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Let's see what you can do with this.... I think it will save a lot of time :)
If I had a dedicated server I would have published it already, but I only have a local server which goes to sleep with me ;)
So far I've restored it on my vm and started to pimp it a bit...

Page statistics
Content pages278
(All pages in the wiki, including talk pages, redirects, etc.)
Uploaded files88already added lots of images...

And here is the backup I've used:
Qhimm Wiki backup 2017-09-25

Basically since the crashes we had in 2013 and later 2016 on and off, I've been making some dumps of the wiki.

hope it helps.
If you need anything additional, let me know.

it is in your PM.

you mean...
FF7/Battle/Battle Animation/Animation Script
This page contains information related to the AB animation files of battle models.

Any code less than 8Eh is treated as a raw animation index to be executed.
followed by a long table
then finally ending with
NOTES: A9 - This skips the next byte and causes it to play the animation in the byte afterwards before moving the script pointer to the third byte. It looks like this does some "clear state" action every time the idle script is executed, but the idle scripts all cause loops so this is executed after returning from any other animation. Most enemy idle scripts are

Code: [Select]
A9 C9 00 C1while a few enemies and all playable character's idle scripts read

Code: [Select]
00 FE C0They seem to translate to the same thing.

I've got a version of that has the last modified date (21:12, 17 December 2015‎ NFITC1)

This indeed seems to be one of the orphaned pages

FF7 pages need to be added, for sure. There are some pages that are completely lost (unless qhimm restores the old wiki). I was writing a page that never got linked to another page so the archive never picked it up. I'd have to rewrite that page from scratch.

which one?

