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General Discussion / Re: FF8 VIII Gf Ability removal
« on: 2011-09-21 12:35:51 »
... I didn't answer you because I haven't test it thoroughly yet. I did manage to change Siren's L Mag-RF to ST Mag-RF, so it looks promising.

in 'main', look for kernel.bin. G-Force table is in section 3, offset x0F78 to x17B7, lines are 132 bytes long. Among with other stuff, their base abilities (minus 'steal') are listed in there.

EDIT : by editing this table you can only change the abilities a GF can learn, not the ones they know already prior to joining your party. For example, Siren is supposed to have Mag-J already learned when you get her, and that ability is listed in the table. But if you edit the table and replace it with a Spr-J, the only thing that will change is that she will be able to learn Spr-J with APs, Mag-J will still be here & already learned. 

I suspect there is as well level&prior ability requirements in there, and that the order in witch they are listed is what the game will follow for learning them if you don't chose manually. (For example, SumMag+10% comes first)

From Wikipedia: The Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, commonly known as the Spanish Inquisition, was a tribunal established in 1480... least you should read wikipedia more carefully.

Inquisition started in France, and was first used against Cathar Heretics, in the XII century. It's not a Spanish invention. However I do fail to see the link with modern Djhadists.   

About 'mexicans' vs 'white', it always make me wonder. The descendant of the inhabitants of Spanish California, would you classify them as 'white', or 'Mexicans'?... If you qualify them of 'Mexicans', which is supposed to refer to a different country, does that imply that the moment all those former-Spanish territories, from California to Florida, entered the U.S., the people who lived here and whose skin wasn't white enough should have left for Mexico, or does that imply that all those territories should be rightfully Mexican, and the U.S. stole them? (beware everybody, Santa Ana is back! I thought we had shot the bastard dead in his pyjamas?!)   

I wonder if the patch really failed after all. Colly have released two battle hardcore patches. In the first one, HP had been raised a lot, and there is a screenshot somewhere in the forum with a bitebug level 6 with ridiculous HP ; but in the second one Colly focused mainly on some other stats, like Evasion, and the HP boost is less important. 

To be sure that the patch failed, try fighting Ifrit at the begining of the game. If all ice magic does nothing, Colly's patch did work, else - it did failed. 

It seems that Colly's patcher fails for some reason. Not sure about that, but maybe Windows security mesures could be interfering? Did you try launching it as administrator? Is your game installed in Program Files?

on a side note : Vgr, what on earth would Aali's config and APP log have to do with his problem? Seriously.

At least there is FF8FMV (check that can read & extract the videos.

For what I could judge, Ifrit stand apart. Other bosses early on don't have that much spirit. You must defeat him with simple attacks and renzokuken - easy enough, even with the smallest time and no leveling up - while being carefull, because one of his move can one-shot one of your character. 'item' command for both character is mandatory.

I was surprised as much as yourself, in preparation of this battle, I had gathered Blizzara I had refined from Glacial Eye cards, just to find out this was totally useless. The choice of making Ifrit immune to magic is debatable, as all the combat-text point you towards using ice-elemental attacks... in the original game this fight was kind of a tutorial to elemental weakness/resistance.

General Discussion / Re: How Long does it Take You?
« on: 2011-08-08 10:41:08 »
Max kills for each character, max items (including Pocketstation-only items) and max gil took the longest.

Wow... definitly not my way of playing. Pocketstation items... The minute I got my first load of chocobo items I taged the ChocoboWorld as game-breaking and forbid myself to run it ever again. Max gil in a game in which money is worthless and absolutly useless?  :-o

Well, to each one his playing style.

General Discussion / Re: How Long does it Take You?
« on: 2011-08-08 09:40:57 »
400 hours?! What is your 'perfect game' like? Are you trying to put all characters stats to maximum or something? (I could never understand that way of playing...  :-()

FF6 : haven't played for some time. Last time was a 'World of Ruins - mandatory characters only(Celes, Edgar, Setzer, that's all!)' + 'no/minimum XP or magic points grinding' + 'only 4 magic users (Terra, Celes, Strago, and Relm)' game out of curiosity, and the game counter said 38:50 just before the final battle, ending level 56, 49, and 49 mostly because I had to walk over Kefka's lair twice. (no way Setzer could have defeated a Statue by himself - especially since he got unlucky enough to run into Goddess.)

