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FF7 Tools / Re: [FF7] Enemy Manipulator (0.9.2)
« on: 2014-08-23 06:19:39 »
In cases anyone is interested, I updated the tools with a bugfix, and have also released three hacks (one made with those tools).

Tools -

Hacks -


So I finally recreated my C# project for this hacking program, and have a few others included (some of which don't do anything yet as you will see). I've included the source so I don't lose it again, and so anyone else can hack on it. The Enemy Manipulator program was renamed to EnMasse, so use that.

Here it is -

If anyone is still interested in mirroring this, please do.

For clarification, the greyed-out stats are not available because changing them causes so many changes in the scene files that the compression algorithm will certainly change binary layout, causing the game to screw up. If we had a way to update the expected layout computationally, we could enable these multipliers.

A lot of tweaking in this tool took place to make my hard-type hack workable using it. I've made what seem like arbitrary decisions, but they are made with a huge amount of game testing and care. Hopefully I can find time to explain them in detail.

BTW, I consider the program in a reasonable state for mirroring with the latest release.

I got the UI a bit more informative and the docs have slightly more info, and even fixed a spelling error on the zip file...

Now ALL the sexy japanese girls will want me.

I updated the program. It now has SceneReader in the dist. I start the default settings so that no changes happen by default. It does not seem to play well with Proud Clod, but it is definitely NOT my program's fault. Let me know what additional feedback you have :D

And yes, if we had a mirror policy, I would be updating the new version of the program instead of this old one :)

I will probably do some updates soon. In fact, I'll probably tinker with it right now.

The 'fix broken enemy skills' check box sets enemy MP to 0 for Beachplugs, Materia Keeper, and Harpy so that their 'brokenly' over-powered enemy skills aren't available when you meet them.

The exceptions are for battles that can become mathematically impossible because of stat increases. The enemies in these battles keep their normal stats when the exception box is checked. Unless you're specifically balance-testing each of these battles after using this tool, I would DEFINITELY leave them checked. For the bosses that are excepted, you're better off increasing their individual stats manually with another tool.

FF7 Tools / [PSX/PC] Enemy Manipulator (0.9.2)
« on: 2011-11-12 14:12:52 »
NOTE: The newest version, along with some new programs, are here! -

Well, I finally found an old version of Enemy Manipulator. Fortunately it works really well. It allows you to edit ALL the enemies in the game with a single set of multipliers. This is essential for making hard type hacks. It comes with a screen shot with a suggested hard-type configuration. It comes with SceneReader in case you can't find it.


Gameplay / I've Lost my FF7 Hacking Tools :(
« on: 2011-11-11 14:09:55 »
Several years ago I made a couple of FF7 hacking tools called Final Fantasy Editing Suite (includes Enemy Manipulator, used in the recently released Final Fantasy 7 Hardtype The tools came with the source. I'm wondering if anyone has the source so I can continue working on them? They might be on my desktop but that computer is about 500 miles away now. The website I posted them on is now defunct.

Please post em up if you have a copy.


Archive / Re: [Release] Final Fantasy 7 Editing Suite
« on: 2007-09-15 17:06:37 »
Hey all,

New version out with several bug fixes. Will be ready for download 30 minutes from now.

It's in the same link as the first version here -

Check it out!

Archive / Re: [Release] Final Fantasy 7 Editing Suite
« on: 2007-09-14 11:39:40 »
Cazador -

I bet the reason it can't open the kernal files is because of the naming scheme of the files. How are your PC FF7 kernal.bin files names after you extract them? My editor is looking for kernal.binX (where X is the file number) whereas your files might be names like kernalX.bin. Can you let me know what you've got going on with your file names?


Archive / [Release] Final Fantasy 7 Editing Suite
« on: 2007-09-01 07:22:16 »
Hey all,

Here's my suite of little programs to help edit FF7's image data.

Not a whole lot to it yet, but it's coming along :)

LMKWYT  :mrgreen:

Archive / Re: Some new FF7 Hacking Programs
« on: 2007-09-01 06:35:31 »
Fantastic! This helps me a lot!

Of course, there are lots of holes left to fill.

I made another program to edit the save map which holds the values a new game starts with too. So a total of four programs so far :)

I've got the release ready as well. I will try to find some place to upload it to and then give a link here.



Archive / Some new FF7 Hacking Programs
« on: 2007-08-31 09:23:29 »
Hey all,

I've made 3 new FF7 hacking programs in C#.

The first one is a mass enemy stat editor called En Masse.

The second is a materia editor called Materia Edit.

The third is a move editor called Attack Edit.

I'm having a little trouble with Attack Edit though. I'm using the Gears documentation to implement it, but I can't tell what most of the offsets mean. Is there any new documentation on the attack data file found in Kernel.bin? Is there someone with some expertise that can give me some pointers?

Questions are -

What is "Attack Type" and how is it used?
What is "Restore Apply" and how is it used?
What is "Time Attacking" and how is it used?

If I can get these questions answered, I can do a whole lot more with my program :)

Thanks all!

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