Author Topic: FF7 World Map Glitch  (Read 2427 times)


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FF7 World Map Glitch
« on: 2014-06-19 04:04:24 »
If you catch a Chocobo before going to Kalm, then do what looks like random running around on the world map before dismounting on the small patch of grassland before the Mythril Mines, you can trigger a strange world map glitch.

It works on both PC and Playstation but its effects are broader on PC as it seems

(on PC, some of the mountains in the swampland will randomly turn into extremely sharp spikes pointing skyward

Also, one can submerge below the map and the menu will read Gold Saucer Area (one will even be able to encounter enemies from the Gold Saucer Area Grasslands).

In case anyone can explain how this glitch is triggered precisely and/or why this works, I would like to know.
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Re: FF7 World Map Glitch
« Reply #1 on: 2014-06-19 04:50:42 »
Looks like some kind of overflow, perhaps related to the chocobo dismount script.