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WIP / Re: [FF8-PC] Blue artifact on spells dirty fix
« on: 2018-09-27 04:09:03 »
I wonder... if you were to modify these tex files, would Tonberry then populate different hash codes?
Haven't tried it yet but it may work. There's ton of files that needs to be fixed though, curiously enough, some magic textures are ok and do have alpha.

I wish there was a way to tell the game that when it gets a textures with a color of 0,0,8 in the background, that it needs to convert that last 8 to alpha OR just to "0" black.
That would be the best option giving the fact that those textures are located in multiple files and palettes, it's a complete mess. Unfortunately I have no knowledge on hex editing. :oops:

WIP / [FF8-PC] Blue artifact on spells dirty fix
« on: 2018-09-26 00:06:43 »
Hello FF lovers,

A few years ago, while playing Final Fantasy VIII on PC, I've noticed some weird blue artifacts on most of the spells (fire effect are more noticeable and looks terrible) and after some research here's a method on how to fix them:

This is the current look casting the bio spell (spell and scene were not the best option for this example, sorry):

Now, let's find this bio texture in the magic.fs file using Deling:

Let's extract this mag021.tim file and open it with TimViewer:

As you can see the lowest color value can't reach 0,0,0 (7,7,14 wich explains the blue effect) so let's pick the darkest color and tick the "invisible" box:

Nice, the "not so black" background is now gone:

Save your file and let's re-import it to the magic.fs file with Deling:

...And let's try it in-game:

Hurray! :mrgreen:

Now, this is just a proof of concept; the problem is that there's at least 100 textures that needs that operation and they're located in several files (even in the main *.exe file) not to mention the different languages and palettes. So, before I start, is there an easier way or maybe some code to make the game reads the lowest color value invisible?

I can share both *.tim files if someone's interested.

General Discussion / Re: FF8 Noob Question - Stock Magic
« on: 2018-09-10 04:03:51 »
Hey cjmstate,

Are you sure you're not using Mcindus's add-ons? The magic.dll cause that particular effect.

General Discussion / Re:
« on: 2018-09-05 15:49:07 » is definitely doing a great job here. :o In the case of FFIX I think the first thing to do is to get rid of the blurry filter to get optimal results.

Archive / Re: ff7 replacement of lego hands
« on: 2018-07-06 02:12:46 »
Haven't tried it but you can check this page where it says "Handpatch" ("télécharger" button for download).

Hey, have you tried Shard's FF8Audio tool ?

Hey Shunsq, I tried HexEdit (DLPB's Hext tools) to permanently write the code in my FF8_FR.exe and the cmd shows an error line 6 ("4002E8:512") and the buttons still says "B1, B2..." in-game; what am I doing wrong?

Code: [Select]
FF8_buttons.txt (FF8_FR.exe)

Changed: 402
Replaced: 0

Line 6 (FF8_buttons.txt): Incorrect format.


Time taken: 0,171s

11/03/2018, 11:41:23

Hi bayer59, what is the issue exactly? Not sure I understand what you mean...

If you really want to delete the "turbo icon" go to \textures\ic\iconflmaster and find the "iconflmaster_15.png" file and delete that specific area:

Not to mention the blue-ish effect during most of the attacks, spells, etc. We're exactly on the same page Xiraiya, I was interested in faithfully recreating the UI too and yes I've been searching on how to target a specific and separated font for character's names during battle (the tutorial picture is a stand-alone texture) and new "narrowed" textures for menus.

Maybe Maki have a clue on triggering new textures during specific events?

A faithfull hi-res PSX font restoration was already made here here. Hi-res PSX buttons should be easy too.

There's a mayor issue (in my opinion) about recreating a very accurate user interface: unlike FF7, there's only 1 type of texture for field and non-field. For example the game displays 1:1 text texture in dialogues on field, on the other hand, the text in menus is horizontally shrinked and same thing occurs with the rest of the textures which causes some artifacts. So even if you do manage to get perfect hi-res textures the menu UI will never look sharp and crisp.

While digging around in Deling I came across what seems to be codes for the X, Circle, Square & Triangle, Start & Select buttons, that the game uses to display the PSX Button Icons ingame.

