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touphScript allows you to edit FFVII text using simple text files, hopefully this allows for faster editing and should be great for versioning / distribution if you like that kind of thing (and who doesn't).

Assuming nothing is missing it now supports every single line of text in the game:

* ff7.exe (Various menu text and Characters' Lv4 Limit dialogue)
* data\field\flevel.lgp (Field and tutorial dialogue)
* data\kernel\KERNEL.BIN (Sephiroth, Ex-SOLDIER text and scene lookup table)
* data\kernel\kernel2.bin (Most of game items and their descriptions)
* data\battle\scene.bin (Battle dialogue, enemy names, enemy attack names)
* data\wm\world_us.lgp (World map dialogue)

* Dumps and reencodes FFVII text using simple UTF-8 text files.
* All text in the game is fully supported (see files supported).
* Automatically resizes field and world map windows to fit text.
* Optionally inserts missing windows in field script.
* Unused text & scripts optionally removed.
* Options for controlling resizing, such as character name width.
* Window values, numeric displays and question paramters can be specified manually if necessary.
* Tutorial script can be edited.
* Entries can be ignored in order to selectively overwrite different parts of the text.
* Supports DLPB's Menu Overhaul.
* Patches field scripts for bugfixes + other functionality.
Field and world windows are autosized as follows:

Window width is determined by the longest line (character names have a fixed width so some boxes are overpadded, name width can be forced with ini), window height is determined by the largest line count in between individual {NEW} tags, i.e.:
   “Good luck {CLOUD}!
      If you make it, we'll follow you!”{NEW}
   “Whoa, I'll hold the PHS for you.
      It'll break if it gets wet.”
has 3 lines until the {NEW} tag, and then another 2, so the box height will be 3 lines.

Complete instructions in the readme!

For those of you who don't RTFM here's a quickstart:

extract files
BACKUP flevel.lgp, world_us.lgp, scene.bin, kernel.bin, kernel2.bin and ff7.exe
double click exe and press d [enter] to dump
edit text files
double click exe and press e [enter] to encode

...Fixes and new features, can't even remember what now as development was incredibly fragmented, hopefully DLPB has a better memory

Known Issues:

* 3 field names are set to dialogue, actually this is a FFVII bug and really doesn't matter, it's in the readme anyway
touphScript v1.4.0

 8)  The Eagle has landed.

Looks like I messed up on the comma spacing, will be fixed in the next version!

This is seriously impressive now :)  Will be even more impressive when autosize boxes is sorted out.

So far the new version I just tested is 1 exe that does all the work for you, and can remove all dupes too shrinking flevel by a meg or 2.  Editing with notepad and it reflecting only the files you have changed is great.

So simple.  I will use loveless only for tweaking now.

v0.2 is up!

Next version: autosize (I promise!)


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