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Custom graphics driver for FF7/FF8 [v0.8b]

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1. Extract the archive into your ff7 or ff8 folder
2a. Apply the registry information in ff7_opengl.reg
3a. Change your settings in ff7_opengl.cfg
2b. Make sure EAX is properly installed (run EAXUnified.exe to install it if unsure)
3b. Change your settings in ff8_opengl.cfg
4. Play!


* Fullscreen mode defaults to desktop resolution instead of 640x480
* Old external textures feature is gone
* Vsync-based frame limiters are gone, framerates should be consistent now
* New music plugin based on vgmstream
* Patched FF7Config is not included anymore, the plan was to make the driver fully configurable from FF7Config but that is not going to happen so I'll be happy to get rid of that ugly hack
* 9999 limit break option is gone, just use the original patch
* New battle interface option is gone, hopefully DLPB can incorporate it in his patch instead
* OpenGL 1.1 backend is gone, its not worth the effort to support it anymore and OpenGL 2.0 is supported everywhere these days
* Texture cache is limited in size (configurable) and the game will no longer crash due to it loading too many textures at once
* Mipmapping (anisotropic filtering) is supported for modpath textures
* Many minor bug fixes
Lots of old cruft cleaned out in this version, a bunch of features gone, some of them because they were difficult to maintain, some of them because they don't belong and never should have been included in the first place. Some of you will miss them that's for sure but trust me, it will all be worth it in the end.

If you find any issues, please post screenshots, relevant information from app.log and if possible, a savegame.
If you get a crash, provide a copy of crash.dmp and app.log (preferably in a zip archive, this will make it 10x smaller)

omg omg omg


For those, like me, who are trying to use the native Ogg-support of this new driver:
Delete the '#' before 'music_plugin = plugins/vgmstream_music.fgp' and create a folder called music in your Final Fantasy main folder. In it make another one with the name 'vgmstream' and in this folder you must place your Oggs. The file names must be identical to the rereleases.

Finally the downpath of the game is lossless and the game runs even better. Great job. :-D

I was expecting the server to experience high stress after this release lol... Do we need to change anything in the music file structure in ff7 (ff7music mod) or ff8 (DLPBs mod)? Thank you Aali! I wish it would support external videos for the FF8 though but hey ho...


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