Gameplay / Re: [REL] FFVIII Hard Edition (Reloaded)
« on: 2011-08-01 09:24:01 »
Interesting, Poofacetherisen. But what case would you claim for 1) :
for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research
? You wrote 'educational', but it looks a little far-fetched to me...

Gameplay / Re: [REL] FFVIII Hard Edition (Reloaded)
« on: 2011-07-28 15:32:38 »
Monster name? Carefull, remember that there is battle dialog stored in those files as well. Would be better not to toy with that.

Anyway, Vgr you can access monster name with Ifrit or a Hexeditor, and maybe this link can help you :

Completely Unrelated / Re: I'm in love with this man
« on: 2011-07-27 21:01:01 »
Mozart, Beethoven and Bach are completly different music genres indeed. However...
J.S. Bach [...] wrote on secular music as music in that time was only for god.
That's not true, non-secular music have always existed, and Bach didn't wrote solely on religious theme.   
Bach was one of the first people to have eye surgery.
If I'm not mistaken, eye surgery is not that late either.
Beethoven was beated alot as a child [...] as a result later in life he lost hes hearing
Oh? I thought the lead water canalisation were to blame, are you sure of that?

For my part, the only music I enjoyed in this topic were Kudistos' first two Russian, especially the first one.

Oops, indeed I forgot to elaborate on counterattacks. You might want to analyse Ifrit's ai, it checks a lot of interesting things here : if attack was a GF, if attack was shiva, if attack was a spell, if it dealt no damage at all, if Squall was the attacker... The death status, I'm not sure about it - reading my notes I suspect 00, or maybe 02. The target byte for "last enemy who attacked", that should be cb indeed, somehow I forgot to mention this one.  :D 
Anyway, glad I could be of help. I hope you'll release some ai re-written monsters available to test! For my part, I have several changes I'd like to make to my Elvoret, and I still haven't managed to remove that anoying bug from my galbadians.



Thanks Bosola !

About the one that I am unsure, I mostly haven't try putting stuff in here, and all monster files I've been working on had it empty.

Well, what should be added...

you can increase/decrease your monster stats.
Best example for that is Jelleye, that monster who change its characteristics. If you analyse its ai script, you'll see a lot of those :
25 [some value]   28 00 [some value]   28 02 [some value]   28 01 [some value]   28 03 [some value]

don't bother with 25 [some value], this will just add the specified line of text to the scan. 25 01 add the second line of text to the scan, and so on.

Normal Defense Morph    : 28 00 0a   28 02 0a   28 01 0a   28 03 0a
Complete Defense Morph : 28 00 0a   28 02 0a   28 01 28   28 03 28
Magic Defense Morph      : 28 00 05   28 02 14   28 01 03   28 03 64
Physical Defense Morph   : 28 00 14   28 02 05   28 01 64   28 03 03 

stats : 00=strength, 02=magic, 01=physical defense, 03=magic defense. There is also 04=speed, 05=evasion.
value : 0a = 10 in decimal, that means the monster normal stat. 28 would be 40, so four time the normal stat, and 64 10 times the normal stat. 03 or 05 will decrease its stat.

You can award items to the player at the end of the combat in the ai script as well. For example, in Elvoret original code, 38 b2 will give you the march weapon magazine. 

You can give some auto-status to your enemies. For example, the two Iguion have a permanent reflect on them as long as you haven't stolen Carbunkl from them. It's a bit buggy, and it cannot be remove with dispel spell. The command to remove this auto-reflect is 27 17 00. 27 17 01 would set it up. 

Removing/Adding monsters.
We have an example in Wedge or Biggs code :
1d 00    1d 01    1f 02 = remove monster n°1, remove monster n°2, launch monster n°3 (Elvoret).
There can be up to 8 monsters in one battle, but there can be only 4 present at the same time.
(In the time compression sorcerers fight, there are actually 6 monsters, that are resurrected with different characteristics to fight you again)

An enemy can be launched or not, visible or not, targetable or not - I won't detail it today.

Target & Attack
04 ... is the simple way to target something.
   00->07 : Squall -> Edea (it should work up to Laguna, Kiros and Ward as well but I haven't check those)
       00 : Squall 
       01 : Zell
       02 : Irvine
       03 : Quistis
       04 : Linoa
       05 : Selphie
       06 : Seifer
       07 : Edea
        c8 :  self
        c9 :  random enemy
        cc :  all enemies
        cd :  all allies
        cf :  random ally
there are other values I'm not totally sure about.
Usually the target code is followed with a move command, in the Edea1 example I had given previously you had 04 c8 0c 06, 0c 06 being move n°7 (the move are listed in the section before, myst6re wrote about those). In this case move n°7 was the safe spell, so the code was simply : if(self hasn't got safe status) cast safe on self.
The target can be set way before the actual move command, and in some cases it seems the programmer forgot he had already set a target, because he wrotes the target code again - you might have notice it : some monsters first turn to one of your character, but then attack another one... that's why.

