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While working on my release of the "Symphonic Remasters: Redux" music mod, I wanted to release a version for those of you that use The Reunion. Unfortunately, The Reunion doesn't name the ogg music files the same as the original game so it would be a bit of a process to hunt down and compare the 2 opposing file names, make sure they match, then rename the original file names to ones supported by The Reunion.

Well, I've done that for you. Here's a little batch script that will rename files from their originals like "gold1.ogg" to "055 Gold Saucer.ogg" for you. Just drop the "RenameMusicForTheReunion.cmd" into the same folder as your originally named ogg files, then run this script. If you'd rather not download the batch file, you can re-create it yourself using the script contents below:

Spoiler: show

@echo off
echo:This will rename all FF7 music files from their original names used in the game like 'ob.ogg' to a new name that is compatible with The Reunion's format like '002 Bombing Mission.ogg'.
echo:To use, simply place the RenameMusicForTheReunion.cmd file in the folder where all of your original .ogg files are, then run it. Your music files will be automatically renamed.
rename ob.ogg "002 Bombing Mission.ogg"
rename dun2.ogg "003 Pursue the Man in a Black Cloak!.ogg"
rename guitar2.ogg "004 Other Side of the Mountain.ogg"
rename fanfare.ogg "005 Fanfare (Junon Parade).ogg"
rename makoro.ogg "006 Mako Reactor.ogg"
rename bat.ogg "007 Those Who Fight.ogg"
rename fiddle.ogg "008 Fiddle de Chocobo.ogg"
rename kurai.ogg "009 Anxious Heart.ogg"
rename chu.ogg "010 Those Who Keep Fighting.ogg"
rename ketc.ogg "011 Cait Sith's Theme.ogg"
rename earis.ogg "012 Aerith's Theme.ogg"
rename ta.ogg "013 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII.ogg"
rename tb.ogg "014 Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII (Alternate).ogg"
rename parade.ogg "016 Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony.ogg"
rename yume.ogg "018 Who Are You.ogg"
rename mati.ogg "019 While Travelling.ogg"
rename sido.ogg "020 Standing on Two Legs is Difficult!.ogg"
rename siera.ogg "021 If You Opened Up Your Heart.ogg"
rename walz.ogg "022 Waltz de Chocobo.ogg"
rename corneo.ogg "023 Don of the Slums.ogg"
rename horror.ogg "024 Blood Trail.ogg"
rename canyon.ogg "025 Canyon of the Falling Stars.ogg"
rename red.ogg "026 Red XIII's Theme.ogg"
rename seto.ogg "027 The Great Warrior.ogg"
rename ayasi.ogg "028 Lurking in the Darkness.ogg"
rename sinra.ogg "029 Shin-Ra Company.ogg"
rename sinraslo.ogg "030 Infiltrating the Shin-Ra Building.ogg"
rename dokubo.ogg "031 Under the Rotten Pizza.ogg"
rename bokujo.ogg "032 Farm Boy.ogg"
rename tm.ogg "033 That Day Five Years Ago.ogg"
rename tifa.ogg "034 Tifa's Theme.ogg"
rename costa.ogg "035 Coast of the Sun.ogg"
rename rocket.ogg "036 The Oppressed.ogg"
rename earislo.ogg "037 Flowers Blooming in the Church.ogg"
rename chase.ogg "038 Crazy Motorcycle.ogg"
rename rukei.ogg "039 Land of Exile in the Sand.ogg"
rename cephiros.ogg "040 The Planet's Chosen One.ogg"
rename barret.ogg "041 Barrett's Theme.ogg"
rename corel.ogg "042 Coal Mining Town.ogg"
rename boo.ogg "043 Flow of Life.ogg"
rename elec.ogg "044 Electric de Chocobo.ogg"
rename rhythm.ogg "045 Turks' Theme.ogg"
rename fan2.ogg "046 Fanfare.ogg"
rename hiku.ogg "047 Highwind of the Skies.ogg"
rename cannon.ogg "048 The Mako Cannon Fires.ogg"
rename date.ogg "049 Words Drowned Out by Fireworks.ogg"
rename cintro.ogg "050 The Planet's Chosen One (Looped).ogg"
rename cinco.ogg "051 Cinco de Chocobo.ogg"
rename chu2.ogg "052 J-e-n-o-v-a.ogg"
rename yufi.ogg "053 Descendant of Ninjas.ogg"
rename aseri.ogg "054 Hurry!.ogg"
rename gold1.ogg "055 Gold Saucer.ogg"
rename mura1.ogg "056 Frontier Village.ogg"
rename yado.ogg "057 Good Night, Until Tomorrow.ogg"
rename over2.ogg "058 Continue (Game Over).ogg"
rename crwin.ogg "059 Jackpot!.ogg"
rename crlost.ogg "060 Tango of Tears.ogg"
rename odds.ogg "061 The Favourite Chocobo.ogg"
rename geki.ogg "062 Debut.ogg"
rename junon.ogg "063 From the Depths of Despair.ogg"
rename tender.ogg "064 Treasured Memories.ogg"
rename vincent.ogg "066 Beginning of the Nightmare.ogg"
rename bee.ogg "067 Honeybee Manor.ogg"
rename jukai.ogg "068 Temple in the Forest.ogg"
rename sadbar.ogg "069 Mark of a Traitor.ogg"
rename aseri2.ogg "070 Hurry Up!.ogg"
rename kita.ogg "071 Great Crater of the North.ogg"
rename sid2.ogg "072 Cid's Theme.ogg"
rename sadsid.ogg "073 A Dream of Space.ogg"
rename iseki.ogg "074 Hear the Voice of the Planet.ogg"
rename hen.ogg "075 Who... Am I.ogg"
rename utai.ogg "076 Wutai.ogg"
rename snow.ogg "077 Buried in Snow.ogg"
rename yufi2.ogg "078 Stolen Materia.ogg"
rename mekyu.ogg "079 The Reunion.ogg"
rename condor.ogg "080 Fort Condor.ogg"
rename lb2.ogg "081 One-Winged Angel.ogg"
rename gun.ogg "082 Shin-Ra's Full-Scale Offensive.ogg"
rename weapon.ogg "083 Weapon Raid.ogg"
rename pj.ogg "084 Jenova Complete.ogg"
rename sea.ogg "085 A Secret Sleeping in the Deep.ogg"
rename ld.ogg "086 Judgement Day.ogg"
rename lb1.ogg "087 Birth of a God.ogg"
rename ro.ogg "089 The Countdown Begins.ogg"
rename jyro.ogg "090 Steal the Tiny Bronco!.ogg"
rename nointro.ogg "091 The Planet's Chosen One (No Intro).ogg"
rename riku.ogg "092 The Mako Cannon Fires.ogg"
rename si.ogg "093 Shin-Ra Explodes.ogg"
rename mogu.ogg "094 Highwind of the Skies (alternate).ogg"
rename pre.ogg "095 Prelude.ogg"
rename roll.ogg "098 Staff Roll.ogg"
echo:All done!



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Re: [FF7PC] Music Mod File Name Converter for The Reunion
« Reply #1 on: 2020-07-19 22:28:52 »
Thank you! It saved me a lot of time!


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Re: [FF7PC] Music Mod File Name Converter for The Reunion
« Reply #2 on: 2020-07-21 14:49:01 »
Great! I'm glad someone got some use out of it already.


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Re: [FF7PC] Music Mod File Name Converter for The Reunion
« Reply #3 on: 2020-10-05 20:43:52 »
I can finally get rid of the awful combat music? Heck yeah.

The other music is great but the fact that it's like ONE very repetitive combat song just messes me up.