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Troubleshooting / It's me again!
« on: 2010-10-03 04:18:37 »
Hello again everybody

So my last attempt at finishing ff7 came to a hault due to lack of interest but now I'm back.

I installed all my patches I've kept for years:
- 1.02
- [The_SaiNt]_High_Res_FF7PC_Patcher
- and a few of the YAMP ones

The square soft logo at the start (or the one b4 it that's blue) don't load just a blank screen, if I press enter at the blank screen it takes me to "New Game" and "Continue".
Now I was ok with this, I just beat Emerald finally after years and off to Ruby.  Before I go to beat him I first go to Red 13's village to trade my materias for MASTER ones.  I go into the house and press the switch to rise the plateform and then i get a blank screen.  I had to CAD here to get out but it wont let me past that part.  I take it its something cinematic related.  I've looked into this new Aali patch but when I select custom driver it brings up a "FF7Config not responding error" and his instructions mention nothing about this error so I'm just asking for a quick fix here so I can just finish up this game.

Running windows 7 (64bit) now.

Troubleshooting / Weapon crashes?
« on: 2008-12-21 20:04:38 »
Hey, finally got back to finishing up this game.  All that's left are the 2 weapons and the Final Bosses in the crater.  I've used all the patches to get my game working and no flaws in mini games and what not.  However once in a while when I attempt to fight the Weapon underwater the game will crash in the random battle swirl effect (but not always).  Against the Ruby weapon in the dessert, when it brings out its tenticles my game will crash.  Anyone heard of this flaw/have any ideas?

Troubleshooting / Fresh install
« on: 2008-06-16 03:29:23 »
I havnt been on here for the last few years and was wondering what are some of the best patches now?

I know there's the basic 1.02 update for XP computers.  But I was wondering what patches I would want to be able to play in Hi-Res, 1280x1024, not have a problem when I play the chocobo race/Submarine game,snowboarding, or highway game.

The patches I had saved with my FF7 cds seem to just give me errors now so I was wondering for some updated patches as well as what order to install them.

Troubleshooting / Slight prob
« on: 2008-06-16 02:11:16 »
Having a few display problems today, even tho it was working yesterday.

Troubleshooting / Unable to load the program
« on: 2007-07-09 21:07:35 »
On my monitor the game is able to load.  Right now im on my big screen TV and when i click on ff7.exe it makes a blank screen then just goes back to my desktop nothing more.  I have the High Res Patch Installed and the 1.02 patch with Transparent Txt boxes patch

After you first meet the Don and he pulls the trap and you wind up in the sewers, the Turtle enemies with spears (I forget their name) have a small white block in their tail region, I assume that it is supposed to be a black block due to how its where the tail comes out of the turtle shells. 

Also, I am having random battle problems, once in a while b4 a fight I get the "ff7.exe has encountereed a problem and needs to..." crap.  Any idea how to fix that.

O right and Tifa's Limit Break Slots is a tad whitish in some areas while it spins

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