Author Topic: [PC] people.bin editor - Workers (v0.4)  (Read 2967 times)


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[PC] people.bin editor - Workers (v0.4)
« on: 2015-10-19 14:10:39 »
After I saw this thread, I decided to work on a tool to edit the people.bin file inside the cr_**.lgp file. You will need to extract the file from the LGP archive before you can open it. It's not complete yet, awaiting some feedback to improve it. Mainly the UI part is left to improve.

Download (version 0.4) and get Python to run the program.

Source code on GitHub

Many thanks to IlDucci for the format research!

This is a Python 3.x program, I'm pretty sure any version will work. The provided download is for 3.5.1, which most definitely works. 3.2.x should work too. 2.x will NOT work!


Known issue: The UI is ugly. It's not hard to figure out what does what, but the placement is not well-done. I can't figure out how to place them properly, so if anyone who has any experience with Tk can help that would be great. I would use Qt but Tk ships with any Python version and I don't want to have users have to install PyQt to make it work. So I used Tk.

Update 0.4 (December 9th, 2015): Add support for the special accented characters for different languages, and make the right-hand display show the line contents
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