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I'm very new to modding of any sort -- but I really enjoyed this mod and the changes it made. But I'm wondering if there's a way to go through the mod files and view the bestiary and monster stats? I've found some .mes files with the monsters' names and abilities, but nothing with their HP, MP, etc. Also nothing for which items are dropped or which blue magic is learned from which monsters.

Hi, I'm glad you've enjoyed the mod!

I can set you up with a HWS file that you can load in Hades Workshop (the FF9 editor) which should show all of the relevant changes, including traces of weird ideas that I wasn't able to implement. Once I get back to the computer I use for modding I'll get the file for you.

edit: I think this is the newest version of the mod:

From memory, in order to look at the contents you need to start up Hades Workshop, click File, Open and select the main FF9 executable in the FF9 directory. After that, click File, Open Mod and then select the HWS file from the drop box link. It'll probably take some time to load up but it should have all of the relevant changes.

Note that the HP values on some late game bosses won't be correct, since I used some of Memoria's functionality to change them. I think everything else should be accurate though.

After a lot of testing, 2.0 is now released. This is the most substantial update to the mod since release, I have gone through nearly every battle in the game, fixing bugs and making things overall more challenging than before. Beyond the combat, there have been a great number of more minor changes and tweaks that range from squashing bugs to replacing abilities entirely from 1.6.

The mod now requires Memoria and the version for standard FF9 will no longer be updated. That said, installing through Memoria is arguably simpler than how the mod used to be installed and more importantly, Moguri is now fully supported.

Below are the steps for installing the mod, which I have shamelessly copied and pasted from the new OP:

Standard Installation

1. Download and run the latest version of the Memoria patcher from this page: Note that when you run the patcher, Windows may pop up a dialog saying the file is unsafe; this appears to be a false positive and is probably not unexpected given how the patcher works. If you've got an older version of Memoria, make sure to update to the newest version.

2. Launch FF9. You should now see a different looking screen from what you would normally see, what you'll want to click is the "Install Mods" button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, click the Browse Catalog tab and you should see the mod listed.

3. Select David Bowie Edition in the mod manager and install it. Should be good to go from there.

4. Note that this should not be used with existing save games, unless updating from a previous version.

Additionally, you can download mod data at the following link:

It says 1.6, but it is 2.0. I'd recommend installing the mod through Memoria instead.

Moguri Installation

This is largely the same as the standard install, but you've got an additional step before doing starting the process. First install the newest version of Moguri from here:

Once you finish installing Moguri, proceed with the steps seen in the Standard Installation section. At the end you can enable whichever Moguri components you'd like to use in the Mod Manager. I don't think load order should matter, keeping David Bowie Edition loading before Moguri will work fine.


To update the mod, simply uninstall it in the Memoria Mod Manager's Installed Mods tab, then redownload it in the Browse Catalog tab. Also make sure to be running the latest version of Memoria, as DBE makes use of features from the most recent release.

As always, please let me know if anything seems broken.

Hey is this still the way to get this working with moguri? I tried to follow these steps exactly and I didn't get a mod load order when opening FF9 (it didn't even look different) and it broke the game when I tried to run it.
I had to get moguri from the moguri website though which I'm assuming is the problem by being updated to make this incompatible?

I've never used moguri or anything like this before so sorry if this is a dumb problem to have. I've been trying to get this working for hours searching all over.

I just ran through the steps I listed just to make sure I didn't mess something up and it still seems to work for me. Just to clarify, what do you mean when you say it didn't look different after you opened FF9? Do you mean that the launcher for FF9 looked the same as it always did, no extra options just purely vanilla? If that's the case that probably means that Moguri or Memoria hasn't been installed correctly.

Also this isn't related to your question and is more of a general announcement: for the last couple of month and a half I have been working on a pretty significant update, specifically going over all of the battles in the game to make them more challenging. The early game in particular isn't really in a state that I like in 1.16 and my hope is that it'll change pretty drastically. The mod isn't turning into a hard mode mod or anything like that, but I don't think I went far enough when I originally made most of the changes to battles.

I have no idea on when it will release, I'm hoping on some point within the next few months, I just need a solid block of time where I can sit down and really mess around with it.

It's been a while since I used a controller with this (at this point I mostly just use a keyboard out of convenience) but I think you can set it up to use a d-pad depending on what kind of controller you use. Typically when I use a keyboard I use a DualShock 4 and I believe I had to use DS4Windows get it to work. Not entirely sure what you would need to do with other controller types though.

