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Sorry to Necro this but do you have a updated list for these ID's? I'm trying to work out how your attaching sounds to text boxes

Minor update. I have been going through my old projects and uploading source code to my github. All of it is free to use and modify, as long as you keep me as an author.

I don't suppose there is a way to identify/update the description of sounds effects? @Tsunamix?

Been messing with this lately.  Oddly enough when you load your own sounds in, it plays back really fast when you use 'Play Sound', but when I reextract the wav, it sounds ok (albeit lower quality; but that's to be expected).  It also sounds ok when it plays inside the game, so it's whatever I guess.

There's another issue that's a little more concerning.  I loaded in 2 custom sounds at ID 10641 and 10642.  I then loaded in 9 more sounds at 10643 - 10651.  I went back and added descriptions for each of these files so I wouldn't have to painstakingly go through them to remember what they were. I then added 5 more sounds from 10652 - 10656.  The instant I did that the descriptions for 10643 -  10651 got deleted. It didn't delete the sounds though.  But at the same time this happened, the descriptions for 10641 & 10642 were left untouched.  So that's an annoying bug. I had to go back and re-add all of those descriptions.  I'm gonna try to avoid symbols and just stick to text, and maybe put some gaps in-between mass imports once I do my next batch, but if it keeps doing this, the descriptions column might be completely unusable.

EDIT: I realized after returning to my project many months later that I had simply left sound files in the import folder while trying to add more.  So anyone who uses this, just keep in mind any time you replace or re-import a sound, it'll erase any notes/descriptions you included in that cell for the old sound (which makes sense why it would do that, but just a heads up since it's an easy mistake to make).


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