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[FF8 PC]Fields database
« on: 2020-01-18 19:26:24 »
Hello everyone,
I've been thinking about creating a database for all the elements contained in FF8 fields.
The idea is to list all the assets contained in all scenes and in the future to create 3d models of all these assets.
The database would also contain the camera location, focal length and orientation. I force all scenes to be rendered 16:9 :ex:3840x2160 pix for 4K.

So far i've documented 65 / 900 fields.
Total number of assets:192
Total number of materials:103

I need the help of the community. All field pictures can be found here (thank you Maki ;D ):

Pick a field in the list below and please describe the assets and the materials.
What is an asset?
An asset is an object or a character populating a scene. ex: boat, car, stone,peebles,raincoat
What is a material?
The material describes the aspect of an asset.
ex: shiny green plastic, rubber, wet cardboard

Here is the googlesheet : FIELD DATABASE

Here is what i have for the field bcport1a:

  • Environment type:Harbor
  • Asset list:
    ocean,honeycomb pavement,concrete floor,ships,brick wall,concrete buildings,flower pot,small wood bark,chains,iron barrier,barrels,big wooden roll, far island
  • Material list:
    ocean,concrete,galvanized iron,brick,leaves
  • Camera focal length(in millimeters):
  • Camera loc([X,Y,Z]in meters):
  • Camera rot([X,Y,Z]in degrees):

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Re: [FF8 PC]Fields database
« Reply #1 on: 2020-01-22 15:22:04 »
You should make a Google shared spreadsheet and post a link to it.