I can see why you would want to do that though, the stage fight at the start of the game is way more difficult on a keyboard from my experience.

OK thank you!

Really appreciate the patience with all the questions, modding is a fairly new thing to me.

And last question, DBE should be at the top of the mod load correct? Only plan on using the better Backgrounds.

EDIT: After finishing the installation of Moguri when I open FF9 there is no longer an options to install mods. SS

Definitely have DBE at the top of the load order, things will get WEIRD if it's not.

As for the other installation, all you need to do after installing Moguri is re-run the Memoria patcher. Once you do that the Install Mods section should still be there and the Moguri components should show up.

The mod should be compatible with all parts of Moguri as far as I can tell.

As for turn-based battles, it was actually not designed with them in mind, but you can absolutely play with them if you'd like. Like vanilla FF9 though, make sure to turn off turn-based battles when fighting Ozma, to my understanding the setting does not work there due to Ozma's unique quirks.

A really quick thing to check is whether Zidane has a Mage Masher already equipped, that's an early way to know how things are going. Generally speaking starting a brand new save file is probably a good bet, otherwise your inventory might have some things in it that it really ought not to.

However since my last post there's actually been a number of big changes and it's actually pretty easy to set up the mod with Moguri now, if you want to give that a shot. Just have to do the following:

1. Install the latest version of Moguri, the download link is as follows:

2. Download and run the latest version of the Memoria patcher from this page: Note that when you run the patcher, Windows may pop up a dialog saying the file is unsafe; this appears to be a false positive and is probably not unexpected given how the patcher works.

3. Launch FF9. You should now see a different looking screen from what you would normally get with Moguri, what you'll want to click is the "Install Mods" button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, click the Browse Catalog tab and you should see the mod listed. Not everything listed is current available for direct download through the manager, but from what I can tell that will change soon.

4. Install David Bowie Edition and go back to the Installed Mods tab. From here you may need to alter the load order; so long as David Bowie Edition is listed above the Moguri files it should work just fine.

MASSIVE thanks to Tirlititi for getting this all figured out, none of this would be possible otherwise.

Even if you don't want to run Moguri for whatever reason, I'd still recommend doing everything here after the first step. Memoria is generally superior to the original engine at this point and it makes installing supported mods like this one way, waaaay easier.

I should note that there might be bugs, I've been testing it myself and had some other folks do the same and there have been some oddities here and there, most prominent one at the moment is that the area around Dali seems to occasionally lock up during random battles, but it's fairly easy to get to Dali with minimal battles and it's not guaranteed to happen to you. Once I've had an opportunity to test the fix for that I'll update this thread and the file within Memoria; from there it'll just be a simple matter of uninstalling and reinstalling the mod.

Last thing I'll say is that there will probably be a number of balance tweaks forthcoming (I'm not super into how the start of the game plays in retrospect), but otherwise everything should be playable and stable.

I'll check what is the problem with compatibility with the Moguri mod but I would find it very strange if it were compatible with Memoria and not Moguri. I don't know what this DBE is about. (EDIT: Ow... DBE is the mod's name ^^')

I can't recall exactly what I had to do to get it working with Memoria and I'm not 100% sure I didn't break Memoria functionality in the process, as I didn't wind up playing through the entire game with it, just a few small chunks just to see how it was. It's been a long time since I was messing around with it but I think it was a question installing the mod as I normally would after installing Memoria, but I'll need to fiddle with it again to see. Whatever it was I did, I do recall trying to do largely the same thing with Moguri and didn't have a whole lot of luck.

I'm going to try to get back into it, it would be entirely on-brand for me to have made a mistake at some point during the process. I'd love to have Moguri support in particular, pretty much any time I read a post on other sites about people playing the Steam port it's usually about how fantastic Moguri looks.

By the way, the opening post has a huge "Final Fantasy XI: David Bowie Edition" typo :p

Gah. Oh god, I don't know how long that's been like that, it's giant and bold and I didn't even realize it. Dyslexia again strikes.

1.16 is now available:

It's not a massive change up, I wanted to come back and touch things up after not having really looked into the mod for a while. The download should have a list of changes, identical to the one in the updated OP. I want to keep working on some of the rougher edges as I see them, as I'm back to doing a playthrough after a long time away from it.

