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Custom graphics driver for FF7/FF8 [v0.8b]

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I think my head just exploded...


Sega Chief:
Looks like a lot of the textures are working properly now too; thanks a tonne!

How is it possible to disable the popups? The 'disable_popup' command doesn't work anymore.
I also can't get rid of the tearing. However vsync seems to work (at last the driver doesn't show a popup that it doesn't), but I guess it's a Nvidia issue.
For example I couldn't use vsync in KotoR II, which use opengl, too.

Excellent.  And with Aali's help I will pop the battle interface back as a patch.  Finally...  PROPER MUSIC!!!

I will also rerelease Anxious Heart soon.

Oh shi~, a new year update.


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