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FF8_BUTTONS ver0.2
FF8 buttons is a patch for FF8 that replaces the "B1,B2....,B10" with the original PSX buttons.
Basically it waits for the commands to show "B1", "B2",etc... then instead of printing B1 it prints the icon. I replace the "print text" function by the "print icon" function.

To apply this patch you must use one of these tools:
option 1) RaW by DLPB
This first option is preferred because it is more simple to use. Just download the lite version ( no music files included, no interface), put the Raw folder, bass.dll and ddraw.dll in the same folder as your FF8_**.exe .
option 2)HEXTLAUNCH from here :  Hext tools created by DLPB.

Please find here the hext file to use with hextlaunch or RaW:
FF8_FR:FF8_Buttons_FR (VER 0.2)
FF8_IT :FF8_Buttons_IT
Additional button configuration tool:
If you don't have the icons matching your controller buttons, use this tool to associate any PSX icon to the button.
FF8 Buttons config tool (Ver 0.1)
You must not change the name of this file.

option 1)If you use Raw:
1)After you have installed RaW, copy the RaW folder, bass.dll and ddraw.dll in your FF8 game folder ( the same location as your FF8.exe).
2)Copy FF8_Buttons_(your language).txt and FF8_Buttons{config}.txt in [FF8 game folder]/RaW/GLOBAL/Hext/
3)Run the game.And that's it !

Just to make sure everything worked, open the Log.txt file located in RaW folder. It should show the following:

--- Code: ---<===GLOBAL===>

FF8_buttons_(your language).txt
Changed: 451
Replaced: 0
Permissions: 1
No errors.
Changed: 12
Replaced: 0
Permissions: 0
No errors.

--- End code ---

option 2)If you use HextLaunch ( old method but works):
1) Put hextlaunch.exe and the folder HL_FILES in the same directory as FF8_launcher.exe
2) Put FF8_BUTTONS_(your language).txt and the additional FF8_Buttons{config}.txt in HL_FILES/Hext_in/
3) Configure HL_FILES/settings.ini as follows:

--- Code: ---[HextLaunch]
File=FF8_FR.exe  //Your version of FF8
Process=FF8_FR.exe //Your version of FF8
Failed=Failed. Continuing to scan...
--- End code ---

4)Launch FF8 with the default FF8_launcher.exe
5)Execute hextlaunch.exe .

Just to check that it worked, you should see the following in the cmd window:
"FF8_buttons_XX.txt                           451 byte changed, 0 replaced, 1 permission."
"FF8_buttons{config}.txt                      12 byte changed, 0 replaced, 0 permission."

Other mods recommended:
For HD icons use Mcindus texture set : FF8 HD icons
He made a wonderful work on all icons for FF8.

Release notes:

--- Code: ----ver0.1: For the moment it works with my FF8_FR.exe. I request the help of people here on qhimm to test the code on different versions of the game. Please give me feedback so that i can improve the patch.
-ver0.2 : FF8_EN,  FF8_IT , FF8_ES,FF8_DE version released. FF8_FR updated to ver0.2.
-2018-23-10 :additionnal config tool. If you want to remap the icons to your controller buttons i created an additional tool.

--- End code ---


--- Quote from: Shunsq on 2018-03-06 22:23:53 ---Hello everyone,
After months of research i managed to modify the code so that the game shows PSX buttons instead of the ugly B1,B2,B3.
For the moment it is just a table in cheat engine but i want to build a dll that you put in the FF8 folder. Maybe i'll use one of dlpb tool.
Basically it waits for the commands to show "B1", "B2",etc... then instead of printing B1 it prints the icon. I replace the "print text" function by the "print icon" function.

--- End quote ---

YES!!!  Shunsq, can you make a hext file and a .dll since you used cheat engine??  We can insert it using hextlaunch - since we have to use hextlaunch for the UV patcher anyway.
SeeDReborn should use these icons by default since I've included versions of the buttons in the original mod - and we'll no longer have to use my controller-mod workaround unless people have different button layouts other than PSX.  This is great news!

I'm trying to build an hextlaunch file for dlpb tool but i'm stuck. In cheat engine i can find automatically a code cave then allocate some memory to write my code. The code cave location changes everytime i launch the code. With hextlaunch i don't know how to "dynamically" find a code cave to write my code. I tried a "static" code cave, where i allocate memory, but FF8 overwrite my code everytime. That means that the "static" code cave is in fact not a code cave because the memory region is used by FF8.

If DLPB is around can he help me with this ASM issue?

As far as I've read, you'll have to find an area not written to. See the help files for how to follow a jump - may help you locate the right area each time - if it changes.  I don't really mod ff8 asm all that much.  very busy with ff7.

Thank you for you help dlpb.
Finally i decided to write the code in a static code cave.
For french "FF8_FR.exe" it is located at 0x4002E8. This area might not be a code cave for other versions of FF8 ( FF8_EN, etc...).
Please find the hext file to use with hextlaunch in the first post.


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