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After you first meet the Don and he pulls the trap and you wind up in the sewers, the Turtle enemies with spears (I forget their name) have a small white block in their tail region, I assume that it is supposed to be a black block due to how its where the tail comes out of the turtle shells. 

Also, I am having random battle problems, once in a while b4 a fight I get the "ff7.exe has encountereed a problem and needs to..." crap.  Any idea how to fix that.

O right and Tifa's Limit Break Slots is a tad whitish in some areas while it spins

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Okedoke, ok I've installed everything and its working fine with this MOD.  Problem is once in a awhile when a random battle starts the game freezes and I get the "ff7.exe has encountered a problem and needs to shut down" crap.  Any way to fix that?  O and btw: after u first meet the Don and u fall into the sewers, the turtle enemies with spears (ya i forget their name) have a small glitch in the tail region, they have a small white square instead of the black area for their shell hole.

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