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NOTE: The newest version, along with some new programs, are here! -

Well, I finally found an old version of Enemy Manipulator. Fortunately it works really well. It allows you to edit ALL the enemies in the game with a single set of multipliers. This is essential for making hard type hacks. It comes with a screen shot with a suggested hard-type configuration. It comes with SceneReader in case you can't find it.


Do you have any plans to continue developing it? What does "fix broken Enemy Skills" mean and what are the exceptions all about?

I will probably do some updates soon. In fact, I'll probably tinker with it right now.

The 'fix broken enemy skills' check box sets enemy MP to 0 for Beachplugs, Materia Keeper, and Harpy so that their 'brokenly' over-powered enemy skills aren't available when you meet them.

The exceptions are for battles that can become mathematically impossible because of stat increases. The enemies in these battles keep their normal stats when the exception box is checked. Unless you're specifically balance-testing each of these battles after using this tool, I would DEFINITELY leave them checked. For the bosses that are excepted, you're better off increasing their individual stats manually with another tool.

Great program, but you should be able to add native support for SCENE.BIN files by using the info in the wiki.

I can also provide you with some UI design advice if you want it at this stage.
More importantly, though, I can't actually get it to work. I had Proud Clod dump a scene export into a folder, but the app couldn't do anything with them. I don't have Scene Reader, and given that its only download link returns a 404, that's not going to change any time soon. (Which reminds me - we *must* make mirroring a forum policy).

I updated the program. It now has SceneReader in the dist. I start the default settings so that no changes happen by default. It does not seem to play well with Proud Clod, but it is definitely NOT my program's fault. Let me know what additional feedback you have :D

And yes, if we had a mirror policy, I would be updating the new version of the program instead of this old one :)


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