'm doing them... still!  :o

@Lion I've been observing your Griever cross, I don't know why I was actually feeling weird about any different versions of griever. Maybe for the same reason DLPB rages about any realistic ff7 model or fanboys :P :P (correct me if I'm wrong DLPB :P )

Well as an owner of an original griever necklace and a real griever ring (not the lame one by Square's) you will allow me to express my opinion. But I still admit it looks so freaking cool and different as long as it is Squall's style :P :P

i like the original griever necklace as well. but to me it's always looked kinda..... cheap. though being a huge ff8 fan, i'm still really jealous that you have the original and not the dissidia version.

i wish they would move on from ff7 and ff13. except for maybe an actual remake of ff7 anything they do right now is just making everything wrose

um what about an actual quest to revive aeris instead of having to hack her and put up with silly rumors that don't work lol (surprised nobody has said this <.<)

as for ff8

A quistis love quest (much like zells) I mean there's rinoa an squall (obviously) ... irvine and selphie are solid... zell has that pigtail girl... even cid an edea have one another um... ... yea well I think you get the message XD

As a reward you can get um... a dark matter thingy to learn shockwave pulsar attack idk XD

oh why not have some dungeon placed on island closest to heaven and closest to hell with some all powerful angel GF rewarded by completing the heaven dungeon and some demonic GF rewarded in the hell dungeon XD

ok well that's all the silly ideas I can come up with (for now) XD

i think your ideas are far too idealistic.

reviving aerith is a stark contrast to the feel of the game.

and as for ff8 you seem to see relationships and love everywhere.
and kinda off topic but saying XD after every sentence just irrritates me

Well... It's always situational.
For the softer songs, like aerith's theme or interrupted by fireworks, nylon strings would be best. But for the more upbeat and sharper tracks, steel strings provide a distinct edge.

do you think itd make a big difference if i played aeriths theme with a steel string? i've only got one guitar atm

I've picked up guitar recently and would love to play some FF7 songs. Just curious what would be better to play songs like the ff7 main theme, aeriths theme, and other music like that. Also curious how it'd sound with either

like what kind of strings are used in this

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Versus 13 Cancelled
« on: 2012-07-22 18:20:49 »
[quote author=gjoerulv link=topic=13328.msg185681#msg185681 date=1342973788

I don't care about versus 13. 6 years in development? Wow... I can't imagine squeeny not using the materials for something at least.

Inb4 Zack Fair gets retconned.

Up to FF9 summons were ridiculously LAME. And by lame it was just your standard fire with a fancy animation and maybe a bit more damage. They didn't feel like summons and if Square remade FF7 I hope they would completely overhaul the summon system of 1997.

Even in FFX summons felt like summons. Of course the fact that most of the time you'd be doing more damage by 3 people attack, summons still had their uses and were a great finisher to overkill and were quite usable throughout the game despite the fact that usually it was more convenient to not summon.

I like how square continues to change how summons work because they were not fun at all pre FFX. Long animations, only worth using in boss fights, high mana costs, damage cap limiting their strength lategame (except for lolKOTR), whatever, they just werent appealing to use. For example in FF4 Rydia can cast flare or summon bahamut. Bahamut does 9999 but Rydias flare is far faster while capable of hitting just as much.

Basically what I'm saying is that summons should be interactive but at the same time something you want to use. Which to be honest I did not use in FFX unless forced to. My experience with FFXII is limited since I stopped playing right after getting my first esper. (story/characters/world was lame)

Summons should feel powerful, but interactive.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy Versus 13 Cancelled
« on: 2012-07-22 08:10:58 »
FFX had all the marks of final fantasy going downhill. Exploring was a joke. They might as well have gotten rid of maps and just stringed together encounters with an option to heal between every fight.

Story was bad as well. By bad I mean everything before the ending was absolutely terrible. If they had made the first 80% better storywise FFX would have been killer. Since FFX is story driven the story has to be effing amazing. It wasn't. In fact I felt like FFX would have been better if the setting was in Zanarkand.

Sidequests were terrible. Monster Arena, aka grind through hundreds of battles using mediocre equipment. Blitzball was a joke. Jecht Shot/Jecht Shot 2. minute long animations for jecht shot 2 and prizes are terrible after you get wakkas limits.

Battle System I actually enjoyed.... In the sense that I loved the expert sphere grid and having a fair amount of choices every time. Weapon/armour customization didn't come out well. Lots of options, not many real choices. The standard sphere grid though.... They might as well have just made it like pokemon where you learned a new skill every few levels. Only the illusion of choice existed in the standard grid.

Setting was also terrible. For a game that names itself final fantasy, the setting of ffx was about as much of a fantasy as my backyard. running down straight paths knowing exactly where you're going, and nothing that you would look twice at. Terrain wasn't interactive and that was something I always loved about FF.

Characters were hard to connect with. Tidus looked like a massive tool. Yuna was dull. Auron I enjoyed. Noone else was developed enough.

according to the ffwiki you pay money to get stats/gil.

what is the character booster? a way to sell stats to people for easy cash?

Sometimes the main titles of the Final Fantasy series leave me wondering why they didnt make the story about someone else or have a different setting.

