Author Topic: [FF7PC]SYW V5 Fields sources png - Full pictures and ready to use palmer layers  (Read 247 times)


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(Not sure if it's the right place to release that, if not, please move it)

As my current FF7 V5 fields texture are finalised (i won't update it -- well i will if a bug is spotted, but for a long time no bug was spotted, i only did small improvement here and there)
If it can serve other modders to better understand the palmer's logic, or to do some "art" from full pictures .... feel free to use it the way you want as long as you tell me and credit me about it.

In this archive you'll have the full picture for each basic field animation state.
Some of those full picture don't have the same filtering, because depending of the part used by palmer i used differents methods.
You'll also find the ready to be use in palmer layers, already cutted and optimised.

The only part you won't have is the advanced animation part, as i did the AA part with aeris software on the fly, so i haven't backuped the sources files as it's useless once imported in game format.

here's the archive :

here's an exemple of what you'll find in it (all are loseless png files):