Couple things I should mention: using Memoria with this mod does appear to work as far as I can tell, though I should note I never did play through the entire game with it. It's been months since I've last messed around with it, I hesitate to say it's fully supported and you may run into trouble if you run it, though it seemed fine for me. Ozma definitely won't work with turn-based battles. I really enjoyed how turn-based battles feels with the mod, at least from the bits of it I played.

Regarding Moguri support, I don't think that it's particularly likely to happen at this point. From what I can gather, getting it working isn't a particularly simple process and involves the Moguri devs implementing support for DBE within their own project, so it's not just a question of installing Moguri and plugging DBE in. Quite frankly I don't think that there's anywhere near enough demand for this project to really justify that time and effort, especially considering the lack of sophistication in what I've done compared to a number of other mods. At the end of the day this was really just a thing I worked on for a couple years on and off for fun and I wasn't ever entirely sure I was ever going to release it to the public.

There's been some rumors lately about another FF9 release for PC based on an Nvidia leak, I'm not sure if it's a real thing that going to happen or what it's even going to look like, but if it happens and it is possible and not a major pain in the ass to work with, I might try to get compatibility for it. We'll have to wait and see at any rate.

It might well be possible, to be perfectly honest I never really intended a PSX version and haven't really played around with the Hades tool's features to know exactly how it works, though I imagine it's a question of exporting the mod as a PPF. My guess is that it's probably possible, but it might be broken in new and unique ways. If I can get a good chunk of time to screw around with it I might give it a shot at some point, unfortunately I haven't really had the time to work on the mod much in general lately.

Having said all that, I do recommend checking out the Steam version if you've got a chance, it had a fairly nice UI update last year which makes it look dramatically better than it did before. I wasn't completely sold on it when I initially played it, but it feels pretty decent these days and it's not dramatically different than the PS1 version. It DOES feature a speed up toggle and a config option to remove the slow camera rotation the opens most random battles. It's pretty nice.

are there any plans for support for memoria? been loving the hack, but the ridiculously slow battle start up makes this insanely frustrating to play.

That's what I'm hoping to do following the next update, specifically I'm really hoping to get it working with Moguri. It's a little slow going unfortunately, my work process with the mod seems to be brief bursts of ideas and productivity followed by weeks of distractions.

Also make sure you've got the Skip Battle Camera set to ON in the in game menu, it'll get rid of the lengthy camera sweeping at the start of most random battles.

Next update is made of up various tweaks with a few huge things (I've just up and got rid of Virus since it's not all that compelling), hoping to get some work done on it today. It's mostly just testing at this point.

edit: I wound up working on it for a while today, largely just fixing stuff that's been broken for a while. New download link is here, non-comprehensive changelog is inside:

There's still a couple small things I want to add from here, but I need to look into the feasibility of what I want to do.

1.14 is now out, after a very long hiatus:

Other updates will follow, I'm in the process of going through the game and cleaning up bugs and such that I missed, as well as making alterations to battles that either don't feel all that good or fun. No doubt that like 15 minutes after making this post I will realize something that should have probably been included in 1.14.

Notably I'm going to start making strides towards getting the mod compatible with Moguri, since that really seems to be the way of the future and I think it's a mistake for me to neglect it up to now. I won't be releasing anything Moguri-compatible until I think I've got it working properly, so it'll probably be a while.

1.13 has been released. It's not a massive update, but includes some minor fixes and changes to monsters, mostly miscellaneous stuff in the early game. Most notable is that Lani can actually hit with Gravira now, somehow I managed to do what Square had done with Steiner's Thunder Slash, which is kind of funny.  Some text that I hadn't properly restored when fixing the mod for FF9's August update has also been brought back.

1.13 can be downloaded here:

That's interesting. I've been mulling over looking into what exactly I need to do to make the mod compatible with Memoria since I started working on this, but it's not really ever been a big priority. I've got a few balance and testing passes I want to do on the mod to get everything right where I want it, but I think that'll probably be the next big step afterward.

I'm not actually too sure, haven't yet tested it with Moguri. If all Moguri is doing is replacing graphical elements, my initial thought is that it should be fine, but I'm not 100% clear as to how Moguri functions and what files need to be replaced when it gets installed. It's something I need to read more about and experiment with.