Spoiler: show

Code: [Select]
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QhimmWiki:Privacy policy
QhimmWiki:General disclaimer
0xe8 (Tempo)
AKAO frames
Another Mind
Dissidia/GMO Files
Dissidia/GMO Files/File List
FF7/AKAO frames
FF7/Accessory data
FF7/Armor data
FF7/Attack Special Effects
FF7/Attack Special Properties
FF7/Attack data
FF7/Battle/Attack Effect Id List
FF7/Battle/Attack Special Effects
FF7/Battle/Battle Animation/Animation Script
FF7/Battle/Battle Animation (PC)
FF7/Battle/Battle Field
FF7/Battle/Battle Mechanics
FF7/Battle/Battle Scenes
FF7/Battle/Battle Scenes/Battle AI Addresses
FF7/Battle/Battle Scenes/Battle Script
FF7/Battle/Battle scenes
FF7/Battle/Damage Calculation
FF7/Battle/Elemental Data
FF7/Battle/Impact Effect Id List
FF7/Battle/Sound Effect Id List
FF7/Battle/Special Attack Flags
FF7/Battle/Status Effects
FF7/Battle/Targeting Data
FF7/Battle and growth data
FF7/Battle model format (PSX)
FF7/Character starting stats
FF7/Command data
FF7/Coordinates encoding
FF7/Damage Calculation
FF7/Elemental Data
FF7/Engine Basics
FF7/Engine basics
FF7/FF Coordinates
FF7/FF Text
FF7/Field/Camera Matrix
FF7/Field/Field ID
FF7/Field/Field Script
FF7/Field/Field script
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes/01 REQ
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes/02 REQSW
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes/03 REQEW
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes/04 PREQ
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes/05 PRQSW
FF7/Field/Field script/Opcodes/06 PRQEW
FF7/Field/Model Loader
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/00 RET
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/01 REQ
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/02 REQSW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/03 REQEW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/04 PREQ
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/05 PRQSW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/06 PRQEW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/07 RETTO
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/08 JOIN
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/09 SPLIT
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0A SPTYE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0B GTPYE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0E DSKCG
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F5 ARROW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F5 POINT
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F8 FMSSP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F8 GMSPD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F8 SMSPD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F9 AAMAT
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/F9 FLMAT
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FA AAITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FA FLITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FB BTLCK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FB BTLLK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FC MOVLK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FC MVLCK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FF CLITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FF RMITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F SPECIAL/FF RMVIT
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/10 JMPF
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/11 JMPFL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/12 JMPB
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/13 JMPBL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/14 IFUB
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/15 IFUBL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/16 IFSW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/17 IFSWL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/18 IFUW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/19 IFUWL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/20 MINIGAME
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/21 TUTOR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/22 BTMD2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/23 BTRLD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/24 WAIT
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/26 BLINK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/28 KAWAI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/28 KAWAI/01 TRNSP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/29 KAWIW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/2A PMOVA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/2B SLIP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/2C BGPDH
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/2D BGSCR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/2F WSIZW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/30 IFKEY
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/31 IFKEYON
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/32 IFKEYOFF
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/33 UC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/34 PDIRA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/35 PTURA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/36 WSPCL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/37 WNUMB
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/38 STTIM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/39 GOLDu
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/3A GOLDd
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/3B CHGLD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/3C HMPMAX1
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/3D HMPMAX2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/3E MHMMX
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/3F HMPMAX3
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/40 MESSAGE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/41 MPARA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/42 MPRA2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/43 MPNAM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/45 MPu
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/47 MPd
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/48 ASK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/49 MENU
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/4A MENU2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/4B BTLTB
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/4D HPu
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/4F HPd
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/50 WINDOW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/51 WMOVE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/52 WMODE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/53 WREST
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/54 WCLSE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/55 WROW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/56 GWCOL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/57 SWCOL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/58 STITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/59 DLITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/5A CKITM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/5B SMTRA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/5C DMTRA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/5D CMTRA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/5F NOP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/60 MAPJUMP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/63 SCRLA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/64 SCR2D
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/65 SCRCC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/66 SCR2DC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/67 SCRLW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/68 SCR2DL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/6B FADE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/6C FADEW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/6D IDLCK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/6E LSTMP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/6F SCRLP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/70 BATTLE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/71 BTLON
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/72 BTLMD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/73 PGTDR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/74 GETPC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/75 PXYZI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/76 PLUS!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/77 PLUS2!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/78 MINUS!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/79 MINUS2!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/7A INC!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/7B INC2!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/7C DEC!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/7D DEC2!
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/7E TLKON
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/7F RDMSD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/80 SETBYTE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/81 SETWORD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/82 BITON
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/83 BITOFF
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/84 BITXOR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/85 PLUS
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/86 PLUS2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/87 MINUS
