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Hi guys

Does anyone know the access memory to the multiplier Quadramagic"?

I consider it to be cheat, I would like change the multiplier to x3 or x2  ::)

I think what you're looking for is at 0x5CA830 (in the '98 1.02 Eng version). The value of the byte at that location is 3. That is attached to a command that is added a value that's initialized to 1. It might be what handles the count of quad magic.

Are you talking about ff7.exe? (98 1.02)

I use it, but am I doing something wrong? I can't find it, the value is out of range, the last offset of exe is 0059C3F0.    :?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, that was a virtual address, not a real address. The real address would be 0x1C9C30. The value of that byte should be a 3.

Oh, i didn't think it was virtual memory.

I congratulate you, this works! and being only such a singular value it will not be conflictive, now I only have to change x4 to cut x3 (I think this is much more difficult), but the rest works really well.

NTFC1 I'm going to give you credits not only for this, but for all the documentation and clarifications from years ago, obviously also for your applications, thanks again.


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