Quick update in case someone reads this before the OP: version 1.12 is out and it fixes the issues that the mod was having with the update for FF9 that came out in early August. I'm still in the process of testing it, but so far I'm confident that it should be working properly, aside from of course the standard jank that comes from this mod of course. The new version can be found at the following link:

There's not any real changes aside from the mod working with the new version of FF9. Shouldn't be anyway.

If anyone was waiting on this, apologies for the delay on it. The update came out immediately after I had finished a marathon of work on the mod and the whole situation of figuring out why it was broken wound up feeling more than a little discouraging. As far as I can tell it was some minor tweaks in the World Map settings (not the scripting, thnak god) that I had made ages ago that were screwing everything up. I've omitted those changes and it shouldn't really make any serious differences to the full product.

If anything isn't working as advertised or otherwise falls apart entirely (like with producible crashes) please let me know!

I will also be adding smaller updates to the OP, so I'd recommend checking there to see what the latest version is.

After a long hiatus, I've just finished version 1.1 of FF9 David Bowie Edition! The download link is as follows:

Little heads up if you downloaded this version before July 22nd, after I uploaded the mod I almost instantly realized an oversight and corrected it, reuploading the mod once I was able to. So if you got 1.1 before that time, maybe grab it again. It's a pretty embarrassing oversight but won't break anything and might not be obvious.

You'll also be able to find a link in the OP.

It should be possible to continue playing from a previous save, but a few things will wind up looking kind of funny. I'd recommend starting from scratch if possible, but no big deal if you can't. You can also start the mod part way through a vanilla playthrough but it will be weird and probably unbalanced, I don't really recommend it.


- Memoria has been completely revamped, with new monster formations. The encounter rate has also been raised slightly, closer to what it was in the PS1 version. This is partially due to self-indulgence since I made a bunch of new fights, but also because I found it was kind of weird to be able to pretty well just sprint through the final dungeon with like two random fights total. Every area with random battles will have at least one new monster formation. I won't lie, some of it is a wee bit janky, but it's all playable and I think the new fights are fun to figure out.

- Skills have been changed for some characters, with a few new skills and some others shuffled around. For instance, some Thief Swords have a variety of buffs for their status effects and you can use Soul Blade to buff party members.

- There are a variety of equipment and item changes, some minor, some major, some more for flavor.

- A bunch of bugs and oversights in previous versions have been fixed, for example it's now possible to actually target dispel tonics on enemies, something that has been bothering me for weeks now! Hopefully I have not produced too many more issues.

So have fun, let me know if there are any bugs.

Spoiler: show
And watch out for Warmech!

@Clem Fandango: I don't know that bug.
Are you sure that this "loop" function is what makes Zidane big? If you remove it (or keep only "return"), then both the monster and Zidane get regular sized?
If yes, you can try to use something like this instead of "set SV_FunctionEnemy[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144":
Code: [Select]
set 16[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144Use "16" for the first enemy, "32" for the 2nd, "64" for the 3rd and "128" for the 4th. It may be not the best way to do (if you have several Plastique in the fight, they share the loop function... there should be no problem having a line for each one of them). At least, you can see with that if the problem comes from "SV_FunctionEnemy" for some reason.

Also, double-check that your enemy groups have the correct number of enemies (and with proper enemy type) and that the "Main_Init" function creates them properly as well, with the correct IDs.

Thanks for the assist Tirlititi, that alternative did the trick.

It was definitely the SV_FunctionEnemy causing the issue, seemingly. If I removed that one line or otherwise just left the Loop function to return, both the monster and Zidane would go back to their regular size. Main_Init was okay too, the monsters were behaving as they were supposed to and there wasn't anything amiss otherwise. Very weird!

Hey Tirlititi, I've got a peculiar issue that I'm hoping has an easy answer that I'm missing.

For context, I'm trying to add new enemies to battles, largely to increase the number of battles with multiple opponents in the end game, since FF9 tends to be kind of deficient with that sort of thing. So I've been creating new versions of monsters from different parts of the game with increased stats, attacks and so forth. This has been going rather well, except for one thing: I'm trying to increase the sizes of the monsters.

I have already been able to do this to original monsters in the game (for instance making the Gigan Toad much larger than usual) and it works fine with no bugs I can see. When I do the same thing to monsters I have produced, this results in a very obvious problem: when the battle loads, not only would the monster in question be increased in physical size, so does Zidane. He becomes HUGE.

