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Hello everyone, while digging into the 2013 steam release I've found a way to replace the low poly models by the higher ones.

How does it work?
The original PlayStation version uses two different versions for main character models. The lowers ones were displayed to save memory but now by switching files you can play Final Fantasy VIII using the higher characters models (battle-like) permanently. After playing small portions of the game it seems that all animations are correct and haven't encountered any crash so far.

Keep in mind that only main characters have a high poly version and some of them does not have at all like Selphie in garden uniform, Laguna, Kiros and Ward.

How to?
First download Deling and open the "field.fs" file then go to the "Import/Export" tab (top right) and navigate until you find "", "main_chr.fl" and "main_chr.fs". Extract them all and open "main_chr.fs" (with Deling again). Navigate until the list of models (76 *.mch files). From here you can safely extract/overwrite the desired model files, once done just replace all "", "main_chr.fl" and "main_chr.fs" inside the "field.fs" file.

Models list (I'm uploading it as a *.png files instead of *.pdf for a permanent availability.)
Spoiler: show

Recommended set-up
Spoiler: showreplace d000 with d001 for default Squall
replace d002 with d003 for Garden uniform Squall
replace d007 with d006 for default Squall with gunblade
replace d009 with d010 for default Zell
replace d011 with d012 for Garden uniform  Zell
replace d015 with d017 for default Irvine
replace d016 with d017 for default Irvine
replace d018 with d019 for default Quistis
replace d020 with d021 for SeeD uniform Quistis
replace d024 with d025 for default Rinoa
replace d027 with d028 for default Selphie
replace d032 with d033 for default Seifer
replace d034 with d035 for default Seifer with gunblade
replace d036 with d037 for trashy Seifer with gunblade
replace d041 with d042 for default Edea
replace d051 with d025 for default Rinoa
replace d052 with d001 for default Squall

Which versions?
This maneuver only works for both 2000 PC and 2013 Steam version. I've tried with the 2019 "Remaster" in order to get rid of the weird new models but the game is not reading the files properly. Maybe someone will find out how to make it work.

Happy modding!

Wow. You did it!

We've had issues for years with textures not showing up properly. So cool that you've made it work!

HUGE KUDOS to you my old friend!

Glad you like it Mcindus! No more blocky main characters, cheers!

This is some really exciting news! Haha! I'm sticking to the old release then! I'm joking obviously, but honestly wondering if it will be possible to replace the old models with the ones in the remastered version, or if there will be any old release support for any progress made for the remastered version so far after this upgrade...

I tried inserting Quistis's vanilla model back into the 2019 "remaster" but all coordinates are messed up (I've posted a screenshot in the main post) but at least the game is not crashing so there must some way to display them correctly.

I must admit that Maki's incredible tool is making modding way faster and easier for the 2019 version so it is comprehensibly hard to choose which version to stick with.


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