Author Topic: Weapon crashes?  (Read 1595 times)


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Weapon crashes?
« on: 2008-12-21 20:04:38 »
Hey, finally got back to finishing up this game.  All that's left are the 2 weapons and the Final Bosses in the crater.  I've used all the patches to get my game working and no flaws in mini games and what not.  However once in a while when I attempt to fight the Weapon underwater the game will crash in the random battle swirl effect (but not always).  Against the Ruby weapon in the dessert, when it brings out its tenticles my game will crash.  Anyone heard of this flaw/have any ideas?


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Re: Weapon crashes?
« Reply #1 on: 2008-12-22 14:48:48 »
There is a Patcher (YAMP's Minigames Patcher) that stops that... Maybe. :P Search for YAMP's Multipatcher (there are several patches available).

The Swirl is fixed with that, as far as i know. Don't know if you already have the same patches, because you wrote you have no flaws in mini games.