The size modification that I've been using is the same one found in Torama's loop script. This is what it looks like for the working Gigan Toad:

Code: [Select]
Function Gigan_Toad_Loop
    while ( !( GetBattleLoadState & 8 ) ) {
        Wait( 1 )
        set VAR_GenUInt8_206 = GetRandom
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[STOP_ANIM] =$ 2
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[PLAY_ANIM_ONCE] =$ 0

And it works perfectly fine. What I'm using for my own monsters is not unlike that, so for example:

Code: [Select]
Function Plastique_Loop
    while ( !( GetBattleLoadState & 8 ) ) {
        Wait( 1 )
        set VAR_GenUInt8_206 = GetRandom
    set SV_FunctionEnemy[MODEL_SIZE] =$ 6144

The monster increases in size as expected, but this produces BIG ZIDANE, who is very amusing but not really what I'm looking for.

I've been fiddling with this on and off for about a week and I'm not entirely sure what I'm missing. Any idea what I have done wrong?

After a hiatus I've gone back to working on the mod a little bit, I've thrown together a new update (also updated the link in the OP):

(Note that there was download up for a few hours pointing at a 1.02 version, if you got that and haven't installed the mod before, grab this and install it instead.)

This is a fairly small update, I've fixed the scripts for Chocobo Hot and Cold so that Mene should now properly prompt the player when there aren't currently any available Chocographs to dig up. Thanks to Caledor for the info on how to do that, worked like a charm.

Additionally I've completely redone the scripting for the Quale fight. If I'm being honest, he was totally an afterthought in the first release and I didn't really spend a whole lot of time on him (IE, I literally didn't touch his script at all and just kind of shrugged). He should be a lot tougher now, far more than vanilla, but not impossible or anything. Hades is probably still the hardest optional fight at present barring Ozma.

Going forward my plan is to change up some of the encounters, specifically in Memoria. One thing I've never liked about the area is that almost every fight is against one big tough enemy, which is fine but causes certain attacks and techniques to wind up far more useful than others, so I'd like to add encounters that feature a more diverse array of enemies. Not entirely sure what it's going to wind up looking like, but I've got some ideas that might wind up being fun.

Good stuff, thanks. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, work is a circus right now and I haven't had much time to think about the mod. My hope is that I'll have some time to look at it this weekend.

Finishing up Ipsen's castle should allow you to acquire the last two pieces. After you do that you can complete all of the Chocograph activities outright, outside of the shimmering island treasure of course.

Clem thank you for talking about the Mene issue. To fix it, try dumping all the field scripts, with comments for readability. Then look for the dialogue that Mene says when there are no chocographs to be found. You'll see a few boolean vars like Chocobo_NoFindChocograph and Chocobo_NoMoreChocograph around there, used to trigger the dialogue.
Those must be coherent with the changes we made.

EDIT: The link below is the modified script for Chocobo Forest that should work with your mod (and mine: i applied the same changes to chocograph avaliability as you did). Since this comes from an italian script, compare it to yours and apply the changes i made. Also, remember to apply the very same changes to Chocobo Lagoon and Air Garden's scripts. That entire portion of code is repeated among all three. If you happen to make some tests, please let me know how it goes.

Thanks Caledor, I'll give this a whirl and let you know how it goes.

The way it's set up the Chocograph to grant the Sea ability can't be found at all until after the first airship is acquired, so once you get that you'll be able to find the Chocograph. I ran into the same issue with Mene not mentioning that you can't find any new Chocographs as well, never got around to fixing it though.

Weird about the Dagger thing though! I could have sworn I had that working, I'll see if I can't fix it up quick and upload a new version of the mod.

EDIT: I've uploaded a new version of the mod that should fix the issues with Dagger, I've updated the link in the mod's description so you can download it from regular location, simply copying the files over from the new version should fix it. Note that Dagger will probably still have command issues at least initially, since the game checks for that state at four points. Depending on exactly where you are it should clear itself up once you go to Esto Gaza, assuming you haven't gone there after the Desert Palace already.

I've tried to replicate the issue myself and I haven't had a whole lot of luck. I'm sorry, but I don't really know what's going on there.

This is kind of a long shot but where do you have Steam installed? My understanding is that you can run into problems with overwriting files if it's located in Program Files (not the x86 folder), with many games, not just FF9. Then again I've heard of other folks that don't have the problem so it's a bit of a stretch.

My best guess is that some of the files are successfully copying over while others aren't, that would explain why there's changes but they aren't showing up quite right.

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