Hey Xiraiya, using these different codes would make things much easier for everyone! Are you going to create some kind of batch replacer mod?

The texture for all the PSX buttons are in the icon.tex file (palette n°4) located in ff8\data\en\menu\
There's also very small buttons (bottom right) but I think they're unnecessary.

Edit -> Never noticed it but Deling have all PSX buttons codes (I haven't tried in-game yet):

Support / Re: FF8 - Importing an FF8 Enemy Texture
« on: 2017-09-08 00:27:29 »
I think the closest person here to doing something like that was 5way...

Hey, I've just changed my name 8) (surprisingly enough there's an option that let me do it). I did the same on Twitch years ago since people was getting confused by "five-way" instead of "Sway" -I'll change my avatar later so people can get familiar with the change-

Back to topic; I remember replacing Gerogero's censored blue blood by the original red texture so I used a great tool called Tim2View.

Choose "File" then "Scan file" and pick the desired comxxx.dat, the texture(s) will show up and you can extract them as *.png (or *tim) files. The tool also offers clut details and more details about the texture.

Once editing is done you can import the texture either as *.tim or directly *.png which is quite useful.

Good luck Sega!

May be able to easily remove black bars in world map and battle.  So that will be cool.

Wow, great news, really looking forward for this!

Oh, you mean stop using Tonberry and inject the textures directly into the game files? Unfortunately this is not possible since the game is not capable of reading the moded textures by itself.

Maybe in the future someone will try to do so but the Tonberry tool is making it easier to manage moded texture so I won't bet on it

Hey, as you just said you have to use the Tonberry (enhanced) tool for that and search for the textures you want to replace such as Horizon Pack for worldmap textures, SeeD Reborn for UI and so on...

Or maybe is it the install process itself that you're experiencing trouble?

Support / Re: FFVIII Character Model Textures
« on: 2017-08-05 17:19:46 »
You can use the Tonberry tool and get all the textures you want (*.bmp format so you can easily edit them) using the debug folder along with the hashmaps (for re-inserting your edited textures).

Great words Mcindus, I'm glad you've found a job that you're passionate about and I wish you the very best. After all these years the community is stronger than never thanks to people like you that continuously keeps offering brand new fresh to the series we all love and care about; cheers!

Feel free to include it Mcindus although I had a really bad surprise when creating the final files since I wrongly choose the source so I had to vertically stretch the art (the flare should be round), so maybe I'll update it later. :-D

Edit: So yeah, it actually was the game that vertically stretch the textures using nearest-neighbor interpolation (wich explains the poor display, same for the in-game menu's font compared to field dialogue) so I had to stretch the source. Download v2 here or here.

Just wanted to say thanks again to the entire Qhimm community, there's too many talented and great people to mention; in the meantime I've been redoing FFVIII main menu, here's a preview and download link here or here for those interested.

I was told that it was successfully sent, yet it is not in my Sent box at all. I don't want to spam the guy.
Well received; I've just sent you all textures for Gerogero's 3D model.

To celebrate the release, tirlititi was so nice to make a spoof Video with the FFIX Engine
Haha, I love it ;D

Every Background is finished. Now I need only to double check it so hopefully I can release a beta end of the week / starting next week.
Well done Fraggoso, quite excited for the beta release!

The red and green versions of that Ultimecia Castle exist in both versions of the game, and the scripts to switch to the green version.

:o Oh, you're right, it's right there too, nice catch!

First you need to get Deling for export/import resources:

  • Gerogero's 3D model

  • Gerogero's TT card

  • Ultimecia's castle armory

I have the TT card and 3D model textures but NOT Ultimecia's castle armory field; the "easiest" way to get this uncesored field is to ask someone to extract it from the japanese version of the game.

Hey Meru,

Sounds promising (specially the guardhouse) it looks like a plastic wrap effect to artificially add more details and accentuate borders, so far I like it but it sometimes feels like it's adding details where they do not belong like some house facades (in main street).

Just found this article inside there's a algorithm for enhancing pixelated pictures called PixelCNN. Maybe someone can give it a try on FFVII/VIII backgrounds; the code is in python and I don't have that kind of knowledge to try this out.

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