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Alright, seems to be working fine now.

From the legacy ATI camp, was surprised to find that turning pbo on did not cause any problems for my x800 XT p4 system FF7 build. The new release runs fine where the .10b version did not for some other reason I guess? Unfortunately I am still unable to run DLPBs FMV restoration at full speed in game, though that certainly isn't the end of the world.

Comparing to the .09b driver I had been running the worldmap looks much nicer. I guess the Anti-aliasing kicked on, or something.

Thanks ever so much for the continued work on your driver Aali, its brought me countless hours of fun.

I'm surprised too, but my ATI system is running this latest driver release with both texture compression and PBO on. Looks great and seems to be running faster now. I wish it would go make me a sandwich.

ninja edit: nvm texture compression on worked fine til I unleashed a mighty Cross-cut and then I got some weird artifacts in the animation. so far PBO on and texture compression off working fine under testing.

I have used this version,good work Aali,i don't have shaders problem anymore and black bar is removed in battle and when playing movies.

but when i updated graphics driver to 0.7.11b the songs are playing directly from midi.lgp,somebody have any idea how to fix it to use with FF7 music?

EDIT: Sorry,i remember i should remove the # in ff7_opengl.cfg to music work,problem fixed.

PBOs work fine on most ATI cards as long as you dont use texture compression. If that is working for you aswell I will be positively surprised :P

As you can see from the changelog, AF (Anisotropic filtering), or any filtering at all for that matter is now turned on for any worldmap mods which will make it look alot less pixelated.

Something weird I noticed in FF8 is that when the characters are having a long conversation, if one of them blinks during it his/her eyes might remain shut until the conversation is over.

I'm not sure if it's a problem with the driver, but I don't remember this happening in my previous playthroughs without it.

Also, I'm often getting the message "GLITCH: unsupported texture format", and occasionaly a message like "Can't open file: \ff8\data\eng\field\mapdata\do\dotown_1\dotown_1.sfx " (This path doesn't even exist).

I don't notice anything missing during gameplay despite those messages. Battles are working just fine (battle swirl and all).


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