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/88 MINUS2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/89 MUL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/8A MUL2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/8B DIV
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/8C DIV2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/8D MOD
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/8E MOD2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/8F AND
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/90 AND2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/91 OR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/92 OR2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/93 XOR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/94 XOR2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/95 INC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/96 INC2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/97 DEC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/98 DEC2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/99 RANDOM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/9A LBYTE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/9B HBYTE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/9C 2BYTE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/9F SEARCHX
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A0 PC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A1 CHAR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A2 DFANM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A3 ANIME1
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A4 VISI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A5 XYZI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A6 XYI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A7 XYZ
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A8 MOVE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/A9 CMOVE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/AA MOVA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/AB TURA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/AC ANIMW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/AD FMOVE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/AE ANIME2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/AF ANIM!1
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B0 CANIM1
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B1 CANM!1
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B2 MSPED
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B3 DIR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B4 TURNGEN
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B5 TURN
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B6 DIRA
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B7 GETDIR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B8 GETAXY
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/B9 GETAI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/BA ANIM!2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/BB CANIM2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/BC CANM!2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/BD ASPED
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/BF CC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C0 JUMP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C1 AXYZI
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C2 LADER
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C3 OFST
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C4 OFSTW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C5 TALKR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C6 SLIDR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C7 SOLID
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C8 PRTYP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/C9 PRTYM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CA PRTYE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CB IFPRTYQ
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CC IFMEMBQ
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CD MMBud
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CE MMBLK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CF MMBUK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D0 LINE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D1 LINON
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D2 MPJPO
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D3 SLINE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D6 TLKR2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D7 SLDR2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/D8 PMJMP
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/DA AKAO2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/DB FCFIX
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/DC CCANM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/DD ANIMB
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/DE TURNW
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/DF MPPAL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E0 BGON
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E1 BGOFF
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E2 BGROL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E3 BGROL2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E4 BGCLR
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E5 STPAL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E6 LDPAL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/E7 CPPAL
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/EA MPPAL2
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F0 MUSIC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F1 SOUND
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F2 AKAO
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F5 MULCK
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F6 BMUSC
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F8 PMVIE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/F9 MOVIE
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/FA MVIEF
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/FB MVCAM
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/FE CHMST
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/FF GAMEOVER
FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/Special/F8 FMSSP
FF7/Field Module
FF7/Field Module/DAT/Tile Map
FF7/Item data
FF7/Kernel.bin/Attack data
FF7/Kernel/Game resources
FF7/Kernel/Low level libraries
FF7/Kernel/Memory management
FF7/LGP format
FF7/LZS format
FF7/Materia Types
FF7/Materia data
FF7/Memory Structures
FF7/Menu Module
FF7/PSX/Sound/AKAO frames
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xa0 (Finish Channel)
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xa1 (Load Instrument)
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xa5 (Pitch Divider)
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xa8aa (Channel Volume
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xc8 (Loop Point)
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xca (Return to Loop Point)
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xe8 (Tempo)
FF7/PSX/Sound/Opcodes/0xea (Reverb Depth)
FF7/Playstation Battle Model Format
FF7/Status Effects
FF7/TEX format
FF7/Targeting Data
FF7/Technical/1st fight
FF7/Technical/Bike minigame
FF7/Technical/Chocobo Races
FF7/Technical/Chocobo races
FF7/Technical/Error 112
FF7/Technical/Game Won't Run
FF7/Technical/Game won't run
FF7/Technical/Graphic problems
FF7/Technical/Hardware Rendering
FF7/Technical/Hardware rendering
FF7/Technical/New Game
FF7/Technical/New game
FF7/Technical/Random crashes
FF7/Text encoding
FF7/The Kernel
FF7/The Kernel/Game Resources
FF7/The Kernel/Memory Management
FF7/The Kernel/Overview
FF7/Weapon data
FF7/WorldMap Module
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/015
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/017
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/018
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/019
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/01b
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/030
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/040
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/041
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/050
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/051
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/060
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/061
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/062
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/063
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/070
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/080
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/0a0
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/0b0
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/0c0
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/0e0
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/100
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/110
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/114
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/117
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/118
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/119
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/11c
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/11d
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/200
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/201
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/203
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/204
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/300
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/302
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/303
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/304
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/305
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/306
