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no, it's for the steam version only
the only way to do it the way you want is
-install steam ff7
-convert to 1998 version
-install manualy lastest FFNx driver
-unpack the iro texture mod you want
-install manualy the extracted files

update don't delete any save file at all

it's an alternate model from the ChaOs project, shouldn't have let it here

iro's and steam version are 2 separate thinks.

5.27 update for the Steam AIO installer ready (link in the first post)

PLEASE DO THE 5.27 UPDATE (it's correcting a potential crash at launch and a save bug with version other than the english's one)

-Added a warning message with some renderer and modern 3D models.
-Added an uninstaller.
-Updated FFNx (correct a save bug with not english version of the game).
-Corrected the option to launch unmodded steam version.
-Corrected a potiential crash with "auto" "graphic engine".

you probably use and amd/ati card
just setup the rendering to d3d12 instead of d3d11/auto

A bug have been detected in the lastest update, you can't save game if you're not using the english version of ff7 in steam.
I'll do an update as soon as a corrected ffnx version will be avaible.

the iro are the same as the AIO installer, the version for AIO installer are only related to the control pannel.
so iro or aio steam installer use the same textures.

this bug can appens when you use d3d12 + modern 3D models.
i'll add a warning about it in the next update, seems related to some unexpected shadow in some modern 3d models.

so try d3d11, it should work as expected

a "Folder Collision bug" appens if you modded something over my mod.
now uninstaller ATM (will be in the next update).
the easyiest way is to delete the ff7 steam folder and reinstall ff7 with steam (or simply check files after deleted the folder)

Steam AIO 5.26 available:
-Removed the auto detect if GPU is D3D12 capable and auto set it at runtime (cause more bug than it solve).
-Updated FFNx (correct save witch can be deleted by steam if the game crash).
-Better Steam user management.

Save crash bug solved in the lastest FFNx, i'll push an update tomorow ^^

Mainly maintenance, i included all that i wanted originaly (maybe i'll add Aavock works if once translated + nino work once complete, but nothing soon)
Yes i should do an unsinstaller ^^

I won't, my AIO steam installer is to get the as close as vanilla HD quality.
If you want to mod further, go for the 7h + iros ^^

I have followed your instructions and checked the "Validate files" option for the game inside Steam.

It replaced four files that were not valid.

After that, I could run the unmodded Steam version of the game even from the SYW V5 Control Panel.
Ok a file not modded by my pack was corrupted ^^

The psx music version is 1:1 psx music decoded by a psx emulator.
The steam music is based on the ost cd.
The psx version is better if you use a good speaker setup because it's not lossy like the ogg steam music.

I can't understant why your unmodded steam version would not work.
are you able to launch ff7 from steam if you check and repair file from steam ?

Loved the mod, but it would randomly delete my save file. I would come back after not playing for a day and have no save. This happened maybe 3 times before having to uninstall. It would only delete my legit in game saves too, never the quick save. Just random, IDK if its an error on my end or what.
Do you have only one steam profile or more than one ?
Do you got a game crash before savegame lost ?


Edit : ok seems related to FFNX, if game's crash you may loose the same, will be fixed in next update ^^

Support / Re: ff7 international cd4 artwork - how to rip?
« on: 2021-03-06 10:14:27 »
with this : you can extract files from psx iso.
if the picture you need to extract are in .tex format you'll also need to convert .tex to .png (

Ok so seems your nv driver as some d3d broken functions ^^'
For next update i'll force dx11 for nv and dx12 for ati if auto is selected

this has to do with hext code applied to the battle menu, the best way to do it is to bring the battle scene to the edge of the UI, but for some reason ffnx and reunion both take the battle scene all the way to the bottom where it can conflict with the UI
because those "confict" are realy rare and the ui looks better all the way down ^^

Is there a known issue with the UI z-buffer in battles? The Guard Scorpion clips heavily through the UI as the camera swings around.

