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Completely Unrelated / So.. Evangelion
« on: 2006-09-08 02:48:36 »
So according to Anime News Network, 4 new NGE movies are coming out.. Any thoughts?

I personally just hope the new movies aren't nearly as bad as the other two were.

Completely Unrelated / 666...
« on: 2006-05-13 23:29:43 »
Lol at This.

Its funny how much revenue religious beliefs bring in...

right after you beat vegnagun (dunno if you do it twice, but this would be first), you know the cinematic of the three leaders giving the speech? it freezes right when it gets to that aprt (chapter 6 i think)

i have it on PS2 and no mods or anything, and the disc is still new (havent taken out of machine since gotten in for christmas)

any ideas?

Scripting and Reverse Engineering / grrrr!
« on: 2003-03-08 16:30:04 »
in ff7, can anyone upload or whatever the next savepoint after the first time you leave the northern crater? during that fmv where all the weapons leave my computer freezes, or it goes throught the fmv and then freezes when i get to the airship

i know not supposed to bring up old stuff.. but:
Quote from: jedwin

First off, copy ff7.exe to ff7.bak or whatever.
Now, I'm using an unpatched FF7 executable plucked from the Eidos Platinum Collection version of FF7.  The file size is 5820416, crc32 is E79D5195, and md5 sum is e1a6875b37540d616d34f14102d9c2fc.  If you have the same executable that I do, the change you need to make is at offset 3641e6, otherwise, you'll have to search for the right bytes to change.  So, now, open up ff7.exe in your favorite hex editor, and find the bytes
Code: [Select]
b8 86 01 00.  Again, if you have the same version of the executable that I do, you will find these bytes at 0x3641e6 from the beginning of the file.  Change them to
Code: [Select]
00 00 50 00.  That is sufficient to get the chocobo races working on my machine.  (Note that there may be other difficulties associated with running FF7 under Windows NT/2K/XP, though many of those are solved by the Application Compatibility Toolkit from Microsoft.)

i'm not exactly the master programmer so.... how do you that? (for example what is a hex editor?)

*edit* i made another post that (hopefully) has better stuff

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