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This shader is quite interesting; I've been looking for editing the couple of *.hlsl files inside the "shaders" folder of the re-release version but the game crashes, any chance to make them work ?

This shader processing filter cross my mind a while ago, I already made a research on the xBR algorithm which looks extremely good but an issue came up because the shader will be processing the entire game including the 3D models and text menus for example. I think Omzy made a fantastic job but I share the same opinion as you about the final results. However, an xBR filtering for backgrounds would definitely be a must-have !! If I can help you somehow just let me know.

Thanks for the response PitBrat but I want to create this mod for the re-release version by creating a new flevel.lgp file. IMG2Tex is definitely not working, the backgrounds  are not *.tex files such as the menu font and character's avatars.

Here's what I did so far:
1) Extract the entire flevel.lgp using unlgp cmd
2) Get "md1stin" (first field of the game)
3) Extract all PNG from "md1stin" using "Palmer"
4) Place all "md1stin" PNG in Photoshop then resize preocess

Now, I want to convert the PNG results into the game custom file type (I thought "Palmer" was able to do so) and replace "md1stin" file then use lgp cmd to create new the flevel.lgp.

I've already read the qhimm wiki pages about the backgrounds but according to Aali here, it is possible to import the PNG back to flevel.lgp using "Palmer" but step 5 is not working. Has anybody tried this before ?

I just can't improve what Omzy already did but his FacePalmer v3.0 script is very interesting and I would like to apply diferent resizing method but once I have all the PNG files freshly resized I have no clue how to convert them into the game custom field file type into the flevel.lgp.

Reason I want to do that for the 2012 version is because I already create an other mod that strangely doesn't work well in the 1998 version. Also, it would be incredibly easy to "install" this mod.

IMG2Tex is not working, the fields maps are not *.tex files Kompass; how can I convert them CleverName ?

Thanks for your response CleverName, but is it possible to re-convert the PNG files into the game custom file type ? In some older versions of "Palmer" there was a option to do so if I remember correctly...

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to "put back" the earlier extrated PNG files into the LGP so it would be compatible with re-release: thanks to Aali's "Palmer" I was able to extract the PNG files, resized them and apply some filters; using a PS script it'll be a fast process but now I'm stuck in how to re-insert the result in the LGP file. Any ideas ? Does "Palmer" allow that manipulation ?

Archive / Re: Cait Sith Field Model
« on: 2013-05-02 19:02:35 »
I had the same problem once using Kimera 0.97, I recomend you to run the 0.95 version, here:

Archive / Re: Cait Sith Field Model
« on: 2013-05-02 03:38:53 »
Yeah, sithlord48 is right: the char.lgp field model for Caith Sith is aebc.hrc; Red XIII is adda.hrc.

Thanks kranmer, it makes everything easier for the window.bin file, problem is I can't edit each character individually (narrow and wide font and pixel per pixel spacing) I guess it's possible to do it hex editing the ff7.exe but I can't find the correct adress... Can you please send the first 10 default decimals so I can find it ? Thanks a lot!

You can decompile it using the bin extractor from lasyan3 here:
There's also valuable information about the *.tex and window.bin files in this thread:

Please let me know if you find the adresses in the ff7.exe for the weight size of each character.

Hello again Agahnim, the weight size of each character is in the windows.bin file, you'll need to decompile it (there's 3 files in it): the first two are graphics and the third one contains the bytes that you need to hexedit. Recently, I've noticed that you can manipulate them hex editing the font table in the ff7.exe but I didn't find the adresses yet.

Hi jusete, you'll need to hexedit the ff7.exe: download the hex documentation from DLPB here: All the addresses for resizing and editing x and y positions of the windows are there.

Keep in mind that documentation is for the 1998 english version of the game. Good luck !

Graphical / Re: changing default font #2
« on: 2013-04-26 04:58:16 »
That's a different method, glad to see you've found how to fix those files.
Good luck with your greek translation project Agahnim !

Graphical / Re: changing default font #2
« on: 2013-04-23 15:16:10 »
Have you try your new texture in-game ? Make sure the BMP file is 256x256px.

Graphical / Re: changing default font #2
« on: 2013-04-23 05:34:04 »
Hey Agahnim, been there, done that: if you want to edit a *.tex file you'll need to extract to *.bmp (let's say palette number 1) then edit it with your image editing software then in Omega load the original usfont file to get the palettes right after that load your retouched *.bmp file and convert it to *.tex. Be aware that there's 2 kind of font for the PC version: narrow for menus ans wide for dialogues (2 files each).

Graphical / Re: AC (Round Edge) Avatars by Zendar.
« on: 2013-04-08 15:13:01 »
Hi nobuyukimods, you must place them in your mods folder, then in menu: \FINAL FANTASY VII\mods\menu

Releases / Re: The Reunion
« on: 2013-04-08 05:00:41 »

Sorry for askin' but I downloaded the hex documentation for my french ff7.exe which came out extremely handy for box and text resizing of the main menu but now, I have some trouble with the black box located behind the main battle menu, I already managed to change the y position of the menu and I need to find the y value for this black bottom bar. I thought it was "battle width 0091e7fc" but doesn't work... My goal is to place the main menu at the bottom of the screen. Thanks.

Okay, I just found in the ff7.exe (v1.02) 2 different type of calls of the menu_fr.lgp textures (as *.tim files). The callback.cpp line worth a second look, unfortunately, I have no clue what would be the next step...

Thanks for the response halkun.

So, it has something to do with the ff7.exe ? I pretty much lack in knowledge in hex editing but is there some documentation about that specific mapping ?

It's weird because it works like a charm for the other textures and I didn't have to change anything...
Maybe it has something to do with the window.bin file ?

Your models are really impressive magochocobo, keep up the good work !!

Thanks for your response FF7Remastered but I want this little patch to be able to work for the re-release edition too and the easiest way to install (by only replacing the menu_fr.lgp file). I already spent a lot of time understanding the *.tex file's header, everything's working just fine except for all the outside battle window textures...

It's curious that all the rest of the textures works perfectly so I'm clueless how to fix it.

Here's another example: the countdown numbers are supposed to be the same ones as the HP and MP numbers (numbers are upscaled and works great in the battle window but not outside of it, they're keeping their original size and position of the original *.tex file).

Graphical / Problem with upscaled textures of the menu.lgp
« on: 2013-03-27 01:40:00 »
Hey guys,

I'm currently working on resizing @ 200% the *.tex files from the "menu_fr.lgp" (french version of the game). After a lot of trouble, I've managed to get all the palettes right. I'm using Biturn for the *.tex to *.bmp conversion and Img2tex for the *.bmp to *.tex. My first goal was upscaling the "usfont" files and I was very pleased with the results so I move on with the "btl_win" files and this is where the drama began. Problem is that all the textures located outside the battle window box such as "target" "death", "mp" (recovering), sleeping status and the damage and recovery numbers are keeping their original size and location from the *.tex file.

The reason why I've been working on this small mod is because I wanted to keep the original aspect of the game such as the custom font and because it'll be extremely easy to make it work. Every upscaled textures of the menu_fr.lgp is working just fine but for some reason it doesn't apply with textures located outside the battle window box only.

Thank you for any time/advice you could put in to a reply.

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