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/307
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/308
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/309
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/30a
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/30b
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/30c
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/30d
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/30e
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/310
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/311
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/312
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/313
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/314
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/315
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/316
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/317
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/318
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/319
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/31b
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/31c
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/31d
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/31f
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/320
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/321
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/324
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/325
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/326
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/327
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/328
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/329
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/32a
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/32b
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/32c
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/32d
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/32e
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/32f
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/330
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/331
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/332
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/333
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/334
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/336
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/339
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/33a
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/33b
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/33c
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/33d
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/33e
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/347
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/348
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/349
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/34a
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/34b
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/34c
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/34d
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/34e
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/34f
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/350
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/351
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/352
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/353
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/354
FF7/WorldMap Module/Script/Opcodes/355
FF7/WorldMap Module/TextureTable
FF7/World Map/BSZ
FF7/World Map/TXZ
FF7:CC/Audio Formats
FF7:CC/Image Formats
FF7:CC/Model Formats
FF7:CC/Video Formats
FF7CC/Files Textures
FF7CC/Image Formats
FF8/BS list
FF8/Encounter Codes
FF8/Engine const/BattleFiles
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/000 NOP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/001 CAL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/001 CAL/00C AND
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/001 CAL/00D OR
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/001 CAL/00E EOR
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/002 JMP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/003 JPF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/005 LBL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/006 RET
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/007 PSHN L
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/008 PSHI L
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/009 POPI L
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/00A PSHM B
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/00B POPM B
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/00C PSHM W
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/00D POPM W
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/00E PSHM L
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/00F POPM L
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/010 PSHSM B
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/011 PSHSM W
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/012 PSHSM L
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/013 PSHAC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/014 REQ
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/015 REQSW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/016 REQEW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/017 PREQ
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/018 PREQSW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/019 PREQEW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/01A UNUSE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/01B DEBUG
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/01C HALT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/01D SET
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/01E SET3
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/01F IDLOCK
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/020 IDUNLOCK
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/021 EFFECTPLAY2
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/022 FOOTSTEP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/023 JUMP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/024 JUMP3
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/025 LADDERUP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/026 LADDERDOWN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/027 LADDERUP2
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/028 LADDERDOWN2
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/029 MAPJUMP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/02A MAPJUMP3
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/02B SETMODEL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/02C BASEANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/02D ANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/02E ANIMEKEEP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/02F CANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/030 CANIMEKEEP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/031 RANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/032 RANIMEKEEP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/033 RCANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/034 RCANIMEKEEP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/035 RANIMELOOP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/036 RCANIMELOOP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/037 LADDERANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/038 DISCJUMP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/039 SETLINE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/03A LINEON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/03B LINEOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/03C WAIT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/03D MSPEED
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/03E MOVE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/03F MOVEA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/040 PMOVEA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/041 CMOVE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/042 FMOVE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/043 PJUMPA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/044 ANIMESYNC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/045 ANIMESTOP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/046 MESW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/047 MES
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/048 MESSYNC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/049 MESVAR
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/04A ASK
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/04B WINSIZE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/04C WINCLOSE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/04D UCON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/04E UCOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/04F MOVIE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/050 MOVIESYNC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/051 SETPC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/052 DIR
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/053 DIRP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/054 DIRA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/055 PDIRA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/056 SPUREADY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/057 TALKON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/058 TALKOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/059 PUSHON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/05A PUSHOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/05B ISTOUCH