Edit: Also, I paused the game in a battle with three grunts in it and turned away for about 5 minutes. Coming back, the game window is completely black. I can unpause and hear the game but nothing is showing. I'm using the standalone on a vanilla game, no 7th Heaven. I have the Steam Overlay disabled if it means anything. I let it sit another few minutes at the black screen while working on another PC and got this;

Edit2: I noticed the one-eye blinking bug that apparently is known for the PC version. Was there ever a mod to fix this that could be integrated?
look like nothing to do with the mod nor FFNx, seems the ff7_en.exe have bug, could you reproduice the bug 100% time ?

I'm happy to report that this bug looks to be resolved.  So far, I have not seen any foreign text.

However, I have found another bug that has been introduced since the new update (it did not occur prior with 5.24 or lower).  It occurs when the overworld is first available in the first town, Kalm.  During Cloud's flashback, after Sephiroth leaves the mansion and the city is on fire, the game freezes.

This is what is seen in the log file:

[00014977] ERROR: [Device Lost] _device->CreateCommittedResource(&heapProperty.m_properties , D3D12_HEAP_FLAG_NONE , _resourceDesc , heapProperty.m_state , _clearValue , IID_ID3D12Resource , (void**)&resource ) FAILED 0x8007000e
[00014977] TRACE: *** Exception 0xc0000005, address 0x3155860 ***
[00014977] TRACE: 03155860 (AF3DN): (filename not available): ID3D12Resource::`vcall'{40}'
[00014977] TRACE: D:\a\1\s\bgfx\3rdparty\dxsdk\include\d3dx12.h (1396): UpdateSubresources
[00014977] TRACE: D:\a\1\s\bgfx\3rdparty\dxsdk\include\d3dx12.h (1471): UpdateSubresources
[00014977] TRACE: D:\a\1\s\bgfx\src\renderer_d3d12.cpp (4975): bgfx::d3d12::TextureD3D12::create
[00014977] TRACE: D:\a\1\s\bgfx\src\renderer_d3d12.cpp (1621): bgfx::d3d12::RendererContextD3D12::createTexture
[00014977] TRACE: D:\a\1\s\bgfx\src\bgfx.cpp (3063): bgfx::Context::rendererExecCommands
[00014977] TRACE: 059D9AF0 ((module-name not available)): (filename not available): (function-name not available)
[00014977] TRACE: 77E176B4 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath
[00014977] TRACE: 77E17684 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath
[00014977] ERROR: Unhandled Exception. See dumped information above.

Unfortunately, I can't attach the file nor send a PM yet but if you need the file, let me know and I can post to a file host.
Could you reproduice the bug 100% time ?
If yes could you try to force the game engine to D3D11 instead of auto ?
Could you try to updage your gpu driver too ?
Witch gpu do you have on the computer ?

If you're using the iro's version, my mod don't provide a music mod, so just use the music mod you want ^^

Steam AIO update 5.25:
-Auto detect is GPU is D3D12 capable and auto set it at runtime (fix glitchs with some ATI/AMD drivers).
-Updated FFNx (worlmap music resume between battle optimisation).
-Added an option to auto-disable steam overlay for FFVII to avoid bug with some gamepad not working.
-Corrected some localised texts in worlmap.

link in 1° page as usual ^^

Thank you for creating this mod!  I haven't played in over 15 years, and I just don't like the  HD-Remake on PS4. 

I have a bug to report.  I just installed the latest version from Steam and update version 5.24.  The game is set to English, yet in the overworld, the text is in French.  See screenshot in link below.
Is there a setting that I have to configure?  Thanks in advance!
Bug spotted, will be solved in the next update (soon)

maybe it's related to the "(" or ")" i removed them from the name, should work now

Hey Satsuki it wouldn't let me import the IRO file for 6.30 30 fps movies in English to 7th heaven, I fixed this by renaming the file to "FMV". I'm guessing 7th heaven has a file name limit size or something. Just wanted to let you know.
Witch version of 7h do you use ?

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