And I feel like with all the terrible prequels and sequels that keep getting released they never try to "enrich" a story but instead they create another story. By enrich I mean taking details/facts from a main title and making a game out of that. Like I wonder how a game about Laguna/Kiros/Ward would have been because it would 100% be better than Advent Children, aka movie that tried to create something instead of enriching. Whether you liked FF7CC or not it was undoubtedly better than advent children because it was based on FF7 and it brought you more in depth into the world of FF7.

I just replayed FFX recently. And Spira is a fucking terrible world. I'm gonna be honest. Well maybe just the way the game was made. Perhaps it was the linearity but the game seemed so monotonous at times. Running in straight lines down terrain that all looks the same. Mihen looks the same as Djose looks the same as everything else. Maybe it's because running in straight lines doesn't give the map character, but it doesn't excite the imagination at all. I loved FF7's midgar because it was a unique take on a city with its own personality. The world of Spira has no personality compared to Midgar. But I digress. I just feel like if FFX was about the Zanarkand of 1000 years past would have been 100x better. Or even about Bevelle. I love FF because it's a final FANTASY. I dont want to be able to go into my backyard and say oh that looks like fucking djose high road. But I digress, there are so many interesting stories in FF that aren't a part of the main story that make you wonder how much better it would be than games like FFX-2 or FF7AC.

Dream Zanarkand, Laguna/Kiros/Ward, Jecht/Braska/Auron, etc etc would all have made amazing stories and at the very least it would have been better than ffx-2.

Completely Unrelated / Any good JRPG's released recently?
« on: 2012-05-31 01:53:31 »
Or should I stay disappointed.

If you mean main title theme i thiink i would go for Final fantasy X

i mean this one

By Final Fantasy theme i mean the one that recurs throughout the entire series.

General Discussion / Re: What is "......"
« on: 2012-05-09 20:08:59 »
it just means silence. depending on the situation the silence can be a shaking head in disbelief type thing, ignoring the speaker type thing (which i think Squall does with Quistis a lot) and anything else silence might play a role in

General Discussion / Re: FF7 Skyrim mod
« on: 2012-05-09 20:06:52 »
i use a nice lightning mod for skyrim. ive personally never played ff13 before but doesnt mean i cant appreciate the graphics!

I think "Squall's Dead" and "Rinoa==Ultimecia" make the story better.  I was bummed when Square explicitly ruled them out.

ehh, i always considered Ultimecia to be Rinoa's foil more than anything. As for Squall's Dead, there was no evidence at all for it.

well the website and content will probably be shit. but at least, the music will hopefully be good

Would have been a hell of a prequel. I mean, prequels/sequels usually suck unless they aren't true prequels and sequels (like the FF series vs the Matrix)

And yeah Square has been abysmal recently (though some people on qhimm have decent opinions of 13-2) but I've always had a soft spot for FF8 and a prequel would let them fix many of the flaws in the original game.

I personally thought the story was solid; one of those that had you thinking about it for days later, and sometimes spawning ridiculous theories like the Squalls Dead theory or the Rinoa=Ultimecia theory. A lot of people bash FF8's story-telling technique, but as a story it wasn't too bad.

I personally believe that a very good framework for a prequel has been laid out for it. Laguna is a character, whether you hated his bumbling stupidity or loved his stupidly charismatic personality, would be a great character to base a game around. He definitely matures throughout the game and you notice it too. I remember thinking Laguna was an idiot when I first met him because of how stupid he acted around Julia, but he's matured beyond loving her for her looks, and he meets a girl who's personality and motherly instinct fulfills his wants.

The concept of time-travel in FF8 can really be pulled off very well or very poorly, but since it exists in the original it can definitely make an appearance without seeming outrageous.

And I'm sure I could make a dozen other points storywise. but one of the main reasons I think it could be good is the fact that FF8 tried to stand out, and though it failed, the story/feel of the world was one of my favourites. FF8 is probably the Final Fantasy that felt the most personal to me. I mean FF7 great game though it was, it seems rather impersonal because in my opinion it was how the game introduced the main characters thoughts to the audience. And well.... A prequel could fix the battle system and a lot of the mistakes that were made.

Though Square would charge DLC for really stupid stuff.... And there's a good chance it could fuck shit up.

You'll have to excuse a die-hard final fantasy fan for dreaming though.

ran bootleg, am using grimmys FMVs however bootleg looks for the wrong file names. either grimmy has changed the file names, or something is wrong on your end b/c i downloaded the FMVs from the big list of mods

General Discussion / Re: Why no love for Missing Score?
« on: 2012-02-22 01:58:32 »
i never knew that. i fucking hate yuffie, and she is the one character i refuse to play on principle.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2012-02-18 15:58:25 »
i think when people say linear they mean the illusion of choice. i mean we all know FF games have one ending, and more often than not you'll eventually hit dead-ends in all paths but the correct one but FF fans love to explore.

for example the cavern of stolen fayth was the definition of linearity to me. here was a dungeon, that in previous games you had to work for an aeon like yojimbo, but instead it's a completely linear dungeon with dead-ends that you can see from your minimap. you just run down those paths to collect a treasure chest and move on. there is no exploration.

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy XIII-2 News
« on: 2012-02-16 08:26:10 »
tell me this though,

would you put it in the top 50% of FF games? i think our expectations for final fantasy have dropped so low that basically we feel a feeling of surprise when a game that is somewhat decent comes out.

i doubt it will top FF4, 6-10. And 11 doesn't really count imo

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