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Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-06-06 00:20:26 »
I did take some liberty as for the flowers for the A-Class screens but remains extremely faithful to the vanilla game, enjoy!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-06-04 16:29:44 »
B-Class is done!

As a reminder:

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-06-02 18:22:36 »
Is that specifically for the chocobo minigames or are you speaking generally? I ask because a lot of menus/mods have been created with partial transparency.
During the Chocobo race only, I did not encountered that particular issue anywhere else.
That's why I left the Chocobo minigame last on my list because I knew it was a complete mess.

Minor improvements has been done today. B class is next!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-06-01 18:51:56 »
C-class Chocobo screens are done.

Some textures are stretched in-game and the original ratio is not met which explains the distortions here and there. I tried my best to get a well balanced result by editing textures only.

And here's a preview of the chocobo avatars and bubbles using hard edges since semi transparent pixels are not game friendly.

Exactly, I've seen some really nice new features and bugfixes on the Memoria GitHub page over the last few months, hope they'll make a big official release soon on the main Moguri website. Let's be patient.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-30 16:50:32 »
AAvock are you using the stock font spacing?

I'm using the original windows.bin but a few character widths (maybe 10-15) were changed.

You can find the edited windows.bin file in my pack and compare it to the original.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-29 21:50:05 »
Thanks Kuraudo. Those are the "full body" artworks and they're different from the ones used for in-game menus.

I'm confident with my work and I think all avatars are fully optimized by now.

Currently working on the chocobo "C class" screen, next update soon!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-28 23:37:16 »
Thanks for the encouragements!

Quick update: I just found a slightly better source for Yuffie's avatar, she now looks crispier than ever!

Not to brag but unless Square-Enix decided to release better sources I can safely say that my avatar set is the best you can possibly get :mrgreen:

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-26 02:11:14 »
It's all textures, I'm trying to get the most balanced results and I know there's definitely room for improvements with hex editing like dragging all items up in order to make the bottom space larger for instance. The numbers for both speed and stamina needs to be slightly higher too and so on.

As far as I know I've never seen such hex addresses anywhere in the forums.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-25 22:21:04 »
Okay, NOW we're talking.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-21 02:43:44 »
Yeah dude, my single least favorite thing I encountered when working onthe Remake font for ESUI. So many inconsistencies and misalignments inherent in the original. Often felt like I was being punished for being consistent with my own measurements, to have to misalign my own work in order to get it to display cleanly. *smh*
Exactly, for a CRT screen back then it was not a priority to get that sort of accuracy I guess.

I'm trying my best to get a well balanced result. Until next update, here are the different type of crowns (too bad they don't show up on top of the bubbles).

The stamina gauge is now perfectly centered too!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-17 15:41:21 »
Due to bad coding in the original game I'm encountering a few obstacles. Here, you can see tons of misalignment, bad cropping, distorted texture display, unconsistent X,Y placements...

Very nice job Caledor, well done!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-11 19:00:16 »
 Definitely not happy on how things are turning out. I guess it's a driver thing, semi transparency are not being displayed correctly.

Here you can see that the chocobo avatars borders are all messed up and there's also some artifacts on the neck despite that zone being single layered.

Best I can do is using hard edges textures (in this preview the gold chocobo), borders are harsh but at least the neck is okay.

I'll try a 800% or even a 1600% sized texture see if I can improve it.

Definitely a must have from now on, outstanding job Cosmos! It makes all 3D models blends with the 2D backgrounds and makes the game overall more immersive.

Sometimes (and depending on the zone) the shadows feels too pronounced but I guess this will be more balanced in the future.

Keep the great work!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-09 23:27:46 »
Thanks Kuraudo.!

Maps are done,next on the list is the stamina gauge.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-08 21:41:23 »
Chocobo avatars are now fully redrawn, they're far from perfect but still better compared to what I've made in a rush years ago. Because of the poor source material those textures are based on Nomura's artwork.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-04 00:21:59 »
I noticed some spacing issues, so probably still a work in progress.
You need to edit the windows.bin file. This one should do it.

I don't know if you plan to make this menu show the ps1 buttons. Thought I'd ask.
This requires text editong, I believe Makou Reactor can do the trick.

Here's the spacing issue.
Manipulating boxes dimensions requires hex editing the ff7.exe file, Cheat Engine is the tool.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-05-03 15:27:24 »
All right, in this pack you'll find the updated fonts including minor fixes and corrected shadows.

Also, Kuraudo.'s request is done for Italians users.

And finally a a New Threat version with ◯,✖,▲, ◼ and directional buttons as placeholders just to show how easy it is to customize the textures with all the buttons you want.

Now, back to my chocobos!

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-04-26 03:09:09 »
Aavock, thanks for getting back to me! So I'll just have to wait for you to redraw those psx buttons then? I can do that, not a problem. I'll keep a look out when you or Satsuki update your graphics pack.
Well, based on the screenshot you posted you can easily spot the characters that need to be replaced by the specific PSX button. That's actually a very simple task.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-04-26 01:38:48 »
All shadows have been redrawn and both fonts were closely revisited !
This update will be available in Satsuki's pack.

Previous version for reference:

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-04-22 23:04:59 »
Here you go. This was exactly the issue I was talking about. See how the buttons are color coded, but they're wonky? That's it.

Wait so what exactly is the problem? Aavock, did you figure it out?

Thanks for the screenshot, this is what I was looking for. I will be releasing an dedicated pack with the PSX buttons for all New Threat/The Reunion users.

First, I need to finish my font optimization (about ~70% done) then I'll start drawing all PSX buttons as faithful as possible in size, color and shape.

Can someone rip the PSX buttons textures from the original game and post them as *.bmp/*.png?

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-04-21 03:13:06 »
So it is using the exact same method, copy that.

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-04-20 20:36:07 »
My bad, I thought that the PSX buttons would display there as well.

Instead, can you post the dialogue box from the Highwind tutorial guy?

Releases / Re: Aavock UI 1:1Remastered
« on: 2021-04-20 17:19:08 »
I see, drawing all PSX buttons is planned. Can you post a screenshot of the in-game default configuration buttons as a reference?

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