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Releases / [FF8-R] Rinoa and Squall Texture Mod
« on: 2020-04-25 18:44:59 »
hi this is my first mod on
site and I wanted to share it.
first of all I took part in the texurda from two content creators
it's more than fair to put links to their mods:

mod of hikashi where I took the neckline and eyes and eyebrows:

Mcindus mod where I got the hair color:

This mod must be installed using one of the zzz extractors (zzzDeArchive 1.7.5 or later is recommended)
Get zzzDeArchive HERE


Ok let's start with Rinoa:

as I said above I have prso eyebrows and eyes but I have recolored them as in the art both drawn and in game that I will put lower
because rinoa eyes have never been brown or black but on gray.
then the mouth I left the remastered one but I colored it pink
but for the dance dress "which incidentally was not included in the mod above including other tex I think the 75" I left the red texture because I thought "what are you doing for the dance you don't wear lipstick?"
comunue a variant with pink lips is included.
oh well then I added the neckline to 75 I think it was missing.

well here's the link plus the screenshots:


as for squall here


Spoiler: show

I had forgotten some beta textures that crashed the game so I reloaded it correctly for the few who want to try it.



[inside I left 2 files of the textures that caused problems, they do not have to be installed and are in a separate folder.
they are right there if you wanted to see them ahaha]

well for Squall as I said on I only took the hair color but as in the movies I enlarged the eyebrows
and I took the lips from the textures of FF Dissidia of squall for all the textures.
And I made a few lashes but not all the textures you can check yourself

I also wanted to change the scar as in the movies but I don't know.

then I took the textures of the d0c000_0 file
and I updated the buckles and studs and the low edge of the jacket of the d004_1 file, editing them to make them feel better
even if before when I created it they were at x3 resolution but they crashed the game but now I'm affixed then with the file
d0c000_0 I took pieces and applied it to all the squal texure with the black dress
to be precise I mean the tex of the field_hd_new folder

I think that's all I hope you can like it and you can use them at your pleasure you can also create squall with pink hair and rionoa with rainbow hair hahaha

ok late and by myself it's 3:27 and I work very slowly but shortly:
today or rather yesterday I had read a comment "that of devina towards noon and made me think it was not bad, she realized that she was the author of the mod for the old pc version at 3 a.m. hahaha".
then after the first line of the comment by
LeonhartGR I stopped and started working on this version, it made me want to make it.
I was short this flies no? ahaha

version inspired by the image uploaded here by Devina:

here is a first screen showing what I have done.
Ps already that I have changed the pendant in style dissidia 3 in the psx version.

hope you like it.
I also moved the scar

ok I woke up at 11.40 this morning just to have lunch and then test the model and my fears were founded ...
or that the scar of what I thought was the battle pattern hasn't changed.
now I try to do tests to see if I can get it,
now here are the screens of the model in battle:

scar repositioning test failed haha:

the forehead becomes transparent and depending on how I moved the texture was always positioned there.


ok I tested these textures with Mcindus' weapons in the original version, so it should work with Lionheart Remastered v2.0 as well


Confronto-FFVIII-Banner-T" border="0

Spoiler: show

[spoiler]SQUALL custom V2.5 FMV ispired DEMASTERED Screenshot

I generally improved the texture quality a bit

FFVIII-SQUALL-custom-V2-5-FMV-ispired-DEMASTERED" border="0





SQUALL LEONHART: ErazeZee Fmv's version

Version V1_A

FFVIII-Copertina" border="0

I tried to make it as close as possible to fmv and sction figures

FFVIII-Screen" border="0

RINOA soon


little extra for those with 16: 9 play.
should also work for 4.3
the initial menu has black bars that increase the black edges these textures reduce them rather they eliminate them but to change from 16 to 4: 3 you need reshade.

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