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/05C MAPJUMPO
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/05D MAPJUMPON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/05E MAPJUMPOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/05F SETMESSPEED
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/060 SHOW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/061 HIDE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/062 TALKRADIUS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/063 PUSHRADIUS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/064 AMESW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/065 AMES
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/066 GETINFO
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/067 THROUGHON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/068 THROUGHOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/069 BATTLE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/06A BATTLERESULT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/06B BATTLEON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/06C BATTLEOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/06D KEYSCAN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/06E KEYON
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/06F AASK
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/070 PGETINFO
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/071 DSCROLL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/072 LSCROLL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/073 CSCROLL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/074 DSCROLLA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/077 SCROLLSYNC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/07D MOVESYNC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/07E CLEAR
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/084 CTURNR
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/085 CTURNL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/086 ADDPARTY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/087 SUBPARTY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/08A SETPARTY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/08B ISPARTY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/08C ADDMEMBER
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/08D SUBMEMBER
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/090 CTURN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/092 PCTURN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/093 JOIN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/095 BGANIME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/09C SETTIMER
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/09D DISPTIMER
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/09F SETGETA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0A1 SETVIBRATE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0A3 MOVIEREADY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0AA FADEBLACK
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0AD GAMEOVER
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0AF SHADELEVEL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0B4 MUSICCHANGE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0B5 MUSICLOAD
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0BC EFFECTPLAY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0BD EFFECTLOAD
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0BF MUSICSTOP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C0 MUSICVOL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C1 MUSICVOLTRANS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C3 ALLSEVOL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C4 ALLSEVOLTRANS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C5 ALLSEPOS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C6 ALLSEPOSTRANS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C7 SEVOL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C8 SEVOLTRANS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0C9 SEPOS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0CA SEPOSTRANS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0CB SETBATTLEMUSIC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0CC BATTLEMODE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0CD SESTOP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0E5 USE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0E6 SPLIT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0E7 ANIMESPEED
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0E8 RND
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0EE FCOLSUB
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F6 RUNENABLE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0F7 RUNDISABLE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0FE FACEDIRA
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/0FF FACEDIRP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/100 FACEDIRLIMIT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/101 FACEDIROFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/106 MESMODE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/107 FACEDIRINIT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/109 JUNCTION
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/10B BATTLECUT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/10D WORLDMAPJUMP
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/116 RAMESW
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/11A MENUNORMAL
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/11B MENUPHS
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/11D GETPARTY
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/11F DISC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/125 ADDITEM
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/126 SETWITCH
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/127 SETODIN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/129 MENUNAME
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/12D ACTORMODE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/12E MENUSAVE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/12F SAVEENABLE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/130 PHSENABLE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/131 HOLD
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/132 MOVIECUT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/133 SETPLACE
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/137 DRAWPOINT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/138 PHSPOWER
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/13F WHOAMI
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/145 DYING
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/148 MOVEFLUSH
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/155 SETDRAWPOINT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/157 LASTIN
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/158 LASTOUT
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/159 SEALEDOFF
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/161 ADDMAGIC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/164 SPUSYNC
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/166 UNKNOWN1
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/169 UNKNOWN4
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/170 UNKNOWN5
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/171 UNKNOWN6
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/172 UNKNOWN7
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/173 UNKNOWN8
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/174 UNKNOWN9
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/175 UNKNOWN10
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/176 UNKNOWN11
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/177 UNKNOWN12
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/178 UNKNOWN13
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/179 UNKNOWN14
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/180 UNKNOWN15
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/181 UNKNOWN16
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/182 UNKNOWN17
FF8/Field/Script/Opcodes/183 UNKNOWN18
FF8/FileFormat CA
FF8/FileFormat DAT
FF8/FileFormat FMT
FF8/FileFormat INF
FF8/FileFormat JSM
FF8/FileFormat MAG t
FF8/FileFormat MAP
FF8/FileFormat MCH
FF8/FileFormat MIM
FF8/FileFormat MSD
FF8/FileFormat MSK
FF8/FileFormat ONE
FF8/FileFormat PMP
FF8/FileFormat RAT MRT
FF8/FileFormat SFX
FF8/FileFormat SYM
FF8/FileFormat TDW
FF8/FileFormat X
FF8/FileFormat b0wave
FF8/FileFormat magfiles
FF8/FileFormat r0win
FF8/Item Codes
FF8/Magic Codes
FF8/Main harata
FF8/Main kernel
FF8/Main namedic
FF8/Main wm2
FF8/PC Media
FF8/WorldMap music
FF8/WorldMap rail
FF8/WorldMap texl
FF8/WorldMap wmset
FF8/WorldMap wmsetxx
FF8/WorldMap wmx
MIDI format
Main Page
Midi format
PSP/GMO Format
PSX/Playstation Battle Model Format
PSX/TIM file
PSX/TIM format
PSX Sound
World Map/BSZ
Xeno/GameDirectoryDescription/Directory11 Field
Talk:Dissidia/GMO Files
Talk:FF7/Battle/Battle Animation (PC)
Talk:FF7/Battle/Elemental Data
Talk:FF7/Elemental Data
Talk:FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/14 IFUB
Talk:FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/33 UC
Talk:FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/5B SMTRA
Talk:FF7/Field/Script/Opcodes/CD MMBud
Talk:FF7/Kernel/Game resources
Talk:FF7/Kernel/Low level libraries
Talk:FF7/LGP format
Talk:FF7/Menu Module
Talk:FF8/FileFormat X
Talk:FF8/FileFormat magfiles
Talk:FF8/WorldMap wmsetxx
Talk:MIDI format
Talk:Main Page
Talk:Main page
Talk:Midi format
QhimmWiki:Block log
QhimmWiki:Bureaucrat log
QhimmWiki:Community Portal
QhimmWiki:Deletion log
QhimmWiki:Image use policy
QhimmWiki:Protected page guidelines
QhimmWiki:Protection log
QhimmWiki:Upload log
QhimmWiki talk:Community Portal
Category:Unfinished FF8 Opcodes


