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Hyne is a save file editor for Final Fantasy VIII.


* Open PC/PS save format
* Save as many PS & PC save format
* Edit GF/Character/Triple Triad/Items/Battle/Shops/Worldmap/Game Progression/Chocobo World/Config/Party informations (75% of savemap)
* Very nice Qt GUI
* Available in French, English and Japanese!
Known bugs (v1.8.x)

* Crash on save: remove the "codecs" folder to fix it

Download: Hyne on GitHub

Thanks to sithlord48 to provide Linux and mac versions.

How to use Hyne with PSP or PS3
About Steam version support


 - Position editor (worldmap)
 - field editor (more than just current progression)
 - characters & gf exportation/importation


* v1.0: initial release
* v1.1:
* Memory card header editor
* Open psv format
* Fix a bug that prevents the opening of saves
* Tool for restores deleted saves (if possible)
* Fix a bug with the game time > 100 hours
* v1.2:
* Add "Hidden" option in Miscellaneous > Party > Party Order
* Fix a bug with "character available" option
* Removing dlls (windows only)
* Edit memory card header and restores deleted saves now work
* v1.3:
* Added "Items/Battle order" section
* Added "Miscellaneous/Tutorial" section
* Added "Triple Triad/Rules" section
* 60% of savemap is now editable
* Convert PC to PS
* Many improvements and fixes
* And more...
* v1.4:
* Properties>memory card header now really editable for non-ff8 saves
* Adding buttons to save icons in Properties>slot header
* the FPS is detected automatically
* The main window is resizable
* Crash in battle order
* Available checkbox (in characters>status) is splitting into several widgets (locked in 'switch' menu option)
* Buttons to fill automaticaly the lists (fill all items...) & to sort
* New Triple Triad/Rules page with more editable fields
* New Chocobo World page, empty for now ^^'
* New HexEditor page... (advanced mode only)
* v1.5:
* Full support of japanese characters
* G-F capacities are no longer learned automatically, users can choose
* Reload file function (F5)
* Improvements and minor fixes
* v1.5.1:
* Three fixes for japanese encoding
* Editor launch faster
* Added several translations
* v1.6:
* New sub-section! Magazines (Weapons and Timber Maniacs)
* New section! Shops
* New section! Draw Points
* New section! Battle (Stats + Magic known + Enemy Scanned Once)
* New section! Worldmap (with obel + PuPu quests)
* New section! Field (game moment + disk number)
* New information can be edited in Chocobo World section (ID, level, weapons, HP...)
* 75% of savemap is now editable
* Adding save icons in select saves dialog
* "Launch Final Fantasy VIII", "Fullscreen mode" and "Modify the order of saves" new functions
* New application icon !
* Hex editor widget updated
* Some display improvements
* v1.6.1:

* Add VM1 support
* Can export in PSV format (but like VMP, without breaking the protection)
* Can open a save from raw data
* Can replace a save icon by another from FF8
* Can create a new file and create a "new game" save
* New editor section: "party" with some data from the misc editor and a model position editor
* Introduction menu
* Can open a save state from ePSXe (*.000, *.001...) and from pSX (*.psv)
* It is now possible to Drag & Drop a save to modify the save order or export a save into another instance of Hyne
* If the language is not detected on your machine, a dialog will allow you to choose your language
* The save mechanism is modified: the file is saved only if you choose "save" in the menu (or by pressing Ctrl+S, etc...)
* Fix a bug when convert a save to PlayStation memory card (*.mcr file for example)
* Some improvements to the ergonomics of the GUI
* v1.7:

* [Editor] Adding Duel Auto option for Zell's limit break
* [Editor] New page editor: Preview editor
* [Header Editor] Fixed crash when enter to the properties menu
* [Header Editor] The short description of a save is now editable
* [Header Editor] Using the current save ID in the identifier list
* Some changes related to multi-slots saves
* Hyne uses less of memory
* [Windows 7+] The current save icon is displayed in overlay of the application icon
* Doesn't ask for language if there is just one available
* Hacks for Mac OS version
* Some internal changes
* The "new game" save contains character and gf names in french, there are replaced by the translated names
* v1.8.1:

* FF8 Steam support
* Adding "New window" option
* [Battle Editor] Monster kills value is computed automatically by default
* Bug: removed ff8 PC save files was not correctly deleted on disk
* Japanese translation updated
* Minor changes
* v1.8.2:

* [FF8 rerelease] Metadata.xml (Cloud saves) can be updated manually (File > Sign saves for the Cloud...).
* [FF8 rerelease] Adding error messages when there are errors with metadata.xml (Cloud saves)
* [FF8 rerelease] Fixing bug: when saving a *.ff8 file, the metadata file is not saved if the selected ff8 installation is not a Steam installation.
* [FF8 rerelease] Fixing bug: Steam version can be not detected when there are several FF8 installation on the computer.
* [FF8 rerelease] Hyne now update the metadata file even it is not in an "user_*" directory. Please let me know if it isn't work.
* Fixing bug: last save path is not saved when exporting a selected save to PC.
* Change spell count limit to 100 in standard mode.
* Fixing (old) regression: animate multi-frame icons in save list view (PS memorycard)
* v1.9.0:

* [Draw point editor] Adding indication if located in field or worldmap
* Fixing keyboard shortcut conflicts if more than one main windows was instanciated
* Improving detection of user's documents directory on Windows
* Reencode source files to UTF-8
* Migrate to Qt 5 library
* v1.10.0:

* Fixing slot detection on modern Windows (2000 version)
* Adding uncompressed save format
* Fixing GF forget ability
* Adding Queen trade rule, CC quest and BGU TT victory count
* Adding worldmap position presets
* v1.11.0:

* Adding compatibility with Switch saves
* Improve detection of PC 2013 and PC Remaster editions
* Fixing format detection algorithm (for PC like saves)
* Adding VMP (PSP) and PSV (PS3/PSVita) signatures
* Adding the end of the CC quest
* Fixing Chocobo World Icon saving

Next update soon... Edit: NOW UPDATED!

Changelog 1.3 version :

* Added "Items/Battle order" section
* Added "Miscellaneous/Tutorial" section
* Added "Triple Triad/Rules" section
* 60% of savemap is now editable
* Convert PC to PS
* Many improvements and fixes.
* And more...

Look at the first post to download the lastest version.

Download seems to be broken, gets to 100% then stops without actually finishing citing the connection to the severs has been reset, any chance of a re-upload or a Mediafire/RapidShare/somewhere else upload?

Hi Tekkie,

I used a download manager to get it, not sure if MegaUpload has something wrong.

Anyway, I uploaded it on my web hosting in case of someone hase troubles with MU : Hyne v1.3

Great job myst6re ;)

Amazing work ! Thank you very much for this great contribution :D


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