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Thanks, that helped clear things up a bit. But how do you do the LZS compression so it imports correctly?

Hi again, myst6re. I did get the music working, thanks! I've been wanting to add a new field, but when I go to Import to Current Map after adding a new blank field and selecting it, I get an error message that says "Malformed LZS Header." This comes up even with an exported existing field that I was trying to re-import as a test.

Thanks, I'll check that out. I'm sure there's one included in 7H that I can use.  :)

How do you ID a variable's hex address?

7th Heaven / How to call variables in an IRO's .xml file?
« on: 2021-06-20 17:38:15 »
Hi, all. Been working on a mod for a while now - graphics and gameplay, that sort of thing - and for part of I want the player to able to switch at times between two different elements that use the same files. To be more specific, part of the mod involves making Jessie playable the same way it was done in the mod that adds her to the Reactor 1 mission - overriding Tifa's name, avatar, and battle model with Jessie's. Now, during the Midgar portion of the game, I know PPV would be fine since it wouldn't make sense to be able to switch between them at that point. However, Jessie will survive the plate collapse (along with Biggs and Wedge) and later on join the group. It's at that point that I'd like the player to, through certain dialogue options (and variables being set/unset), be able to switch between Tifa and Jessie. I think I've figured out how to do most of it, but I'm not sure how to call out a specific variable in the mod's .xml file to tell the game when to use which set of files for Tifa/Jessie (aside from PPV, which I've seen done in the Jessie mod's file). How are other variables referenced in the .xml file? Because it doesn't seem to be the same as in Makou Reactor. Thanks for your help.

Thanks, I'd been away from most FF7 modding for a while aside from my own project and hadn't used the newer versions of 7H before. I've got it all working fine now, though. And I think it'll make my own work easier as well.

Once I updated FFNx from within 7th Heaven instead of externally, the 30fps mod worked!

7th Heaven / 7H 2.2 runs FF7 with ChaOs mod but 2.3 won't.
« on: 2021-05-28 00:12:30 »
Just what the title says. I upgraded 7H from 2.2 to 2.3 today, and whenever I try to run FF7 with Kalderasha's ChaOs mod active, I get this message:

Everything works fine with 7H 2.2, but 2.3 just keeps crashing FF7 even if ChaOs is the only active mod. I don't know what's going on. Can anyone help?

Yes, I am. 7H 2.3+ and FFNx 1.9. Still no luck.

I tried that and the bug still happened. I don't know what's causing it. I'm using an Nvidia graphics card, if that makes any difference. Rendering backend is set to Auto.

I tried that, and it still produced the bug. The soldiers just popped in as the train stopped instead of already being there during the zoom in. And yes, I used latest 7th Heaven 2.2 and FFNx 1.9.

The sound issue is resolved but I still get the "missing models until the fmv finishes" bug with the 30fps version (again, I'm using the IROs). Is there a fix for it?

Releases / Re: [FF7PC] ChaOS -Character Overhaul Seven
« on: 2021-05-26 14:55:35 »
Hi, Kalderasha, and great job on the models, they're really well done. I did find one glitch, though and that's with Cloud's battle model:

As you can see, his mouth is white rather than textured, and i'm not sure what's causing that. I'm loading through 7H and using your Dynamic Weapons mod as well, though I don't know that it could be the problem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Great work on the mods, guys - best graphics overhauls I've seen for FF7! Gives a whole different feel to the visuals, it's really nice. Kind of artsy, dunno how else to put it, but with a lot of detail. Anyway, the music acts up at the end of the opening FMV when the train pulls into the station like it's trying to loop or something and plays over the bombing theme for a few seconds. I wasn't sure if it had been brought up yet or not, and I'm sorry if it has. Just wondered if there was any fix for it. I tried both versions and the issue still happens, but with the mods off, the music transitions fine. Any ideas?

The game runs fine when I load it from 7H, but the texture mods won't load - the files are already in the Textures folder, and I've got 7H looking at the right place in settings. So I don't know what's going on. Even when I run it straight from the .exe it doesn't load the textures even though it did before.

