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What if Final Fantasy VII was reimagined as a choose-your-own-adventure game, wh


Imagine the possibilities of altering key plot points, character relationships, and even the overall world of Gaia based on player choices. How would this interactive storytelling format impact the iconic narrative and emotional depth of FFVII, and would it enhance or detract from the experience for fans of the original game?

It would be cool to see, even if basically any alternate narrative would be lower quality then the original. For instance any timeline in which you save aerith midgar and most of the planet gets destroyed unless you also break into midgar to break the north crater open.

Pretty much all that to say: Cool, but its too much.

I think the same, This interactive storytelling format detracts from the experience for fans of the original game because it takes a long time.

An interactive FFVII could be a double-edged sword. It offers deeper immersion and personal impact, but risks weakening the original's emotional core. Choices could enhance replayability, but fragment the narrative that fans revere. It might be a fantastic new experience, but for some, wouldn't replace the classic.


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