There are more complex target code. For example, still in Edea1's code :
02 05 c8 00 17 __ 17__ [26 __ c8 00 17    02 02 04 03 __ __ 05__ [0c 07 23 02 __] 0c 00 23 c8__]
move 07 is dispel magic and move 00 is her (weak) physical attack, so you can translate it in pseudo-C++  by :

if(an enemy has got reflect status) { target the enemy with reflect status;
   if(some probability) cast dispel; else astral punch; }

The whole target code is 26 00 c8 00 17. 

You can also target a specific monster : 26 00 57 00 09 targets a wounded galbadian. (the most wounded?)
Raijin or the red galbadian use this code to cure them. Totally useless in the original game, considering galbadian soldiers had so few HP you'd kill them in one hit. 02 01 57 01 05 __ 0c__[26 __ 57__ 09...

I've explained an attack code just before, but there are some other things you could add : let's take the final part of the first example I had taken from Edea1 : 04 c9 0b 01 02 03 23 06 __
so that's "target a random enemy; 0b=chose one of those three moves: move 2,3 or 4; skip 6 bytes".   
You can use some moves not listed in the moves section. However, it will only be some graphical or sound stuff, no damage will be calculated and no status applied. For example, in my edited Elvoret I've used 04 cd 1e 5f to sort-of summon Siren, or in Biggs or Wedge code, 04 cd 1e 6e  is the Wind attack that make them fly away.

Well, I don't know what else I could tell for now. Any questions?... Or would someone want to add anything?

I'm finally back home, sorry for keeping you waiting!

Okay, I'll tell you some things about FFVIII ai scripts, I hope myst6re doesn't mind the huge post in this topic. You might have figured out already part (or all?) of what is written below, but I find it more apropriate to start with the basics. I have no idea how monsters ai is coded in other FF game, FFVIII is the only one I've been toying with.

First, structure. Part 8 can be divided as follow :
- offsets
- ai script
- text

I'd be detailling the offsets. Let's take the classical galbadian for example : (note -  '__' stands for '00')

03 __ __ __   
10 __ __ __   : point to ai offsets
d8 __ __ __   : point to text offsets
e4 __ __ __   : point to text lines
14 __ __ __   : point to loading code (executed when the enemy appears)
58 __ __ __   : point to code executed at enemy's turn
bc __ __ __   : point to counterattack code
c0 __ __ __   : point to death code
c4 __ __ __   : not sure about that one.

values are given starting from the beginning of part 8 for the first four, and from one line after for the other (I suppose that's what the second offset is for.)

Now, syntaxis.
Let's take an extract from Edea1 :
02 04 c8 03 15 __ 07__ 04 c8 0c 06 23 06 __ 04 c9 0b 01 02 03 23 06 __

here we have three parts. The first one is actually a test : 02 04 c8 03 15
All tests begin with 02 ; I'll detail them later. If the result from this test is true, it will follow with the amount of bytes that is given afterwards : 07 00, that's 7 bytes. So now we have : [test] __ 07 00 [code if true] 04 c9 0b 01 02 03 23 06 __

That 'code if true' ends with 23 06 00. You can translate that by : skip 6 bytes. So in this case, we have a simple "if(condition is true) {04 c8 0c 06} else {04 c9 0b 01 02 03}"!

Last thing to tell : when the code will enconter a 00 it will stop. Best example is that piece of code, which you'll encounter with a lot of enemies, that tell them to skip their turn :
02 02 03 __ __ __ 04 __ [__ 23 __ __]
(02 02 03 is a probabilty of 1/3)

Now. Let's detail a little more what we can encounter - keep in mind that I'm far for having decrytped everything.