Albeoris, is that all you have, or are you still in process of restoring the data?

General Discussion / Re: Final Fantasy 8 in Unity?
« on: 2017-01-30 15:31:08 »
Nice work so far Maki :-)

Quote from: jmp434 on Today at 02:27:50
Do you work at the original map scale?

I screwed up the scale, when porting to engine I'd have to rescale them.

about the scale...

I just made a little comparison with the walkmesh from bcform_1, and I must say, it's only a tiny bit off ;-)
Squall is just an import so that is not scaled either, but the station is aligned.

by the way, what do you use as references? It's pretty hard to find anything useful.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Gallery J....
« on: 2017-01-08 21:32:27 »
Hello spoox, beautiful your scene, is what you take the work for good?
I'm sorry I really have no clue to what you mean...

some additional details:


a House is a house

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Gallery J....
« on: 2016-12-06 23:23:33 »
small village at the sea is slowly growing when time permits...


How so I align the camera in Blender to the file I recreate? Is there a script for it? I used to do it manually SKetchup-> 3DSMax-> Blender but the exporter from 3DSMAX to Blender is long lost and no one seems to have backup.
Hi Anaho
if you use the tool, you get the alignment of the camera in the script already.

as an example:
Code: [Select]
def putCamTarget():
    # Create Empty as target
    bpy.ops.object.add(type='EMPTY', location=(-29,-221.4932,977.2385)) = 'CamTarget'
def putCam():
    # Create a camera and get the shape name.
    data ='ANFRST_2Cam')
    vcam ='ANFRST_2Cam', data)
    vcam.location = (-29,-9015,977.2385)
    vcam.scale = (1.0, 1.0, 1.0)
    #data.angle_x = 9.320189
    data.lens = 214.687522024547
    data.draw_size = 100
    data.clip_end = 10000.0
    data.sensor_width = 35.0

So you don't need to do the whole sketchup-->3ds-max-->blender workflow, but can start directly using blender or 3dsmax...

I hope this helps.

Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Gallery J....
« on: 2016-02-17 23:03:39 »

Summer at the sea, starting growing grass.
(just a little something I still had on my laptop)


Team Avalanche / Re: Gallery Proposal
« on: 2016-02-02 20:46:54 »
Nothing is a waste of time. It is only a waste of time if you learn nothing in it.
Their are many ways to do things. Many worse than others. LOL


Such warm and kind words from every one :)

Cyb, yours remind me of 宮本 武蔵 (1584-1645), I'm not sure if I quote him right but it is in the sense of:

..No matter how bad the experience is, as long as you learn from it, it is a good experience...
now I still have to learn how to fight with two swords... ;-P

I just love the philosophers at this forum.

And because of that I just fixed the 'Gallery' of the bombing mission as much as possible.

and finally:

Spoiler: show
"A man cannot understand the art he is studying if he only looks for the end result without taking the time to delve deeply into the reasoning of the study."

Team Avalanche / Re: File repository
« on: 2016-01-26 20:26:01 »
The request for access sent 1 minute ago was from me

I'm guessing you've send a PM to SL, but:
Note: This is for contributors only. Nobody else has access.

So why do you think you need access?

Team Avalanche / Re: Gallery Proposal
« on: 2016-01-26 20:05:59 »
What to say...

A gallery proposal has hit the forums before, but went away with the setup of the different threads of every artist.

Most of the images turning up as blanc is due to the fact that initially image sheck was being used as a free site to upload. However they changed into a paying service in (at least for me) that's a waste. Even if i login there now, there is only 1 of the 100 images left which I originally uploaded years ago.
But I agree it would be nice to repair at least the first posts.

Another point is that since the news of the remake of FFVII everything feels like a waste of time, and it takes a lot of time to recreate a scene in full glory.

As for the releasing of the source files, that's a personal decision for each and every artist for themselves. And to be honest don't put your hopes up on that.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Transports - Highwind
« on: 2015-08-09 13:05:45 »

does this qualify as the outside?

oh by the way, since it is very hard to find some good detailed images of highwind, is there anybody out here with the first statue of highwind and willing and able to shoot some good photo's of it? that would be most helpful and welcome...

Team Avalanche / Re: I guess that's it, guys
« on: 2015-08-05 19:28:44 »
So there is no rest for the weary I guess...

