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This was a reorchestration project that's been put on hold for the foreseeable future; maybe someday i'll return to finish this but right now, for personal reasons, I just can't get to work on it anymore and I don't want to keep trying and feeling like ass everytime I fail; I'm gonna take a long ass break from this... Thank you to everybody who liked my work and supported me; it meant a lot.

Take a listen!

Cosmo Canyon:
Those Who Fight:
Those Who Fight Further:

Progress: 57/91 songs remade
Here are the songs that have been finished:
Spoiler: showHurry! [aseri] = Done
Hurry Up! [aseri2]
Lurking in the Darkness [ayasi] = Done
Barrett's Theme [barret] = Done
Those Who Fight [bat] = Done
Honeybee Manor [bee] = Done
Farm Boy [bokujo] = Done
Flow of Life [boo] = Done
The Mako Cannon Fires [cannon]
Canyon of the Falling Stars [canyon] = Done
The Planet's Chosen One - Intro [cephiros] = Done
Crazy Motorcycle [chase] = Done
Those Who Keep Fighting [chu] = Done
J-E-N-O-V-A [chu2] = Done
Cinco de Chocobo [cinco] = Done
The Planet's Chosen One - Loop [cintro] = Done
Fort Condor [condor] = Done
Coal Mining Town [corel] = Done
Don of the Slums [corneo] = Done
Coast of the Sun [costa] = Done
Tango of Tears [crlost]
Jackpot! [crwin]
Words Drowned by Fireworks [date]
Under the Rotten Pizza [dokubo] = Done
Pursue the Man in a Black Cloak! [dun2] = Done
Aerith's Theme [earis] = Done
Flowers Blooming in the Church [earislo] = Done
Electric de Chocobo [elec] = Done
Fanfare [fan2] = Done
Fanfare [fanfare]
Fiddle de Chocobo [fiddle]
Debut [geki]
Gold Saucer [gold1] = Done
Other Side of the Mountain [guitar2]
Shin-Ra's Full-Scale Offensive [gun] = Done
Who... Am I [hen]
Highwind of the Skies [hiku]
Blood Trail [horror] = Done
Hear the Voice of the Planet [iseki] = Done
Temple in the Forest [jukai] = Done
From the Depths of Despair [junon]
Steal the Tiny Bornco! [jyro]
Cait Sith's Theme [ketc] = Done
Great Crater of the North [kita]
Anxious Heart [kurai] = Done
Birth of a God [lb1] = Done
One-Winged Angel [lb2]
Judgement Day [ld]
Mako Reactor [makoro] = Done
While Travelling [mati] = Done
Reunion [mekyu]
Highwind of the Skies [mogu]
Frontier Village [mura1]
The Planet's Chose One [nointro] = Done
Bombing Mission [ob] = Done
The Favourite Chocobo [odds]
Continue [over2] = Done
Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony [parade] = Done
Jenova the Perfect [pj]
Prelude (pre) = Done
Red XIII's Theme (red) = Done
Turks' Theme [rhythm] = Done
The Mako Cannon Fires [riku]
The Countdown Begins [ro]
The Oppressed [rocket] = Done
Staff Roll [roll]
Land of Exile in the Sand [rukei] = Done
Mark of a Traitor [sadbar] = Done
A Dream of Space [sadsid]
The Secret Sleeping in the Deep [sea]
The Great Warrior [seto] = Done
Shin-Ra Explodes [si]
Cid's Theme [sid2]
Standing on two feet is hard! [sido] = Done
If You Opened Up Your Heart [siera]
Shin-Ra Company [sinra] = Done
Infiltrating the  Building [sinraslo] = Done
Buried in Snow [snow]
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII [ta] = Done
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII [tb] = Done
Treasured Memories [tender] = Done
Tifa's Theme [tifa] = Done
That Day Five Years Ago [tm] = Done
Wutai [utai]
Beginning of the Nightmare [vincent]
Waltz de Chocobo [walz] = Done
Weapon Raid [weapon]
Good Night, Until Tomorrow [yado] = Done
Descendant of Ninjas [yufi] = Done
Stolen Materia [yufi2]
Who Are You [yume] = Done

The track names come from Luksy's translation in the "Anxious Heart" mod


IRO File:
For use with 7th Heaven. Includes the music files as well as a modified Opening FMV. Thanks to Kaldarasha for providing the packer.

Google Drive Folder:
Download from here if you don't use either mod. The songs are already in looped OGG files, you only need to download them and drop them on the music_ogg or vgmstream folder (wherever the music files are)

      Opening FMV:
      Just download the file, and place it in the movies folder of the game.

How does this not have any replies? This here is absolutely amazing work!


--- Quote from: Covarr on 2018-11-08 16:42:40 ---How does this not have any replies? This here is absolutely amazing work!

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: DLPB on 2018-11-08 17:24:46 ---Yeah - it's not bad at all.  Sticks to the roots like it should too.  Currently listening to makou reactor theme.  It's very cool.

--- End quote ---

That's one of my favourite themes just because of how little effort it actually took; everything just sort of fell into place for that one. On the other hand, I'm still mixing Bombing Mission to this day...

I'm gonna update most of the 12 songs at the end of the weekend; and am currently working on sinra, ayasi and looking into replacing the song on the opening FMV, let's see how that goes.

Sega Chief:
It sounds crisp and faithful to originals; it's good that you're taking time to get all the sounds in there. The other two tracks on your channel are really good too.

Added the opening FMV to the OP!
I used the avi file that came with the Steam release (i did not re-encode the video, i just remuxed it with my audio), but if there is a higher quality version somewhere - or one that doesn't have the music encoded in it - please let me know so I can use that instead.

Also: all the songs have been updated; and sinra, ayasi, yado, and earislo have been added. Enjoy!


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