for most of them (I'm not sure about how the probability thing exactly works)
first byte  : 02
third byte : target.
fourth byte  :
   00 :  =
   01 : <
   02 : >
   03 : !=
   04 : <or= 
   05 : >or=
fith byte : number

second byte - tells what to check
00 : monster own HP   (ex : 02 00 c8 01 03 __ would be if his HP are below 30%)
01 : other monster HP (ex: 02 01 57 01 05 __ would be if a galbadian is below 50%)
03 : battle scene         (ex : 02 03 c8 03 04 : if we are not in fight 04)
04 : self, status (ex below : 02 04 c8 03 15, if she haven't got status 15 (safe))
05 : ennemies, status  (ex : 02 05 c8 00 17, if one of us acursed seeds have got status 17 (reflect))
06 : number of alive members in our party (ex : 02 06 c8 00 01, only one remains)
09 : is a certain character is present & alive (ex : 02 09 c8 00 03 : if Quistis is here)
0e : monster difficulty level (ex : 02 0e c8 05 01 : if difficulty level higher or equal to ‘1’ (medium)
   00 = retarded n00b, 01 = medium, 02 = hard.
11 : check if we have stolen a GF (ex : 02 11 c8 03 cc : monster lost his GF.)

talking of status, here is my current list :
        01 :   poison
        03 :   blind
        04 :   mute
        05 :   berserk
        06 :   zombi
        10 :   sleep
        11 :   haste
        15 :   safe
        16 :   shell
        17 :   reflect 
        18 :   aura
        1d :   float
        1e :   confuse
        21 :   double
        22 :   triple

Variables - just a few examples

ex : dc, dd, de, df, 60, 61 ...
0e dc 00 : set dc = 0
13 60 01 : add 1 to 60.
02 dc c8 00 00 : if(dc=0)

Text :
texts can be launched by some attacks, but it can be called directly from the ai code as well.
01 02 : say text line n°3.
1a 01 : say text line n°2, but after attack.
There are others, I won't detail all of them.

... I will continue later

if you need some informations about the AI section, you can ask me.
the part I meant is section 8 ('Battle scripts')


What do you wish to know exactly? I cannot answer everything, especially 'cause I am not home this week, but I have been playing a lot with this part and decrypted a lot of enemies strategy code. 

I don't know... Does your batch process care about in addition to battle.fs?

If I understand correctly, you are not using Colly's installer to switch difficulties, you are using some batch process? Are you sure that's not what is causing your problem? Do you get the same crash using Colly's installer only?

Not compatible with the French version? So far I haven't run into any issue with this mod, playing on a French game myself... Vgr255, could you tell me what boss it is, so that I could double-check?

General Discussion / Re: FF8 garden going mobile scene.
« on: 2011-02-12 19:41:56 »
You mean the three Ragnaroks taking over the frozen Adel to space? This one was definitly in the game. It's when Laguna explain how he got rid of Adel and became Esthar president.

Completely Unrelated / Re: Who has played Crimson Echoes?
« on: 2011-02-05 15:47:39 »
I don't remember something overly complicate here, I think you just have to chose the correct exit each time.

General Discussion / Re: FF8 mods for psx?
« on: 2011-01-30 12:04:28 »
Colly is the one to ask. Search his old posts, then send him a message if you need...

I would love love love to edit the enemies and make them stronger, and make me level up slower (actually dont think ive seen anything around here that changes the amount of EXP you get, just throwin it out there though)
Wrong, you can edit how much EXP you get with Gjoerulv's Ifrit program.
You'll need this post for extracting battle files from your PSX game :

Good news here, their great work really deserved to be leaked. I remember watching with interest the playthrough videos they had released  (

Thought honestly, the best parts were the ones in which they were 100% creative, parts that didn't came out of Chrono Cross. In one of these, one character even gets some development (Marle). 

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 Battle Hardcore Patch
« on: 2010-12-09 17:10:55 »
Elvoret doesn't use double in the original game. I'm 100% sure of that. You must have tried this mod here :

In the original game only Cerberus, Ultimecia and Griever are using double or triple magics, and Elvoret only moves are a normal attack, his special wind breath, fire and thunder magic.

Troubleshooting / Re: FF8 Battle Hardcore Patch
« on: 2010-12-09 16:10:39 »
Curagas from tents, I see... a clever way to use your seed salary actually.
I play on active as well.

For Elvoret and Wedge&Biggs, yes the moment you decide to kill them they are as good as dead, but in that fight I cannot refrain myself from not stealing 300 esunas & doubles from them... so it last more than that...
I wonder if you would have had any trouble fighting against my edited Elvoret. His stats are more or less original game apart from HP, but it have a completely different battle script and other moves. He uses double on itself for example. But I just fear it would have turned just easier with your playing way. 

Yes, Raijin it is   :D

(or my edited galbadians, which are using several items as well)

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