It seems that at least some of you have more trust in TA than in Shinra Electrical, err.. I mean S.E.  :-o
hmmm is it a coincidence that both companies have the same initials...??

Team Avalanche / Re: I guess that's it, guys
« on: 2015-06-24 21:42:42 »
Unfortunately Mayo, you worded the exact feeling I had since the news of the remake.
Unsure of what to make of it, since SE is very vague about what they will be doing. And looking at the massive scale they've build Midgar in, at least more realistic, it will be different from the original.
This could be either bad or good, only time will tell...

But what to do with project Avalanche?

Use whatever you feel the most comfortable in, if you can achieve faster results in modeling in some other tool.
Solidworks can be exported into a multitude of formats, so that should not be an issue.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Nibel Mountains
« on: 2015-06-15 21:26:22 »
One of the tricks of the shapes is to have them non symetric instanciate and rotate them randomly. That would give a more natural look.
An other option would be to include a nois modifier in the objects, I expect Blender has something like that...
Hope it helps.


Nice to listen to, sounds a bit like the qhimm-voice-over. :-)
I have to restrain myself now and then in order to not react to several things being said.


Announcements and site development / Re: Forum upgrade
« on: 2015-05-06 21:27:24 »
In the wiki the images are missing for me, any way to fix that?
Any specific images you are looking for?
A long time ago I exported the wiki into a pdf just before the old providers were becoming unstable.
You can find it here.


Team Avalanche / Re: [HD Remake] Nibel Mountains
« on: 2015-05-06 16:08:37 »
I think spoox was able to pull the camera data for a different movie from the psx version. Maybe he can do the same here.

Oh yes, but not limited to the psx, as the pc version is a lot easier to get the data from (it's all in one single lgp file).
But, as there is no walkmesh involved here there is no data inside, except for:

Code: [Select]
        at time 1f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 1f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 2f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 2f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 3f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 3f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 4f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 4f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 5f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 5f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]
at time 6f c0.position =  [0,0,0]
at time 6f c0.Target.position = [0,0,0]

But this is not a real bad thing, as  there is no fading from or into field files, you can make it as you want.  ::)
and I must say, from what I see, it looks good so far.

Keep up the spirit, when I have more breathing space I'll join the workforce again.


Completely Unrelated / Re: Random Links
« on: 2015-04-28 20:53:22 »
Shinra canteen

They even have a nice car there...

and Chocobo eggs on the menu...  :-o


Reorganizing scenes, it's a mess after all these years.
So picking up an oldy....


Team Avalanche / Re: Midgar Revival
« on: 2015-03-24 17:45:42 »
I'm not too fond of modeling interiors, I might just leave that to someone else.

Good morning  ;D
forget the interiors, it's a waist of resources, especially if we want to use it for any animation. I did model the interior of the little restaurant in sector 8, with burning candles and a full kitchen....
Nobody is ever going to see that, so I finally trashed the place anyway. Just takes too much strain on rendering. It will only make sense if we have a sandbox environment with the total freedom to roam around Midgar. But that will take a different aproach and needs a lot of redisign anyway, so that is not in scope.  ::)

About the materials, I'm personally more concerned about mapping, rather then the actual materials. If the mapping is not done correctly you have to revisit all objects in order to fix that. That is a nightmare, especially for the more complex objects. For mapping I would use a colored checkbox kind of texture, however if you don;t intend to do any texturing, I would advise to keep it 50% grey, that will give the best presentation result.

As for the textures and materials, most of Midgar is industrial, like steel, iron, rust, concrete. Abandonned trainyards come to mind, except for the normally growing plants and half covering trees and broken buildings. The Living part of Midgar is also including bricks, french coble roads, neon signs, etc.

And indeed, most time is being sucked into UV mapping and materials. :-( I prefer to model as well. Oh and lets not forget the rigging and animation, and the next part will be compositing of course.

Just keep up the good work.

Which version of Midgar are you on now 3 or 4?

Oh and make backups, and note where you stored the backups...

(that's just some personal advise as my total archive has become quite big over time)


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