EDIT: I figured it out, somewhat. i hadn't realized that the path for loading hext files had changed with the newer version of 7H. Most of them work, and the textures load properly along with them. But the cheats (like save anywhere) still won't. Do I need to find a new version for those? Oh and also, 7H keeps overwriting my modified ff7.exe file. Is there way to tell it not to do this?

How do I look at the metadata?

Just one more question. I've found out that although the song works, it doesn't loop. It only plays once. How can I set it to loop like the other songs?

Thanks, I replaced comical.ogg and it works! In case you were wondering, the song I'm adding is a rendition of Jessie's Theme from the remake redone in the PS1 style of the original game. I didn't do it, a girl named Sara G made it, and you can listen to it here on YouTube:

I was wondering, is it possible to play a song that isn't part of the game's original soundtrack if the .ogg file is put in the right folder and without replacing any of the existing tracks? And if so, how would I do that? I have a mod that I'm working on that I'd like to include a certain song if I could, as it's relevant to certain new scenes I'm adding. The mod'll work without it, but I'd really like to include it if I can. Thanks! I'm using version 1.8.3, if that helps.

Oh ok, thanks. I didn't know that. I can keep the tutorial in 7th Heaven easily enough then and just have it happen when you talk to the character I intended to have start it instead of Barret. I appreciate you getting back to me. :)

Glad it finally works for the remaster, great job! But the hires world map graphics (the one in the corner that shows where you are) aren't there - it's still the original remaster version. Were those done, too? How do we get them in?

Hi, been using MR for a while now, you did a great job with it, btw! I've been trying to put the materia tutorial in a different place, but I can't get it to start. The menu just comes up but nothing happens. I've got the tutorial text added to the list and "Tutorial #2" in the commands list, but it won't run. Is there a step I'm missing? How do I know which number to use, because on the 7th Heaven field, "Tutorial #3" is the command used, but it's labeled "Tuto 4" in the list.

I'm trying to arrange something for my mod, part of which involves laying out a large amount of text in certain areas. I've been using the dialogue boxes to do this, but for some reason it'll only show up to 4 at once - I have the frames set to invisible since they'll be on a black background, but it would be helpful if I was able to use more boxes than what it seems to be letting me. Is there a maximum limit on how many dialogue boxes can be displayed at the same time? And if so, what is it?

How do you switch between cameras in a field in Makou Reactor? The field I'm working with has two - the original one and a second one that I added for a different view. But I don't know how to tell the game to switch from one camera to the other. I can't find anything under the "Fades and Camera" options in the dropdown for adding stuff to scripts, but maybe I'm missing something.

Also, when doing a map jump back to a normal field from one of the blackbg fields, the game's timing seems messed up because the game doesn't play certain scenes when it should after such a jump. For example, I have a jump set from the Sector 7 pillar base to a blackbg screen (for a mod I'm working on) before you enter Sector 7 for the first time. Going in normally, everything works fine - the trio running in, Barret scaring the patrons out, that sort of thing. But when I try it after jumping back from the blackbg screen, the scene doesn't play. The trio's gone, Barret's just standing there, and Johhny's mom also just stands there and doesn't go into her house like she should. How do I fix this?

No, you were rude. You could have phrased your reply in a less confrontational and abrupt way. The question specifically related to solving a problem within Makou Reactor, the specific tool, which is why I asked it here. If it was something not related to MR, I wouldn't have asked it here.

I've tried that. There's nothing that stands out as controlling the cameras that I could see. And many fields that have two cameras use the exact same values in both cameras.

DLPB, you don't have to be rude. When someone has a question regarding a program and there's a thread about that program, that's naturally going to be the first place a person looks and asks. You might try taking some lessons in basic civility and politeness. It's no wonder you have like 2/3 of the board blocked, according to Sega Chief. The scripting is in regards to Makou Reactor because that's what I'm doing it in and any answer would have to relate to the program and how to use it to get done what I'm trying to do. You might try actually helping people for once instead of blowing them off.

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