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Tutorial to create an Hext patch for HextLaunch


This is a quick tutorial to create for example an exe patch for DLPB's Hextlaunch:

Tools needed:
DLPB's tools 2.0

-run dup2 and start a new project (name doesn't matter)
-add a new module: right click in the column -> Add -> Offset patch
-double click on the new module -> in Compare Files choose the original file and the patched file -> compare those two
-right click on the generated table and choose save table as text
-open the text file with Notepad, use the column selection (alt + left mousebutton) and mark everything under Old Byte
-if all is selected press "="; kill the first two lines (this stuff with "offset", "old and new Bye"), save it
-place the new text file in the In folder of HextSort
-run the program and hit Enter in the out folder should be now the new file for HextLaunch

This is awesome buddy, thanks! I"ll have to try this out later, this maybe just what I need.

If we use the 7th heaven will this be the file at the end to go into the iro?

Yes, this what we need to patch the exe with 7H and Hextlaunch.

Okay coo thanks just wanted to know if I needed to use the hexlaunch with it before I get to involved.


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