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Uninstaller for The Reunion R06

You may freely copy, distribute or modify this software. This software is provided “as-is”, has no warranty, and the author is not responsible for any issues caused by its use, including but not limited to, data loss.

The Reunion does not include an uninstaller. Some people have not read The Reunion’s documentation on how to properly uninstall it and incorrectly assume they can just delete “The_Reunion” subfolder under their FF7 game folder. While that removes most of The Reunion, it misses a couple of important key elements; the custom ddraw.dll and Aali driver which many people have stability issues with.

The Reunion documentation also incorrectly states that you can disable The Reunion by setting Disable_The_Reunion = y in Options.ini. This merely prevents the loading of mods, not the custom code or driver. Neither of the above are solutions because the game will always load The Reunion’s custom code and driver no matter what if they exist, even on a “vanilla” game. Furthermore, you must set all your game/graphics/sound preferences in Reunion’s options.ini file to make any changes to your game unless you completely remove the custom code. This installer aims to help you fully clean up The Reunion quickly and automatically, so your game goes back to vanilla and your settings you set in other tools work again.

How to Use:
You must open the zip and run the Separation.exe file. When prompted, point Separation to the root of your FF7 game folder (where the FF7 executable is located). Separation will attempt to automatically detect your FF7 game folder on launch and will suggest it as the install folder for you. If it cannot detect FF7 automatically, it will default to C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII. If Separation suggests the wrong folder, you must click the “Browse…” button and manually select the correct folder that contains your FF7 game.

When the installer runs, Separation will remove the following from the target folder: the entire contents of The_Reunion subfolder, including any mods, settings, or other data you may have added to that folder. Additionally, it will remove Aali.dll, bass.dll, bass_fx.dll, ddraw.dll, The Reunion - Additional.rtf, The Reunion - Help - DO NOT IGNORE THIS FILE.rtf, as well as ff7input.cfg. The ff7input.cfg file is removed to reset your in-game controls to defaults rather than using any custom ones that The Reunion may have installed. You are responsible for backing up any of these files or the contents of The_Reunion folder if you wish to keep them.

Download: HERE
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