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Almost a decade ago, I managed to edit the world map textures and replaced the grass, ground, and mountain textures with Crisis Core (PSP) textures. I no longer remember the exact process but I do remember that I had all the textures converted to PNG which I edited in GIMP. I didn't have to pack it back into the .lgp. I just left it in its folder (I think it's C:\Games\Final Fantasy VII\mods\textures\world or something) and I can immediately see the changes after relaunching the game.

I'm currently using 7th Heaven for my mods. I managed to extract SYW's Unified Worldmap Textures and tested the edited textures using the folder structure above but I don't see the changes.

So far, the how-tos I'm finding require packing it back and I'm having trouble finding the relevant pages/sites.

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.


I'm going to see if the latest AI upscale models available can provide better results than the SYW World Map Textures. I found a ground/foliage/dirt model that gave nice results (using CupScale) and would like to try it.

Been Googling around and so far I'm unable to find out how to extract the Vanilla textures.

Hey! Looks like 7th Heaven uses a different approach for textures. Instead of loose files, you likely need to repack the edited textures into the .lgp format.

Here are some resources that might help:

FF7 Texture Upscales: (This guide discusses packing/unpacking textures for 7th Heaven)
FF7 World Map Stuff: (This thread mentions tools used for world map textures)
These might involve using TexTool to convert your edited PNGs back into the .tex format before repacking.

Good luck with your FF7 world map makeover!

Hey there! It sounds like you have some interesting experience with modding Final Fantasy VII world textures. Here's how things might have changed with 7th Heaven:

Packing is likely needed now: While you might have gotten away with loose textures before, 7th Heaven probably requires packing the edited textures back into the .lgp format for the game to recognize them.
Dedicated tools: 7th Heaven might have its own tools or recommend specific tools for packing textures. Check the 7th Heaven documentation or forums for details.
Here's how you can move forward:

7th Heaven Documentation: Look for guides or tutorials specifically related to texture modding with 7th Heaven. They should explain the recommended tools and packing process.
Community Resources: Check out 7th Heaven forums or communities. Someone else might have a solution for using loose textures, or offer alternative packing tools.
Old method exploration: If you remember the tools you used before, try searching for them again. However, relying on outdated tools might not be as reliable or secure.
Here are some additional resources that might be helpful:

7th Heaven Website: (They might have a forum section)
FF7 Modding Community:
Good luck getting those custom textures back in the game!


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