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Something that brings me a bit of concern involving q-gears and Ogre is that Ogre switching to it's new 2.X version, with a ton of changes, as well as the drop of OGL2, OpenMW has opted not to switch to it (reasons listed here

Assuming q-gears wants to maintain the same userbase, wouldn't the drop of OpenGL 2 cause an issue?

edit: Ogre, not Orge. This was driving me crazy. ~Covarr

i was thinking about this recently as not sure what q-gears would need to switch to another render system or what parts of ogre we are using. i have not been into the render code at all.

If I were to view this upgrade as a bad thing, I would be implying that community support and documentation for the current ogre version is spectacular and would lose value after the upgrade. None of this is true  ;)

1) 2.0 still in RC version so it's too early to switch to it.

2) In v 2.0 legacy OpenGL RenderSystem works.

3) In v2.1 there will be GL3+ RenderSystem

Even if they dropped OGL2 there is still a DX9 renderer for Windows. Mac only supports OGL 3.0/3.1+

And for Linux versions/hardware/drivers that has no OGL3+ see Akari's point 2.

Edit: Btw using OpenSceneGraph and totally dropping DX on Windows is far worse than dropping OGL2.X IMO. Lots of Windows OGL drivers are seriously broken and using DX is the only "fix".


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